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Is she a virgin
of course she is
Can I have her number
Ur funny fams is that what u use
Nah i use my hand still
How come
Get the fuck out of here
Do u even care about her?
Not anymore
Does she give head or nun of that
You're fucking dumb go get one of these
None for you
Ight cool
can I holla at ur ex
I couldn't care less
Are you happy?
Yeah I am
Fams my nut sack are sticky
that means your boxers are too tight yo get a bigger size!
Do you still talk to your exs
I became friends with one of them after but thats it
Where they at bro?????
What does it mean if a guy you don't speak to always smirks/ half smiles at you when he sees you??
Hes probably just saying hi in his own way or he thinks you're cute
Are you a virgin fams
Would you eat a girl out?
I cant swim so i dont wanna dive in the poonch
Would you kiss a girl after she gives you head?
i dont get head doe
what does that even mean?
Naah I'll just b wastin time
ight thats cool
Aii how long do a girl gotta wait
Idk, make a move and see what happens
What's a good pornstar to jack off to?
Tia tanaka, lisa ann, kianna dior, sara jay, lacey duvalle, and much more but i just cant think of any right now
Y not
Too early to be looking for someone new
Its all good <3 I bought 2 blunts yesterday
Too bad i couldnt make it
Let's chill fams
ight just txt me
LOOL none of that
U single cutie