Hello from France Jeranism... I know my country sucks^^. Seriously, first i hated you... you destabilized me, my believes and all the science stuff i "learned". When i saw some evidences you throw in my face i have to admit that something is wrong about earth..Thanks, cause you opened my eyes.

Thanks for saying that. Yes, I am hated by many. Sometimes I think that perhaps I come across as a no it all and that bothers me because I try and make a point of saying I don't know anything. That being said, I can follow evidence and determine when things "seem to fit" and when you start digging in to a lot of what we have been told about where we live... It certainly seems that there is something being hidden. So all I am trying to do is to get that something revealed. Do I think there is no ISS and rockets are helium balloons and the earth is flat and NASA is brainwashing the astronauts etc. etc. etc??? I can't say. I have questions on all those things and the answers I'm getting are showing that something is very wrong. How much? How far does it go? How much will ever be revealed? Im@not sure but I won't stop until I find out. That's all I know right now. So glad you are questioning facts as there is nothing wrong with verifying your beliefs. It will make the world better. Glad you don't hate me anymore! Peace.

If there is no such thing as 'space' or 'the universe', why do they keep building (gorund based, non NASA related) telescopes? What are they looking at? And why would the build bigger and better if there is noting to see?

Well it is just like a microscope. That's all a telescope is a giant microscope looking the other way and yeah, the more you look and the deeper and deeper you go the more craziness you'll see. But a microscope we understand gets smaller. For some reason they think when they look up we are seeing things get bigger.

I used to like you until my wife saw you on the mechanics show and said she can tell your attentive in bed. Yeah. Less of a fan now.

I'm pretty sure that no question was asked here. Uhhmmmmm, thanks?

Are you Italian?


According to "Back to the future" Pre-programmed warning about 9.11 , It was also another date on the clock. 10.04 pm , Do you think we can we expect alien nassholeinvasion on the 4th of October 2016? :) Jostein R. Arnoe

What makes you think 2016? I am not a doom and gloom kinda guy. That said, I do think the idea of a reset event has merit. But honestly, not a lot we can do if these clowns are gonna torch the world.

Why isn't there a real picture of a flat earth? A picture taken from a balloon or a drone or something, right above the North Pole, as high as possible, taken straight down with a 180° FOV lens, to see the whole (flat) earth. Rob

That's impossible. The flat earth is probably 60,000 miles in circumference. I'm just guessing here but I know the ball earth can only be shown from 8,000 miles and further and the flat earth being probably twice the globe size... I'd bet you need to be 20,000 miles above. So considering the furthest we have went (350 miles) I don't think we will have a picture of the entire thing ever. We could be like NASA and fake it... But what kind of losers do that? Oh yea. NASA. To be honest, there are tons of pictures of earth taken from a high altitude plane, they call it the ISS. It isn't in space.

Are you and Missa ever gonna do a couples show or relationship advice show? I think it would be guuud!

Haha. We've actually considered it to be honest. We just added an hour to our Monday shows and we will be going live on YouTube from 11pm-12am pst and taking calls starting this coming Monday... So if you have ANY question. About life love or anything under our close sun- hit us up!

If it is so very important to keep it all a secret, how come you are still alive and making videos? Why aren't you arrested for "spreading lies" or "inciting sedition" or for being a threat if it so damn important that we should not know what you claim to be the truth? Rob

Because it is not against the law to "tell lies" so that would be a dumb reason to arrest me. There is something called free speech and so I am exercising that right. The worst thing that Google or YouTube or anyone could do would be to arrest me or shut down my account. This would be better than any evidence I could gather to prove my points. They know it is better to have me making videos and they rely on those they have indoctrinated to call me stupid and insane and try to attack me in other ways in the hope that I go away. The "he's crazy" plan is better for them by far then the "shut him down" plan. Imagine if they did, there'd be a ton of people saying Jeran was saying X and Google shut him down and jailed him. The more I am in the open, the better.

