Jessica Holland
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What's your favorite sex position?

On top

What song do you like to get fucked to?

Sade or drake

What is the most played song in your music library?

Partynextdoor #omo

Do you like 69?

Yes like every woman ;)

Which was your most memorable birthday?

Idk I'm simple bigger bdays to come

if u going be a cam girl join myfreecams or something like that

Thanks for the info

do you have any nudes online anywhere ?


what's your fav cuss word ?

Fuck lol

Would you make love to a skinny dude if he treated you good?

I love all shapes and sizes

i messaged you on vimeo, but u never responded ? smh

I don't check my messages on my videos if its business oriented contact my manager jessyhitta @ gmail :)

why are you so freaking beautiful ?

Thank u .. I get it from my mama!

If I was your man my pull out game would be weak!!!

Lol what makes me special?

Does Ur pussy grip the dick?

Of course

Hell yeah. If you were a cam girl you'd make hella money

How does it work?

Great videos,great entertainer,educated the perfect mixture for success!

Thank u!

So when can I give you some vanilla?

Vanilla ice cream?

Texas, maybe u wanna b the next jhonni blaze!?

I love Jhonni Blaze Big Fan..

You ever thought of being a cam girl?

Would you purchase my services?

Damn ! Thanks for the link. You are sexy af. You know right ?

Thanks baby!

Can you send me your YouTube link ? It said page not found when I was on your vimeo page

@JessyHitta Sexy Bra and Panty Fridays:

You shut down your YouTube page ? Link is not working

@JessyHitta Sexy Bra and Panty Fridays:

What fruit do you eat the most often?


Thought you was a lil different from the other girls there but by the videos you starting to make it seem like you do want to be a porn star.

I'm sorry that you got that idea but I will not be doing porn.. Mwah!

When you going to post another vid on vimeo ?

Thanks for watching my vids on vimeo.. I mostly upload to YouTube but in the future I'll upload to vimeo