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Goldy, when Jamey Hammond graduated from MCA in 2012, did his grandfather, Mac, read his name and did Jamey go over and shake his hand? If I remember these ceremonies, Mac reads the names, but we don't shake his hand.

Sorry I just saw this. And they changed it so it's only Mr Sullivan and Mr Ford on the stage.

A guy named Tony McMillan wishes to challenge all MCA players to a game of basketball. He was my friend from back in the day at MCA and he was very talented. I'm not sure why Sprinkel didn't give him playing time, but there is more than just talent required for that.

I'd love to do that, I know I could get some guys together if he is serious about wanting to play!

Godly, I would love to visit MCA and Tweet it, but it is not always easy to get there for me.

Ya that's understandable!

Goldy, I have yet to meet you in person.

We should meet up sometime to talk, I'd really enjoy that!

Goldy, I hope you still use this.

I check it probably once a day! I don't get much for questions anymore though.

Why are you so addicted to

Cus I like answering Andres questions haha

While at MCA, did Melvin get minutes on varsity?

No he was still developing. He's came a LONG way in the past year or so

Do any of your other teammates use this site?

I don't think so. I think it's kinda cool though that anyone can ask questions.

Could Heritage upset North? Could Southwest upset MCA?

Anything could happen, I mean playoffs someone gets hot n you never know. We are going to control what we can and do our best.

How many games do you have on your phone?

Maybe 5

Back in 2012, Heritage eliminated the Mustangs in the section semis. What was strange was that MCA was the higher seed, and yet it was played at Heritage. You were out with injury and it was an unexpected end to Jamey Hammond's high school career, too.

Ya this year it's good they changed it cus heritage is never good enough to be the 1 or 2 seed so it was always beneficial for them to get home court advantage being the low seed. it would be nice though to play it at a neutral site, making there no advantage for a semifinal game.

Would you say the state championship game was rigged a little or was Southwest Christian that good?

Southwest was good and you don't wanna take anything away from them, but down the stretch we beat ourselves.

Where is Jim Hammond today? Why did he resign?

I know he's been back around the church a lil bit, idk what occurred for him to leave.

It seems that recently, Jeff Wall has been going through his assistants like crazy. For the longest time, it was Dale Holmgren. Then John Szwaja was on. Then Seborn, David and Bryce. And now it's a new crew.

Ya. Unfortunately we got a new crew this year, I loved Bryce and David last year. You can definitely tell the difference. And Szwaja had to stop because he got moved to the AD and Yancy had to stop cus he got moved to dean of academics. Just don't feel challenged this year like I was last year, big part of that is having coaches with relatives on the team.

Do you know Melvin Newbern of Armstrong? His cousin is Chris Poellnitz, who used to play for Maranatha in the 2001-2002 season as an 8th grader. He was very talented but did not get along with the Hanson brothers (Matt and Daniel).

Yep Melvin went to Maranatha until his 8th grade year I believe. He's turning out to be a very good player!

I was proud to be a spectator during your rematch with NLA!

Hey you were able to make it out for it?! It was a great game!!

Have you had the chance to watch Minneapolis North? I predict they will meet you in the section championship.

Ya I have they have tremendous underclassmen and are solid all around n arguably the best coaches in the state with Makenzie and George Ellis.

Washburn comes into your house and returns the favor from last year in OT. How do you bounce back?

Man that was a close one. That's definitely a learn and move on type game. Ya we don't like losing but they were a great test for us, just focus one game at a time from here on out. Gotta remind ourselves to stay in the moment.

Is Demario Armstrong a transfer?

No he played on the jv team last year and is filling in perfectly for the team this year!

Do you miss Grantham Gillard? Did you know he was leaving? I hear he's lighting it up for Eden Prairie.

I miss him, ya. He's in a great situation over there so I'm really happy for him. There's never been a question he couldn't light it up, it's good to see him finding what seems to be a really good fit for him.

Does Maranatha host dances or proms yet?

Nope, doesn't look like it will ever happen either. It's "ungodly" to them.

Holy shit your girl can sing

I know right! She's amazing, utilizes her God given talents so well. I'm so proud of her!

How is basketball?

It's going good. 3-0 right now and we're taking good steps towards where we wanna be come February! Never can be satisfied

are you dating monica

Not technically, but basically. Hopefully soon though.

like top 5 prettiest girls



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