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my bad forgot to put my name ^~^
you still forgottt
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Rate 100,000,000,000,000,000:)
who dis
What's your snapchat?
yes stop reminding me ugh
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You have a guys ideal body
thats such a nice compliment thank you
So why would you have lunch if you weren't dating
because we are friends?
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You had lunch alone with him
yes and
You're dating Kenny?
no where did you get that from ?
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Hey your hella pretty! Gotta get that odd my chest.  Andrew j. Arevalo
thank you!
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Do u like a guy with a lot of confidence or not so much?
theres a fine line between cocky and coming on too strong and comfortable with who they are as a person and i think so many guys cross that line when they are trying to get girls hahaha
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What did you do for lunch today?
what do you first notice when you met a guy?
the way they carry themselves like their confidence
What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
7th graders are fucking vicious
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Do you have a boyfriend?????
why is this so urgent?????
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What did you do today?
went to school and drama was really fun we had guest artists come in and the one who taught my group is just such a cool person. then soccer practiceee
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Haha wtf is this person sayin, you are way prettier in person
aww thank you so much haha
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How was your day?
it was really great actually, thanks for asking
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preach it gurl! don't let annoying ass anons objectify you.
thank you so much its so irritating
She has big boobs and stop slut shaming its not like she has on a huge ass bombshell. its a fuckig body part and she just happens to have big boobs and she cant do anything about it so fuck you anon
wow no boobs showing in your profile..
i apologize for having a natural female body part. im so sorry if ive offended anyone by going through puberty honestly it was a stupid move on my part and i genuinely care.
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Just so you know I have no idea who asked that last question about me lol, I haven't even been on ask for months  Ian Rutherford
Thoughts on my man Ian Rutherford
ur not as pretty in person. still pretty tho. tone down the edits please?
thank you, you seem like a genuinely nice person.
Honest truth is: you are absolutely flawless. I have seen you at school and you are perfect. I love your hair and I follow you on Instagram and your stunning.  Madeline
this made my morning. thank you so so much, you're gorgeous.