Is it possible to look at planets with a Telescope?

That would be a trick question. Lol. Yes it is possible to see wandering stars and yes I have a telescope. What I see through the telescope gives me no indication that what I am seeing is anything other than light in the sky. But I guess the answer is yes and I recommend you find someone who has a telescope and take a look. Great night will be Sunday.

If the sun and the moon are close to the earth, why don't they look bigger as you get higher ? Rob

I assume because they are not that close. But in some of the high altitude weather balloon footage I've seen I think the sun does look bigger as would be the case if they were in the 1000 mile range. I admit I have not seen the moon in many balloon videos. But also I am not sure they are even physical things, especially the sun which acts like a reflecting device. Good question though and something I will look at in footage as I watch.

Hi Missa and Jeran, I applause your courage, as well as your humility. Have you investigate further on the revisionism of history? You commented on that subject in one of your videos, and it caught my attention. Samuel . Peace

Thanks. Yes it is a huge belief of ours. Hard to prove or show exact examples but to us it is clear that history has been rewritten and that they have set themselves up to do it again. That's why the bible as well as the older books, the epics and even the books of Ptolemy etc. are all written with no dates. So after a reset point, they just do it all again. I will try and do a video about it soon.

Look up CIA Fla Earth

Yeah. A bunch of people who are afraid of truth saying its a CIA psy-op. Let's think... If it were true, do you think the CIA would just tell everyone, yeah you got us! We've been lying like dogs. Or might they try and say they released the info as an operation? You gotta think.

Best pick up line you've heard?

That shirt looks rather becoming on you. But if I were on you if be cumming too. Yo!

I'll be here all week. Try the waitress and tip the veal!

What are your thoughts on TheCroatianGirl, Nathan Oakley and Orphan Red?

I really like anyone speaking out about the flat earth and pushing truth. Wish I had time to watch more videos but I don't. But I like all three of those you named.

Did you know the CIA came up with the Flat Earth?

That makes no sense. How did the CIA tell me about it? Did the CIA also make water always lay level? Did the CIA make up lies about the Coriolis effect? Is it the CIA who tells us that the atmosphere moves with the spinning earth in one breath and in the next tells us that the Foucault pendulum's swing shifts because the earth is spinning? I thought the atmosphere moves with the earth? Hmmmmm. The CIA does not invent the truth. They block the truth. The CIA does not want people to know that everything is a scam from education to politics and from news to wars... That is what allows the CIA to exist. Saying the CIA released the flat earth as a psyop is probably about the most ridiculous thing ever thought. Well, then again they have convinced people that they are walking, boating, flying and living on a flying, spinning, floating, radiation blocking rock earth.... Accidentally. Sorry. CIA is worrying about stopping the Flat Earth.

Do you think NASA will continue to lie forever?

Personally? No. If you want my opinion based entirely on conjecture... I think when NASA admits their lies they will say that the aliens made them trick us. It will be the perfect opportunity to release their "alien disclosure" and the worst part is that the world will believe them.

If you could be another person for a day, who would you be?

Charles Bolden. To figure out the purpose and point of all the lies and then tell the world. We shouldn't all be guessing when we all paid money over the past 50 years to know the truth... Not to have it hidden from us!

Do you now know that Mark Sargent is a shill?

What? No. You mean because of his Orphan Red video? How is that a shill? People need to realize that the flat earth is not a movement... It can't be derailed. It is an awakening and the only person who can interrupt your awakening is you. Worry about yourself and realize others will make mistakes. No one is perfect. Expect and anticipate that many people will make mistakes as they go through their day. When they do, hope that they learn from them... That's all you can do.

I have been listening to a LOT of globe busters but not in order and was wondering if you already launched the balloon?

Not yet but I know Bob is close. He already has the military grade balloon as well as the $550 that has been donated. He and Chris have been planning and I knew they were waiting for summer so now that we are in May it all should happen pretty quick now.

