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No worries, no lies, no bills, no hate, no hunger, no issues and my wife with no clothes... And you no the rest.

have you seen this? has BOB??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJh_9ZqJBQo "Robert Bass to End Career of Flat Earth Bob Knodel of jeranism" LISTENING TO IT NOW. no need to reply here or via twitter

I'm in bed but I'll takess a look k thxx

Hi. I am in charleston, sc. Something strange happened in our sky this morning. A little before sunrise, I stepped outside and the WESTERN sky was lit up like the sunrise, but no sun yet in the EAST. About 10 minutes before official sunrise. I'd be happy to share 10 second videoif you're intereste

Very much so. You can drop a link here in a question or if you would rather email me... Im at jeranism at yahoo dot com!

See https://youtu.be/4exaXdPKS3Y It's 3 minutes uncut ISS "gravity" footage... Wires not possible (floating "tortilla"). Zero-G not possible (its more than 30 seconds...). How could this have been faked? Do you have a guess? (& thx for your many cool videos on YT)

Wow. You really need to look into the things you say. How, in today's world, can you just say "uncut"? That's crazy. There is no way for us to know right now if things are cut or not, if things have wires or not, if things have cgi involved or edits.

I do see where you are coming from, honest, as it very much appears real but there is simply no 24/7 cameras and so many other reasons to know something isn't right.

Just wondering if you and Missa would be open to a three way? Being serious and don't worry I am a female and around her age.

Haha. Thanks for the compliment but I would say you should ask her.

When will the balloon be launched?

Bob will be discussing that on Globebusters today.

I heard RAW on Monday and I have to know... How big? Cmon inquire minds have to know.

Jeez. Can we stick to the issues at hand? I'm not going to answer the way you want me to... Let's say "it's plenty". And secondly you are free to ask Missa when she wakes from her coma. Lol

How are the space launches faked? For example the moon landing spaceship launch?

Well that's a complicated question because they will never do things in a way that if they were found out, they would have no way to defend. For example, in Roswell they staged and alien crash. Then they drove things covered in tarps to Area 51. Then the news reports it. Then the next day the Government says it was nothing. Well than you have all the people saying the Government is hiding aliens but they were the ones that faked them. So in short. The space missions are simply data missions and they return to those waiting the data they are waiting for. The moon landings are the single most obvious of all conspiracies unless you worship the science world. The rockets go to the sky then splash in the ocean. Dirty trick by dirty clowns!

if you want to see where I've been tracking it, it's an App called Sun, Moon & Stars & the widget is the Day and night: Map. In a place where they see the 24 hr Sun they should see 24 moon when it's not 'new' & along the north Tropic

And you have not been seeing this? I will check the site today.

is SOHO http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime-images.html all CGI? total fakery? deception? or what?

I think it shows some truth like sun spots and other such things but overall it is total deception. For example... I tried to look at May 9 (not sure this is correct) the day of the Mercury transit and SOHO skipped that day and has it marked as service day or something instead of showing a planet cross the sun. Smh

What causes things of higher mass than the atmosphere to fall towards the ground if gravity is irrelevamt?

You can call it gravity of you like. I'll call it weight. Same thing. Items that weigh more than their surrounding medium fall. What goes up, must come down. Gravity is a cop out. To show up and say oh the moon is held by gravity when the same force cannot describe how it got there is pretty simple to see is wrong.

Need to find someone in AK or Norway to let us know if they SEE the Moon 9.22-24 ALL DAY like the 24 hr Sun... my App shows the fullish moon up near Cancer... 9/22-24, Sept., Moon will be along Tropic of Cancer... someone in Norway should not see it set, as they do when the sun is around there.

I can ask for volunteers on the next Globebusters. Does that sound good?

Need to find someone in AK or Norway to let us know if they SEE the Moon 9.22-24 ALL DAY like the 24 hr Sun... my App shows the fullish moon up near Cancer...

Do you mean 7-22?

If there is no (outer) space, then whare does cosmic radiation come from? And how are the northern and southern lights created? Rob

Well it depends what you mean. There is no outer space as they have taught us. There is a sky and I have no clue where it ends but my guess would be a few thousand miles. Everything that we see is within that area. The northern and southern lights are a magnetic anomaly caused by the sun I assume. Charged particles that tend toward the poles or what we call the poles. But they could easily come from outer space. I think meteors and comets exist in what some might call space. When I say space doesn't exist I am talking about space in the eyes of the current beliefs systems. Space as in millions of miles and beyond that.

If helium is lighter than air.. its a lot of helium up there.. Have you checked if its a possibility it is gathering as liquid up there? Amateur rockets hits the "firmament" sound like a "flump" when they stop at 70 km-ish. Maybe the ISS is really floating up there. But still no space..

