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Haha nvm. I snaped him
he has a girlfriend but ok
Hahahaha just a pic of spencer lol
Hahaha yassss
so thirsty it's insane
Spenser w pic
hahahaha no
Hitesh wants the D  Ali Al
Can you truly love more than one person?
yeah you can love people in different ways
Bruh  Ali Al
i know
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ok so I found out he doesn't like me wtf do I do now
move on
Creep alert! How he find u?
no clue
I am extremly srry to ask u that,dont be hyper,just ask u for friendiship rest all its ur decision,i respect it,ohk.  Hitesh Chauhan
Lol jesse.... The guy
i fucking know
Plz,just check it,if u dont like dont do it ohk.  Hitesh Chauhan
i fucking blocked you
Y so?  Hitesh Chauhan
just stop
Add me, i am waiting?  Hitesh Chauhan
no sorry
I had send you friend request on facebook,just check it?  Hitesh Chauhan
yeah no
Can we be a new friend,if its np for u ?  Hitesh Chauhan
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U r so much hot and beautiful,hotness nxt to excellence!!!!  Hitesh Chauhan
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how would it be weird? what do I do? yolo?
because he'd be coming over to your house and your brother would be there awkwardly joining in on the conversation and you wouldn't know whether or not you could PDA or not idk i guess it depends on the person but I completely get where he's coming from
I like him so much but I can't do anything mandnxnccn why does it matter if he's best friends with my brother?? he said that's the only reason he can't date me
and i mean i kinda get that reason like it would be weird for everyone
and literally talked to everyone but me. he didn't ignore me like I didn't say hey but he was staring at me but didn't say hi. it's been a week since I said I've liked him and we haven't talked I'm so stressed I'm gonna cry
im so sorry
this is the same girl asking about advice for dating an older guy and so he's best friends with my brother and I called him & told him I liked him but he said he can't bc of my brother but I think he kinda likes me back & yesterday I saw him and was gonna talk to him but he ignored me
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