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Is ur profile picture a selfie?
You look really great in your profile picture
thank you
Haha jk jk but I neck kiss very well
good for you
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Wait really ? lol that was totally random guess
yeah like thats the exact number
haha yep
How much do you weight
take a wild guess
How tall are you
Wow really your one of those girls if you don't know someone you won't talk to them alright then
honestly it's nothing personal it's just "we" (because you're classifying me as one of "those girls now") don't really talk to strangers because we were taught not to..or at least strangers over the internet, so sorry you seem to encounter these girls a lot? you could try a different method of meeting people other than anonymously over idk
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Uh what?
well i dont know you so
K I'm going to add you right now. Add me back
why are your boobs so big
they are in proportion to my body idk?
You kind of have a Kim kardashian body
not at all but thank you she's perfect
thank you!!
yeah no problem!
the ones that go to almost your knee
steve madden
I neck kiss really well can we fuck now
uh haha
where did you get your brown boots? there so cute!
which ones
What happened
not really public knowledge
How much does Athen weigh like 185 right
im not sure but far from that
Are you guys still friends?
Do you think Athen is fat
truth is we hung out last year or two years ago at the fair, but your chill and pretty.  Dominic Martinez
thanks :)
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i dont even wear my sunglasses i just leave them on my head to push back my hair
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Can u please post a pic of your tall brown boots, not the lace up ones.
idk where they are right now
why do you need a photo
do you weigh more or less than 120