I've been researching the flat earth for quite some time and wholeheartedly agree with you. I do however have a couple things I don't understand how "satellite" tv and "satellite" radio works. Is it like cell phone service or what. I see GPS is triangulation with cell towers. I saw that on Reg tv.

Yes, I believe that there is a way for them to put up large helium balloons that act as satellite bouncing stations or satellite receiving stations. That is why everyone in the south points their dish north and everyone north points south. Then signals are being sent from the ground to the bounce balloons which then reflect the signal to the dishes people have on their roof. It gives the impression that the signal is coming from a satellite but really it is just bounced from the helium balloon. It baffles me that people think that there must be satellites because they get DirecTv. Don't they understand that the signal comes from earth to start with? So DirecTv sends the signal to the "satellite" in space and then it bounces the signal to everyone below. But they think that means there must be something in space, in orbit, that has an engine and RCS thrusters, but if we use Occam's razor like they love to say they do... Then what makes more sense... 1. That a high altitude balloon like "echo one" (lookup echo 1 on Google) is relaying that signal or that there is a titanium very heavy and very expensive satellite that has its own engines and thrusters and being in perfect orbit of the globe earth, falls at the same speed the earth rotates so that it always remains in the same relative position to you, and it avoids micrometeoroids and any solar storms to remain in perfect position and it was shot up into space in a rocket ship and remains in its perfect orbit so that you can enjoy satellite tv? Which sounds more reasonable?

What if space is actuallly liquid with oxygen.

Hmmmm interesting thought. Lately I have been looking into liquid helium. It displays many of the same properties that I see when I look into the sky or at stars. When we view planets through our telescope, we see almost exactly the same effects that are seen when helium is shown in its liquid form.

Hi Jeran, and thanks for all your great work, my question is, do you think we will see a tipping point where enough people are awake enough to call out some serious challenge to the powers that shouldn't be, I see a lot of people are out for truth but also a lot of people quite stubborn about stayih Bertram

Watch tomorrow's Globebusters. We are going to discuss this and a lot more with O.D.D. And David Weiss. Will bring up the future of the movement. I think its time we discuss that tipping point!

What are you looking for?


If I want to convince someone the earth Is flat what things can I say?

I don't think you can convince anyone. I don't remember who but someone said, "truth can not be told... It must be realized." I think this is so true and I can even remember when I found out 9/11 was not the story we were given by media. My buddy told me and I told him to shut up that he had lost his mind. And it was maybe a month or two till I was up one night and just did a little search and the rest is history. Based on emails I receive, many people start off thinking the flat earth idea is preposterous and don't realize the truth until weeks later. After they binge watch some videos and realize that the one thing missing from the entire world we were taught is "proof." The best way to approach someone about this is this:
1st- are they open to no moon landing? If they think we went to the moon this may not be something they are ready for yet.
2- if they consider the no moon landing, then you just get it in their ear and say something like, "have you looked into the whole flat earth thing going on?" And then kinda ease into it. "Well, if we never went to the moon then there is no proof that the moon is as far as they say or the sun or the other planets. And if we haven't gone back then we have never been further than 300 miles from earth. Some people online are saying the whole space thing is a scam and even saying that the globe idea itself is a lie." Be prepared for them to tell you that you are insane and then finish it with saying, "I thought so too but I started looking into it and geez, I dunno. You should check it out. There is really no proof of the crazy speeds they say we are going and spinning and all that. If we believe we are going 66,000 mph we would believe it if they said 6,000,000mph. Kinda scary!"

Good point about chemtrails. I really hate those videos about chemtrails that have like scary music in the backround and then there's writing in big text like THEYRE KILLING US lol it really does scare people and does more harm than good.

I agree. Fear porn is big for some reason. People love to see others scared. That's why you can find a video on YouTube saying that the world is ending basically everyday. It does not good for anyone at all.


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