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would you get with a black guy?
if i was attracted to him
do you have any black friends
not really. tam isn't very racially diverse. we have like 5 black kids, 7 indian kids, and like 20 half-asians hahaha its so funny
does it bother you if a guy swears?
no unless they are constantly using derogatory words towards women
Stfu your not 9
you know my name not my story!
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Do you have a kik ? How old are you? & Do you live in SF?
yes! 9! no!
What makes life worth living?
gbellys singing
whos your bae?
spry gum is bae
whos your bae?
my bad forgot to put my name ^~^
you still forgottt
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Rate 100,000,000,000,000,000:)
who dis
What's your snapchat?
yes stop reminding me ugh
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You have a guys ideal body
thats such a nice compliment thank you
So why would you have lunch if you weren't dating
because we are friends?
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You had lunch alone with him
yes and
You're dating Kenny?
no where did you get that from ?
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Hey your hella pretty! Gotta get that odd my chest.  Andrew j. Arevalo
thank you!
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Do u like a guy with a lot of confidence or not so much?
theres a fine line between cocky and coming on too strong and comfortable with who they are as a person and i think so many guys cross that line when they are trying to get girls hahaha
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What did you do for lunch today?
what do you first notice when you met a guy?
the way they carry themselves like their confidence
What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
7th graders are fucking vicious
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Do you have a boyfriend?????
why is this so urgent?????
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What did you do today?
went to school and drama was really fun we had guest artists come in and the one who taught my group is just such a cool person. then soccer practiceee
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Haha wtf is this person sayin, you are way prettier in person
aww thank you so much haha
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