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Where are you ticklish
does it matter
Should you ever get back with someone who left you for another person before?
depends i guess..but if they left you then they probably arent worth it
what do you consider cheating?
kissing someone else and anything beyond that
Can u ask taylor to bring back ask fm for atleast a day plz
Be honest how big was the last dick u saw in real life
duh fuck
Are you ticklish
Are u bitch ?
If a koala gave you gonorea what would you do?
Where have you been?
wow i didnt know people still used ask
What are your plans for summer? How's your friend Taylor B doing?
nothing super special planned so far and shes doing good :)
Are you going to prom?
im a freshman soo
Piff=hot  Casanova
I'm piff ain't I  Casanova
First 2 liker gets 15 likes the rest gets 3 likes
hey go to melissa rn ill be next door at connor millers house like togiht at 6  James Assali
tatums house
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do I have to have to leave a name and ask us something
Do you trust your government?
hell no
Truth is we muthafucking bestfriends <3  AlanGamez
besties for life
10❤️  Noah Vilte
❤️thanks babe❤️
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Are you and Taylor Bell still friends? Why was she always getting hate?
of course and because shes too fabulous
Can i suck your toes?
im gonna have to say no
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Favorite people in each of ur classes?
1st jenna
2nd alot of people
3rd parand
4th amber
5th alot
6th cydney
Your so pretty please don't change
thank you :)