It is amazing how synchronistic research can be. Just this week I have been looking deeply into the idea that space is helium 2 and that it is in liquid form as a superfluid. It is absolutely a possibility and even the Wikipedia for helium 2 states that as a superfluid it defies the laws of gravity so I'm not sure there is much of a chance that space is not made of this. They would never tell us of course because in it light would work as a wave which throws everything we have been taught right out the window.

Thoughts on this https://www.instagram.com/p/BHWw54lhp0-/

Some people are very afraid of truth. The idea that science is a religion scares them because they left religion and ran to science since it is the opposite of religion. Little do people know that all of scientific fact is based off models and if those models are wrong then all that was built upon them is wrong. The ball earth model is wrong. Therefore, time to face facts. Everything you believe about where you live is probably wrong.

Thoughts on this clown https://www.instagram.com/p/BHWw54lhp0-/

This can all be answered easily... Think.... The CIA does things that benefit the CIA. Now, let's think... How does convincing the world that they have been lied to on a monumental scale including the facts that NASA, science and all of education are incorrect going to help the CIA? Does this help the gun agenda? Does it help the Industrial Military Complex? No of course it doesn't. It is the absolute last thing that CIA would want people to think. This person who posted this info is a liar and afraid of the life he chose to live.

http://time.com/4393292/jupiter-juno-moons-video/?xid=time_socialflow_twitter More amazing CGI from NASA. This time from Jupiter! Jackson Tammer

It is all lies. Bullshit on top of bullshit equals bullshit. Video to come soon!

Do you feel that the private companies are aware of the deception just the same? I.e Virgin Galactic, Space X, etc. I am having difficulty seeing the deception extend to so many other groups, and still able to maintain it.. Surely, a whistle blower would have emerged sooner or later..

I guess it depends on who you are talking about within the specific company. It is the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around as well. Personally I think clearly Richard Branson knows. Obviously some people at Space X know. But very few overall. It is a Freemason trick and I bet if we uncovered the Mason's in high positions the fraud would be evident. Like Sir Richard Branson and Sir Isaac Newton

Why ancient text like "Sumerian tablets" talk about other planets, universe, aliens, etc. I mean the Anunnaki story. There is also a map of our solar system. The story said also that we come from Mars. I believe in flat earth, but I can't understand how to connect with this ancient text. Thanks!

Well it really all depends on what we can believe. I have seen enough in my research about the history of earth to know it has been cleverly setup and is not at all a true history. So, I can't tell you that answer. I will tell you however that even the Dead Sea scrolls and most writings from 500bc to 1500 ad seem to be fakes and many of them rewritten in 1600. For example, there is a lot of proof that we have been fed one hell of a whopper of a lie and I can't see why adding the Samaritan tablets would be an issue. As you said they confirm a globe. It begs to question, why do NASA astronauts report aliens often. Because it reminds people of the ball.

If it's 1040 mph at the equator & therefore slower as you go north & south, does the night sky move overhead at a slower pace in say NY compared to Georgia, or San Diego compared to Seattle?

Good question. I would assume it does but I will have some volunteers from extreme locations take some video and I will analyze and let you know. Thanks for a great question.

Can I submit music I make for you to use in videos?

Absolutely. Just email me at jeranism@yahoo.com and if you have lots I am open to something exclusive too. Talk soon!

Hey, how are we supposed to believe you when you have a Patreon and are making $300 a month for doing this?

You aren't supposed to believe me. I've tried mentioning this a thousand times. All I am doing is showing people my research and the conclusions I reached and why. Possibly some of my research matches yours and so we think alike. Possibly you haven't heard some of the stuff I'm saying so you might need to research some more. Or possibly you hate what I am saying and it is all nonsense and crap. I don't mind which one best describes you.

If we think alike... Awesome! Some people who did further research asked me to make more videos as they found them both entertaining and informative. They also asked if I had a place to donate so they can help out. Everyone who donates money through Patreon WANTS to help. They understand that these videos are not easy to make and very time consuming. Their support helps me a lot by giving me more time to spend on doing what I really enjoy doing. I am very grateful for those who support us monetarily. The last group are those who hate me. They think I am lying for money or making click bate videos. You can choose to trust them but make sure they are showing you all their evidence. My Patreon makes about $325 a month which helps a lot but my rent is nearly a$2000 and bills and utilities bring our costs above $3000 per month. So doing these videos and doing them on YouTube is not a money making venture. I make videos because I enjoy them. And people who like my videos, donate to help me find more time to make them. If someone "believes" me- I hope they have checked my research and agree with it... Hence they believe me. Please give humans some credit to discern if I am speaking lies or making statements based on evidence that I show so that viewers can make up their own minds.


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