julian @jforseth
if you already know the answer then don't ask the question
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how many people do you follow
Your my best friend the only one no doubt...when im feeling lonely your allways there to put something in my mouth..... i apologize if i seem to go off topic, but can you pop lock and drop it while i eat my hot pocket.  T-Rawwwwww
ya u eat the hot pocket.. u go
Tbh: met you a couple times, seem nice,,,  Jarvis
meh sure but if you're gonna be a lil bitch about it then don't like it pls
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omg someone's awake talk with moi
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11  Kache Hawkes
i life you
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Tansor party tomorrow night (at that gravel pit where they always are) come when you feel, bring as many people as you can and spread the word, are you planning on going?
Do you not like Jayden?
no i like him I just know he didn't say it
Jayden callsen said ur cute
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jforseth hit me up B)
What color are your eyes?
Taylor hodding
I've never really talked to her but she seems nice
first kiss?
taescha shakespeare
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Wasn't a good picture you creepy lookin idiot
block me then like I really don't know what to tell you
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Js no body's gonna hook up with you with that hair
why are you worrying about this so much like it's literally hair I can cut it all of in 30 seconds if i wanted to it's not a fucking tattoo it's not permanent & idc if nobody wants to hook up with me it's high school and is the world on a shortage supply of penises???? NO so stop it i will find someone sooner or later
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Cut your hair you look like a fuckin idiot man. Gay or not . You're looking like a fuckin clown
that's sweet but it's literally just hair and it's my hair so i can grow it as long as i want 2
Did you end up getting nudes? Lol
no they're all liars
Owen harvey
I'm not like 100% sure I know who that is but if I'm thinking of the right person he's nice and really good at beat boxing
Connor bissett
i love him but not in like a friend/lovey kinda a way like a he's a doichebag and really funny kind of way
Aedyn duke
ive heard he's really fun and nice n stuff but ive never talked to him before
he is cool and nice
Braydon Nelson
nope im done talking about younger hockey boys
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:)  rachel wood
i miss when we were friends in grade 8 like that close but i feel like were good now too B) and she's really intimidating and scary
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I may not know who you are but I'm proud of you for being comfortable with who you are no matter how hard it is. I'm still trying to get to that point but I'm nowhere near ready. Props to you.
aww thanks so much it means a lot!! and that's sad to hear but you'll get there eventually :-)
Dawson posted what you said about him
that's cool and all and im not trying
to make this about me but this is a really good pic that i took earlier
Dawson posted what you said about him
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