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I could not follow the drawing at all. Can you ask me in words? The moon turns like a chariot wheel throughout the night if that is what you are asking. What do you think abuot his globe proof.. He sez light is bending around the curve.. But the penny is under water , not on top.. Is he crazy?

Well it certainly proves that light going through water causes things to be seen differently than they actually are. So what is this saying?

Infinite plane or Antarctic edge?

Well I don't believe that infinite is possible. So I guess by default I would say more land and a semi Antarctic ring. What you need to realize is with the compass, map and longitude latitude... we are confined within those boundaries!

What is the most awkward thing you've said to someone special?

I asked a girlfriend once during the middle of a pretty fantastic session if it would be possible for her sister to join us. Didn't go over to well mostly because she didn't have a sister. I have no excuse either. In my head at that moment, I was picturing her sister and well, my filter sucks.

What gift would you like to receive?

Geez. I sure do wish you were a genie. I would simply want money. I don't want to be rich but I want to wake up, eat breakfast, take the dog for a walk, do some research, make a video, clean up around the place, cook a nice healthy dinner and put my wife to sleep like only I can. Then lock the doors and sleep well. No vacations needed, no car, no new clothes, no big screen TV, no virtual reality game console, no new tech... I need none of it. All I would need is enough to never worry. Every day is a worry... Should I do this or that. How much money do we need for rent? Well I can spend an hour on this so I can spend 3 on that but the grass needs cutting and I really should wash the dog and we need to pay the PG&E by Friday. It is a constant to-do list in my head and even when I get around to doing what I want, I feel bad because I'm not doing something I should. Sad that this is reality. And while $3000 a month could make my dreams come true, people walk around with billions in the bank. To think that someone with 5 billion would go to 4,998,999,999 and in doing so set me up for life. They'd not even realize it's gone and yet I'd thank them every hour of every day. Thanks for making me depressed.

I was looking at this picture "" and I was wondering how you wlould explain how such lighting is created.


Well let's take baby steps here. First off. Think of what the image shows and then think of what would cause such a shadow. Many people immediately jump all over the earth is a globe explanation but think of the distance of the sun, and imagine the sun shining and hitting that mountain. Is that how the shadow would look. To me it appears that the light is coming from the base of the mountain. No way it is from 93 million miles away. It also is not a daily occurrence but a once or twice a year occurrence which tells me that the sun is hitting a body of water and reflecting up causing the shadow. Maybe soon I'll look into the day, then figure out which body of water is the culprit. : I love these explanations. Do you follow his work? :)

Absolutely. He is one of the best. I really wish he would do another video on the Southern Stars cause I just can't grasp what he is saying. Very important point to learn about you know?

Is the Globebusters Launch tonight?? And on your channel live?

Yes. Tonight (Friday at 10pm mdt) which is 12am et and 9pm pt. I will be going live on the Globebusters channel at 8:30pm. Http://

How do clouds get illuminated from below if the sun is always way above the clouds?


Rarely does this happen. I would need to see which picture you are referring to. Usually this can be because of snow or water and reflection. Usually at sunset you see dark undersides of clouds which make no sense on a globe. See this image for example doesn't make sense on a ball

What happened to your Hampstead Cover Up video? I can't find it. :'(

Ian Dalton

Sad I know. Youtube made me pull it. As soon as I have time I will go through and blur the children's faces and not refer to them by name. It may be a while tho

How would you explain gravity?

Gravity is the same as others believe. It is the tendency for items to fall to earth when they are heavier than their surrounding medium. Where I differ is in regards to the sun and moon and planets and stars all being under the same force. They are not. They are celestial objects and the moon is not falling towards earth.

What would you name a newly discovered planet?


How far is the son smart guy?

Wow! Can I frame this question? You are a piece of work. You kind of summed up everything I'm saying in a one sentence question. Get a dictionary and get back to me. I hope you did that on purpose.

Rumor has it you are hung. Any truth to that rumor?

