Likers get tbh?

People probably don't even know I have an ask fm but ahahaha if anyone likes it then alright

Who is your favorite artist or painter?

fav artist atm is dominic savaglio

Who was the last person you met today?

I can totally relate to Dell from Comet you know? Just, we're like the same person.

Ow: tall Heverett Louiscious

Thanks haha

Pap the cutest couple or ship


Cuman joji yg.. jocelindarma

What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?

Post a selfie!

Hey,please like 70 of my answers and you get 1 gift :) (Send me done ) +1 please follow me ! :)) Annija Deihmane

ih beneren! mark-joveta joveta f.l

i udh have a crush, mark tuan. ship me with mark tuan dong! joveta f.l

jocelin-billy r LOL joveta f.l



dylan is mine bye

20 facts about me ya jannn joveta f.l

1) you speak great chinese (great in chinese in general)
2) whenever you speak, it sounds like you're shouting instead
3) you apparently have a crush that i know nothing of..
4) you have a funny laugh
5) demanding (seriously when mr aaron tried putting u in the drama comp and u refused i thought u were gonna hit him or something)
7) wise (i'm not even joking, you contemplate about EVERY DAMN THING)
8) friendly
9) eats fast
10) critical
11) jago piano
12) suka banget makan permen
13) gila
14) all in all a good friend

before and after kenal ayleenapriliani

Before: she looks so intimidating jfc
After: oh she's actually nice and she got a funny laugh haha

Before and after kenal alvinhartono

before: for some reason, doraemon lol
after: putih banget

before and after kenal joveta f.l

before: no thoughts
after: pinter bangetttt apalagi chinese

before and after velentfam18

before: diem banget
after: baik, kalem

before and after Amadea Calista

Before: Baik ya kayaknya
After: masih juga baik banget, bisa galak kalo bad mood, lucu, pokoknya enak orgnya

Omg cut bry wkwk XD

Ikr lol

Before and after kenal jocelindarma

before: oh ini yang disuka cut bry ya... cute lol.. anak di kelas miss citra ya...

after: orang pinter yang suka the same things as I do

wdyt about

Makes really good impersonation of people. Funnyy lol. Jago dance. Anthony 2.0 hahahaha

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

Wait what's cookie crackle ya I Lupa hehe Eileen Felicia

Yang u beli online bisa buat donat sushi gt2 dari starch or something lol


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