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Pap of texts?
Pap of texts?
It's nordstrom not nordstroms
ah ok
Oh.. Its alright :) but like do you know where i can buy cute bags :( i really need one lmao
umm maybe urban or like forever 21 or bp teen at nordstroms?? idk really
Where did you get ur leather bag from
i got it for hannukah so idk sorry!
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So yes or no for the date or pass?
nope people i dont know whatsoever are liking it i don't understand
Nah it's local trust me were in tiburon
ugh fine
What's life without risk?
How bout if they cute they get a date or pass?
no there's a 99.8% chance i have no idea who you are
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Please I'll do anything
why you'll get upset if i say pass haha
Bruh just do it
yeah no
i hate the "likers get a rate", "hot/hu for likers", "date or pass" questions because honestly the only people that like it are creepy guys who are like twice my age and live in a different state.
Likers get a date or pass?
What products of skincare do u wear before makeup?
i use a cetaphil face cleanser and then the yellow moisturizer from clinique
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I wanted a pic of ur back to see how long ur hair is beciase its beautyful
oh thanks
Macbook air or pro?
Random hookups??? You down for those?
piña colada??????
Random hookups??? You down for those?
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Do you really just have 2 bras
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really what
I'm your crush.  Mara Lawlor
fuck yes
how many bras do you own
I bet you look great naked
i mean ;)
I bet you look great naked
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woah no cleavage
pap of you rn
i wear my hair like this at home so my mom doesn't comment on how dead my hair looks lol
pap of you rn
there's lulu sizes*?
yeah I thought it was like 2, 4, 6, 8 etc..