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Older or younger guys?

older but nothings wrong with younger

do you have a crush on anyone right now

i dont know😁

Likers get tbh + rate


bra size?

confidential information

do you have kik?


do you have dimples???

i sometimes have one💁

post your school pic..like on your id card

Hot juniors?

theres alott..names?

Would you make love is the trunk of a car?

did you mean in

Hottest guys at capo

there are many hot guys at capo

r u gay

no i love boys

who's your best friend?

i have a whole group of "best friends"



Ur really pretty

thank you very much

Who tf are you ?

guess you cant read

Where r u most ticklish

stop asking about me being ticklish

Why aren't you going to winter formal?

i dont know..guess i just dont feel like it

Do you like being tickled


So your feet legs tummy and armpits are ticklish


Haha Where?

like everywhere

U ticklish?


last person you kissed

none of your buisness

Not really but I'm curious to know


Hey, you are amazing person! <3 greetings from Finland!


Are you going to winter formal?

i dont think so


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