Don't believe everything you hear. On the other hand, some things you hear are rock solid facts!

Second question for the day. It seems you are subscribed to your belief system and not willing entertain other possibilities. There are other flat earthers who believe there is land beyond the ice wall. They reference Admiral Byrd. Why do you not entertain this possibility?

Then you haven't paid much attention to my work at all. I am open to any and all options as long as they have evidence and meet my reality. I am open to land beyond the poles and I al open to an ice wall. Both seem like they are possibilities but the only evidence I have seen is evidence to show that Antarctica is not a continent on the bottom of a globe. And so my search continues!

I emailed you pictures and links for a picture of the Earth from the Chinese moon rover. I never heard back.

I will take a look. I don't get to see all my emails. Just to read them all would take hours a day. What is your email address? I'll take a look!

Dude the earth is round like a ball. You're retarding the human race when you say it isn't. Stop being a moron and tell people you were only kidding. People are actually starting to believe you.

Thanks so kindly for your contact. I understand what you were taught. I was taught the same thing. That doesn't mean it is true. If it were true, evidence would be everywhere. Unfortunately, it is looking like the globe belief is the ancient and primitive thought. That living on a ball is impossible and only ancient desert wanderers would believe such a thing to be possible. Try to walk on a golf ball, you'll fall off. Try a basketball, same. Beach ball, same. But Earth ball mixed with gravity and boom, you can be upside down under the planet and all is cool. Well then you hear their is no up or down or under in space. This brings me back to where I started. I understand that you can't see yet that you were taught lies. It takes opening you mind-- something you have yet to realize how to do.

Is the sun 93 million miles in the flat earth model?

Not at all. It is probably very close. It is also very small. 93 million miles away and 900,000 miles in diameter are a joke. They laugh at us for believing that dribble.

What do you think about Michal Tellingers theories ?

Well, I like the guy and like the ideas behind the Ubuntu movement but he has based a lot of his ideas on ancient monuments and time scales on the work of Sitchen who I personally don't like much of his work. He taught himself cuneiform and is basically the only one who can "supposedly" read the ancient Sumerian tablets. For all I know, he could very well be correct but the idea that aliens are flying around and creating humanity doesn't fit well with me. It is more likely that humanity has hidden technology for years so that they can every so often cause a reset, then show up in their airplanes and act like Gods. Of course the new and primitive humans would think they were Gods and tell stories of them as such when in actuality they are just dirtball humans that went underground to remain unharmed during some sort of event. Now was that event Nibiru rolling through or what? That is unknown. But I like Tollinger and am all for anyone who contesting the current history and science which is an outright lie.

What is the curvature formula?

8" X distance in miles squared. Example. 5 miles. 8"X 5x5 = 200". Divided by 12 = 16 feet.

If Kansas is over 400+ miles across, and it's flatter than a pancake. Wouldn't you have to drive up several miles on an incline to reach the top?


If Kansas is 400 miles and you are standing at the edge about to walk across and you are 6 foot tall, you would need to go down the 19 miles of curvature or 104,841 feet. In other words. It is utterly absurd any of us ever bought this horse shit.

You are such a fool. Flat earth? Are you retarded? Who would ever think so stupid a thought. Only you're dumbass! Explain seasons. Haha checkmate nigga!

Your opinion doesn't interest me. Your question is simply one that should be expected from a pre-pubescent teen. Sorry your life has been so rough. Seasons are simple. It is you who will have difficulty explaining this fact. In the Southern summer, the sun is 3,000,000 miles closer. So why are 14/15 of the top temps in the world in the North? Hmmm that's what I thought. Seasons make sense on flat earth as the sun travels above your head back and forth from each tropic every year which fits our observation and accounts for the hottest temperatures being in the north. Anything else to see little boy?

What is paradise for you?

No worries, no lies, no bills, no hate, no hunger, no issues and my wife with no clothes... And you no the rest.

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