julian @jforseth
if you already know the answer then don't ask the question
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same as this
Why did you delete ask?
i didn't really want it anymore
What is your best feature?
What u mean is is there something that inspired you to want long hair and what would you want to do with it (hairstyles)
you'll see
Is there a particular reason why you want long hair? Like other then because you want long hair.
i like the way i look with long hair vs short hair?? idk how to answer this
Why is your picture Pikachu...
it's not that's me
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excited to be in grade 11?
lmao not really
If someone is talking bout u would u ignore it or go off on them  Anthony Pratt
depends who it is
How many people do you follow?
How do you surprise other people?
yell surprise at them
How do you relax at the end of the day?
stab myself in the heart it really calms me down
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How did you meet your best friend?
what did you do last night?
i hungout with ashlee then came home
Thoughts on transgender people?
i don't really have any they're the same as everyone else
What made you happy today?
the rain
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Do you ever get nudes?
you ask me this question like every 2 days why but no not usually
How do you celebrate when something great happens?
watch the shrek trilogy
not and 2/10  Trey Seward
this hurts me on levels you don't understand trey cookie
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Do you get bullied
yeah but it's whatever it doesn't really bother me
Are you wearing fish net stockings in that picture on Instagram where you are wearing a red flannel and doing a price sign?
Liking anyone?
not really
hair and personality ❤️❤️❤️
What makes life worth living?
dogs?? idk
haha ha