julian @jforseth
if you already know the answer then don't ask the question
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Thats retarted
no what's retarded is you sending me hate for feeding my dog blackberries
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Why do you feed your dogs blackberries?
because the best ones are at the top and they can't reach them so i help
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Sick dp
wow thank u sit on my face sometime maybe maybe not
Tbh your so funny and nice and ya  isabella battryn
why did you send me this 3 hours late you got my hopes up i actually thought i had a question
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have you ever sent nudes?
i can't remember maybe but im like 97% sure i haven't
do you have Snapchat?
ya it's jforseth add me or snapchat me or whatever B)
tbh so u just kinda stopped talking to me randomly and i dont know why.. dont even know what happend there? i dont really have anything else to say other than what the fuck  baylee madison
Your honestly so annoying OMG I hate seeing you on my feed
then unfollow me?? it's not really that hard
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how many people do you follow?
tbh i remember when we used to text everyday for over a year and i miss that but we still do talk everyday so that's good. you're probably one of my best friends and i can trust you with a lot. luv u <3  rachael cann
:-) love you
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How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?
more animals:-)
who do you think Duncan compliments is?
probs a grade 10 girl and a bunch of her friends
Do you want to be a girl? you look like a girl in some of your pics
Post a photo of your favourite outfit!
the one in black and white is so much cuter but im not feelin stripes lately :/
Post a photo of your favourite outfit!
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it's too stupid
How many unanswered questions?
43 but i guess 42 now
I only found a justin bieber one
look harder
What is your youtube?
google my name or something it's not that hard to find
Tbh; your YouTube vids are really funny haha  Tanton
thank you connor
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Have you hooked up yet in 2014?
selfie? and what's your instagram??
I'm not gonna post a selfie & julianforseth
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Your favourite couples?
none of them?? I don't really pay attention to who's dating
Well u look like a fuckin girl
cool? I don't know what you want me to say
u are one disgusting human being
thanks sweetie
Are you a boy?
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