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Hi Jeran. Have you seen the russian astronut at the iss saying that the earth is not flat. Some alien was filming the iss as it went by in space. You have to make a video about that. Cheers and keep it Flat!

Amin Saadalla

Do you mean the 3D or 360 one? If so, yes I have seen it and yes I will include it in an upcoming video. If you mean a different one, please write back.

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Multiple choice. The sun is _______ miles from earth... A) <100 miles. B) 101-999 miles. C) 1000-10,000 D) 10,000-100,000 E) 100,001-1,000,000 F) > 1,000,000

Geez tough one. I really want to go A but I will choose B. It gets tough with the idea of the apparent sun. But I would still go with B.

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How long have you been married to Missa and how often do you tap it if you don't mind my blunt question?

We just had our five year anniversary. And tap it huh. You have a way with words. I'm fairly certain that neither of us would describe what we do as "tapping" but if we miss a day we certainly make up for it the next. I'd say we average daily. We both are addicted to the tap. Tapping like you never seen tapped before.

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Its from the movie "Thunderball - James Bond" The movie Diamonds are forever is strange too.. They have a mock moon mission scene inside a Dome.. Check it out.. Maybe some programming since the movie is from 1967

I've seen it! Thanks for reminding me though because I was going to include some pieces before and forgot to. Luckily I have a quick little moon piece im working on right now and it will go with it great!! Thx

View more I came over this in "Thunderball" today.. Never thought of it before.. but the map is not a mercater.. What do u think? :)

Wow. What's it from? A movie?

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Shouldn't the speed of the sun in the sky be more parabolic (on a flat earth)? I mean; from sunrise till noon the speed sould increase and decrease from noon till sunset, due to the "perspective" you always talk about. Or am I wrong?


Sounds right. If you watch the sun set it does go slower. So what is the globe explanation?

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And how would you explain the supermoon ?

I would explain it by saying the moon is closer to earth than when it isn't the super moon.

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THIS Full Moon is Super... AKA up at T-Cancer. Who do you know where in AlasKa or Norway, who sees the midnight sun, to see if this Full Moon is 24 hours! If it is, that answers the Q asked of you months ago.

I will send an email to the only person I know that is in Alaska and see what he says.

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Hm , if we measure the speed on the sun summer vs winter from northeren hemissphere , should there not be like a faster sun at winter, across the sky..?

Yea that should true. Which we know it is a shorter day, perhaps because it is faster. I'll do a time lapse today and then in a month to see if the speed changes.

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Have you ever put a flashlight or phone light through a magnifying glass and tried different distant relationships?

Code Raiin

I've seen David Weiss do it. Very interesting huh!

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How does this app work? I never get questions. I also can't answer anymore?


No someone has to ask you specifically. I'll show you.

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Why do you think they killed JFK?

Because he went against the CIA and the Vatican and the plans of those who run the world. They wanted to bomb our own troops with planes painted like Cuba's so that they could in turn bomb Castro and take over Cuba. Kennedy refused to do so and that is something that isn't allowed. As President you have to understand your role as puppet and Kennedy went against this almost daring them to do something about it. And they did. In broad daylight.

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I want to start my own YouTube channel and could really use your advice on the best way to get subs and views.

Best advice I can give you is to make videos that YOU like without caring at all about subscribers or views.

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Do you think the CIA killed JFK?

A lot of people conspired to kill JFK but I think the CIA is the best way to describe that group yes.

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ahoy Jeran! I think i may have solved for pi. but i would like your input on this, because what im about to propose is, would call for a lot of change...i'll say. Have you ever considered the thought, "What if circles do not exist." Before you laugh, take me serious, I have possible proof.

Haha. Me? Laugh? I'm a flat earther don't forget. Would love to hear the no circles on flat earth proof. Email me jeranism at yahoo and put circles in the subject. Ill look for it

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Do you believe that each individual on Earth has a soulmate?


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Im not sure why you sent this link. It is funny that I'm finishing up a video as I read this that is in regards to this experiment. The Armoured Skeptic tried to do a video about it and boy it was awful. He even describes three poles and said the middle one was below the telescope and the far one was up higher. Lol. He couldn't be more off. In fact I'm starting to think he just made it all up.

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Who is your favorite rolemodel alltime?

Wow. That is an incredibly tough question. I can't say I have an answer. In almost all cases, I can think of a reason why I don't see a certain somebody as a role model. Sadly... I simply do not have an answer to this question.

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In the famous video where a rocket goes plop into the dome , i see an anomaly in one of the frames. Stille pic : What might that golden thing be? Any guess? :)

Jostein R. Arnoe

Not totally sure but I also don't think it hits a dome. I think it's parachute deploys. I have tried watching it again but it all seems like bullshit. Look at the temperature and height. Just doesn't seem legit!

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I could not follow the drawing at all. Can you ask me in words? The moon turns like a chariot wheel throughout the night if that is what you are asking.

View more What do you think abuot his globe proof.. He sez light is bending around the curve.. But the penny is under water , not on top.. Is he crazy?

Well it certainly proves that light going through water causes things to be seen differently than they actually are. So what is this saying?

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Infinite plane or Antarctic edge?

Well I don't believe that infinite is possible. So I guess by default I would say more land and a semi Antarctic ring. What you need to realize is with the compass, map and longitude latitude... we are confined within those boundaries!

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What is the most awkward thing you've said to someone special?

I asked a girlfriend once during the middle of a pretty fantastic session if it would be possible for her sister to join us. Didn't go over to well mostly because she didn't have a sister. I have no excuse either. In my head at that moment, I was picturing her sister and well, my filter sucks.

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What gift would you like to receive?

Geez. I sure do wish you were a genie. I would simply want money. I don't want to be rich but I want to wake up, eat breakfast, take the dog for a walk, do some research, make a video, clean up around the place, cook a nice healthy dinner and put my wife to sleep like only I can. Then lock the doors and sleep well. No vacations needed, no car, no new clothes, no big screen TV, no virtual reality game console, no new tech... I need none of it. All I would need is enough to never worry. Every day is a worry... Should I do this or that. How much money do we need for rent? Well I can spend an hour on this so I can spend 3 on that but the grass needs cutting and I really should wash the dog and we need to pay the PG&E by Friday. It is a constant to-do list in my head and even when I get around to doing what I want, I feel bad because I'm not doing something I should. Sad that this is reality. And while $3000 a month could make my dreams come true, people walk around with billions in the bank. To think that someone with 5 billion would go to 4,998,999,999 and in doing so set me up for life. They'd not even realize it's gone and yet I'd thank them every hour of every day. Thanks for making me depressed.

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