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you dating samantha yet ? ha,, do i still have time to try prove im better then her xo
Uhm who's this ?
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best childhood mate?
Could name a few !
Why do you like my answers? Reply with a question instead of answering it please
Aw I'm not like your answer I'm liking the questions that people are asking haha
Thoughts on shae Randall
She's really nice :) pretty haha
You're perfect. Montana was a lucky girl
Haha :)
Why did you and Montana break up?
Just fought to much and so we decided to be friends :(
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Thoughts on Mitch Beasley
Had our rough patches at one stage but overall top dude :)
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How come she says on her ask.fm that we need to ask you why you's broke up cause your the reason? If you didn't do anything
Because she blames it all on me :/
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I saw you on the last day of school walking around holding hands and kissing though
That was before we broke up
Why did Montana dump you?
She didn't dump me we both decided to break up
you seems pretty perf. but what happened with you and Montana? she makes it sound like you cheated on her. which you claim you never did. either way you are still perf to me :)
I've never cheated on her ? We decided to break up and stay friends ?
what did you do to Montana?
Nothing ?
you should really treat your girl better
Who are to say that.
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Why so beautiful ?
idk ha
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What three things do you think of most each day?
montana ireland
montana ireland
montana ireland
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Montana said u haven't had sex and you said u had
?? we havent told anyone about what we have done, youre just trying to cause shit.
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Aww u should start using it!xx
nahh !
Hahha welcome do u have snapchat!
nahh i dont hah
If your serious cheers bro
yeahh man
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how does it feel to have montana chuck it back in your face after always defending her..
she didnt chuck anything back in my face ?
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Yourrr sexayyyy!:)xoxo
thankyou haha
lol dont use it soz
your girlfriend implied she had a crush and it wasnt you? lol
it was a famous singer ? calm down
We were just talking over you're status but it won't let me add you ?. Can you please please add me ..?
yeahh ill add ya
does montana do everything for you?
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