Need to find someone in AK or Norway to let us know if they SEE the Moon 9.22-24 ALL DAY like the 24 hr Sun... my App shows the fullish moon up near Cancer... 9/22-24, Sept., Moon will be along Tropic of Cancer... someone in Norway should not see it set, as they do when the sun is around there.

I can ask for volunteers on the next Globebusters. Does that sound good?

Need to find someone in AK or Norway to let us know if they SEE the Moon 9.22-24 ALL DAY like the 24 hr Sun... my App shows the fullish moon up near Cancer...

Do you mean 7-22?

If there is no (outer) space, then whare does cosmic radiation come from? And how are the northern and southern lights created? Rob

Well it depends what you mean. There is no outer space as they have taught us. There is a sky and I have no clue where it ends but my guess would be a few thousand miles. Everything that we see is within that area. The northern and southern lights are a magnetic anomaly caused by the sun I assume. Charged particles that tend toward the poles or what we call the poles. But they could easily come from outer space. I think meteors and comets exist in what some might call space. When I say space doesn't exist I am talking about space in the eyes of the current beliefs systems. Space as in millions of miles and beyond that.

If helium is lighter than air.. its a lot of helium up there.. Have you checked if its a possibility it is gathering as liquid up there? Amateur rockets hits the "firmament" sound like a "flump" when they stop at 70 km-ish. Maybe the ISS is really floating up there. But still no space..

It is amazing how synchronistic research can be. Just this week I have been looking deeply into the idea that space is helium 2 and that it is in liquid form as a superfluid. It is absolutely a possibility and even the Wikipedia for helium 2 states that as a superfluid it defies the laws of gravity so I'm not sure there is much of a chance that space is not made of this. They would never tell us of course because in it light would work as a wave which throws everything we have been taught right out the window.

Thoughts on this

Some people are very afraid of truth. The idea that science is a religion scares them because they left religion and ran to science since it is the opposite of religion. Little do people know that all of scientific fact is based off models and if those models are wrong then all that was built upon them is wrong. The ball earth model is wrong. Therefore, time to face facts. Everything you believe about where you live is probably wrong.

Thoughts on this clown

This can all be answered easily... Think.... The CIA does things that benefit the CIA. Now, let's think... How does convincing the world that they have been lied to on a monumental scale including the facts that NASA, science and all of education are incorrect going to help the CIA? Does this help the gun agenda? Does it help the Industrial Military Complex? No of course it doesn't. It is the absolute last thing that CIA would want people to think. This person who posted this info is a liar and afraid of the life he chose to live. More amazing CGI from NASA. This time from Jupiter! Jackson Tammer

It is all lies. Bullshit on top of bullshit equals bullshit. Video to come soon!

Do you feel that the private companies are aware of the deception just the same? I.e Virgin Galactic, Space X, etc. I am having difficulty seeing the deception extend to so many other groups, and still able to maintain it.. Surely, a whistle blower would have emerged sooner or later..

I guess it depends on who you are talking about within the specific company. It is the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around as well. Personally I think clearly Richard Branson knows. Obviously some people at Space X know. But very few overall. It is a Freemason trick and I bet if we uncovered the Mason's in high positions the fraud would be evident. Like Sir Richard Branson and Sir Isaac Newton

Why ancient text like "Sumerian tablets" talk about other planets, universe, aliens, etc. I mean the Anunnaki story. There is also a map of our solar system. The story said also that we come from Mars. I believe in flat earth, but I can't understand how to connect with this ancient text. Thanks!

Well it really all depends on what we can believe. I have seen enough in my research about the history of earth to know it has been cleverly setup and is not at all a true history. So, I can't tell you that answer. I will tell you however that even the Dead Sea scrolls and most writings from 500bc to 1500 ad seem to be fakes and many of them rewritten in 1600. For example, there is a lot of proof that we have been fed one hell of a whopper of a lie and I can't see why adding the Samaritan tablets would be an issue. As you said they confirm a globe. It begs to question, why do NASA astronauts report aliens often. Because it reminds people of the ball.

If it's 1040 mph at the equator & therefore slower as you go north & south, does the night sky move overhead at a slower pace in say NY compared to Georgia, or San Diego compared to Seattle?

Good question. I would assume it does but I will have some volunteers from extreme locations take some video and I will analyze and let you know. Thanks for a great question.

Can I submit music I make for you to use in videos?

Absolutely. Just email me at and if you have lots I am open to something exclusive too. Talk soon!

Hey, how are we supposed to believe you when you have a Patreon and are making $300 a month for doing this?

You aren't supposed to believe me. I've tried mentioning this a thousand times. All I am doing is showing people my research and the conclusions I reached and why. Possibly some of my research matches yours and so we think alike. Possibly you haven't heard some of the stuff I'm saying so you might need to research some more. Or possibly you hate what I am saying and it is all nonsense and crap. I don't mind which one best describes you.

If we think alike... Awesome! Some people who did further research asked me to make more videos as they found them both entertaining and informative. They also asked if I had a place to donate so they can help out. Everyone who donates money through Patreon WANTS to help. They understand that these videos are not easy to make and very time consuming. Their support helps me a lot by giving me more time to spend on doing what I really enjoy doing. I am very grateful for those who support us monetarily. The last group are those who hate me. They think I am lying for money or making click bate videos. You can choose to trust them but make sure they are showing you all their evidence. My Patreon makes about $325 a month which helps a lot but my rent is nearly a$2000 and bills and utilities bring our costs above $3000 per month. So doing these videos and doing them on YouTube is not a money making venture. I make videos because I enjoy them. And people who like my videos, donate to help me find more time to make them. If someone "believes" me- I hope they have checked my research and agree with it... Hence they believe me. Please give humans some credit to discern if I am speaking lies or making statements based on evidence that I show so that viewers can make up their own minds.

