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Fuck me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Why you breathing in in you pic
I'm not but ok
White people smell
Black boys ?
Aboy must made you happy
Your butters
What boy made you happy ayyy
Nothing really?
Nicki minaj is the worstt pokemon
Current mood?
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Enjoy hell atheist.
Don't believe in a heaven and hell soz
God is life. God is love. Starting believing.
I believe there was a man named Jesus etc but I don't believe there is a god watching down on us and giving us the life we have etc. sorry but nothing will change my mind.
Doesn't matter if your not religious, god will always be there for you if you need him
Hmm okay
whT last made you smile
I was talking to my aunt about my anxiety and this woman next to me over heard our conversation and started talking to me about how everyone gets a little nervous and even though I may have it worse than others now everyone will have different challenges in their life... And then she said 'you're hot you're gorgeous so whenever you feel uncomfortable and feel like people are watching, keep walking with your head up high and wiggle your ass as you walk'. She then walked off with her kid shaking her ass lmao
Does bae mean before anyone else ? x
Don't worry about the haters, let them hate. Only god can judge us
I don't believe in god but okay x
I think your very pretty
What's your favourite boy name?
Quite like Harvey tbh
Don't you have a face?
I do doesn't mean I want to show it all the time like
What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
Some of my art stuff, I'll never use it tbfh
What's good gurl
Who was the last person you saw?
My mummm
I know what u mean I had a account before but I was geting hate, I didn't want to know what people thought of me in the end, it's up to you but personally I think your be better off keeping it deleted and Arsenal fans have got to keep together :) x
Yeah I suppose.. At some point I will keep it forever deleted but until then I'll keep trying haha
I'm one if your followers and I don't like seeing people get hate why don't u delete your ask fm account cauz you don't need this bullshit from people x
I have so many times before but it gets into this vicious cycle where even if you delete it in the back of your mind you then want to know what people think of you so you download it again... I know it sounds stupid but for me i find it hard to keep it deleted
What's your favourite accent
Do u like the name Sirius?
Na soz