What about the asteroid belt? How does that fit? is it all CGI? does any amateur astronomer see them or only the 'official' CGI masters?

Of course you can't observe it. I believe that you can supposedly see Ceres which is a dwarf planet I think and that I think appears like any other star in a telescope. The asteroid belt beyond that is not seen by amateur telescopes. It needs to be looked at by professionals and Hubble. So again, to me... I simply don't believe it because it just is more words by men who lie. Sad what science has come to. Dogma and absolutes all following the funding.

Thanks in large part to you I am a FEer. I drive a truck over the road and i have seen literally hundreds of shooting stars traveling in almost every direction, and although I have never seen one come from below the horizon upward, I can't explain their origin.

I haven't fully figured this one out yet but I think they are ejected matter of some sort. More on this coming soon. The current beliefs are simply wrong. Very wrong.

Does moonlight get split by a prism, like sunlight? It should since it's sunlight reflected towards the earth. Jeffrey Allan Backowski II

To be honest, I am not sure. It would be a very interesting test. But I would assume whether it was light from the sun. Reflected light from the sun or light from a self lit moon... They would all act similar.

Are there any theories explaining the flat earth that should be Laws if Isaac Newton hadn't wrote fake ones explaining the globe model?

Good question but I don't have an answer. Once laws are written, I don't think anyone else would even think about other laws since there would be no need. Once we show the lies, there will be quite a few that need to be written.

Yes. The Moon when full was over Trop Cap, now it shows 50% & over Equator. When New it'll show over Cancer. Maybe we need to take daily pics of the Moon when it's highest in the sky each day & see if reality matches what this App is showing & if it changes month to month?

Good idea. We are doing a moon photo event right now. Today in fact. Just take a picture and upload it to

The reason I asked about the Moon path is because of a widget I just added during the full moon, the Sun, of course is over ToCancer, but the Moon was over ToCap & was rising every day! Now it looks just under the equator! Is it maybe a monthly cycle,?????

Could be. You mean it was over Capricorn then equator same month?

Does the Moon follow a path like the Sun, from Tropic to Tropic, higher & lower? How long does it take to cycle & repeat?

Yes it does. I believe the yearly cycle is 354 days or something in that region. And because it falls short it is never even with the solar cycle except for once every 34 or 35 years. So while it does travel between tropics and travel higher and lower, it isn't on a simple cycle meaning Jan 1 will be different moon phase and location until it recycles at 34 years. My numbers may be off. If you look up lunar cycle the exact numbers should be found easily.

Is the procession of the equinox possible with the geocentric model

I think it is possible but I no longer pay attention to it at all. It is a mess. If you start to look into it... It looks like historians will put random stars there and Egyptologists will just make claims that certain stars are lined up to the certain star because it was the North Star. But to me, I will believe that Polaris is the only pole star because I have never seen another. Also, look at the name. So Thuban was the last pole star and they named another star Polaris? I think it's all bullshit.

Hello from France Jeranism... I know my country sucks^^. Seriously, first i hated you... you destabilized me, my believes and all the science stuff i "learned". When i saw some evidences you throw in my face i have to admit that something is wrong about earth..Thanks, cause you opened my eyes.

Thanks for saying that. Yes, I am hated by many. Sometimes I think that perhaps I come across as a no it all and that bothers me because I try and make a point of saying I don't know anything. That being said, I can follow evidence and determine when things "seem to fit" and when you start digging in to a lot of what we have been told about where we live... It certainly seems that there is something being hidden. So all I am trying to do is to get that something revealed. Do I think there is no ISS and rockets are helium balloons and the earth is flat and NASA is brainwashing the astronauts etc. etc. etc??? I can't say. I have questions on all those things and the answers I'm getting are showing that something is very wrong. How much? How far does it go? How much will ever be revealed? Im@not sure but I won't stop until I find out. That's all I know right now. So glad you are questioning facts as there is nothing wrong with verifying your beliefs. It will make the world better. Glad you don't hate me anymore! Peace.

If there is no such thing as 'space' or 'the universe', why do they keep building (gorund based, non NASA related) telescopes? What are they looking at? And why would the build bigger and better if there is noting to see?

Well it is just like a microscope. That's all a telescope is a giant microscope looking the other way and yeah, the more you look and the deeper and deeper you go the more craziness you'll see. But a microscope we understand gets smaller. For some reason they think when they look up we are seeing things get bigger.

I used to like you until my wife saw you on the mechanics show and said she can tell your attentive in bed. Yeah. Less of a fan now.

I'm pretty sure that no question was asked here. Uhhmmmmm, thanks?

Are you Italian?


According to "Back to the future" Pre-programmed warning about 9.11 , It was also another date on the clock. 10.04 pm , Do you think we can we expect alien nassholeinvasion on the 4th of October 2016? :) Jostein R. Arnoe

What makes you think 2016? I am not a doom and gloom kinda guy. That said, I do think the idea of a reset event has merit. But honestly, not a lot we can do if these clowns are gonna torch the world.


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