do you have a mental illness

Ya welp

People have said that so many times tho

How did you get your job exercising racehorses? It seems like a great job.

My moms old friend from high school works there for a trainer and asked about getting me a job so they trained me please help with his treatment

Sorry I can't afford to atm. Maybe try doing a fundraiser or something where people can buy something to receive but that still helps you out for treatment. Also, I strongly suggest looking into insurance for the future

What state do you live in? How do you know if a horses nice confirmation?

I'm Canadian so don't live in a state. I live in BC. There's so many aspects to conformation that your best bet is looking at photos of good examples of Confo for your discipline of choice as well as conformation faults

how do you get your horses tail so thick? do you feed any supplements?

Milo naturally has thicker hair but all I do is I don't really brush it ever unless it's with a body brush and then sometimes put stuff in it but other than that it's mostly natural. Recently he's been put on flax and biotin as well

Are you good in dancing?

Baby's first oxer

What is the traditional meal in your country?

When your horse decides to take the x-long spot to an 18" cavalletti

Do you have any tips for not letting a bad ride get you down. Sometimes i feel like i'm taking steps backwards and it makes me really upset for awhile especially when other people my age r so far ahead of me.

Stop comparing yourself to other people and focus on your own accomplishments no matter how small. What other people are doing is entirely irrelevant to your own progress.

Ah, lucky, I wanted to be a jockey, but kept going with eventing.. Even tho I miss to ride thoroughbreds and all about the galopp 😊 Sandra Håkonsen

Yeah I think it would be a fun job but eventing is equally as fun

Are you a jockey or something? 😍😱 Sandra Håkonsen

I'm an exercise rider so I just gallop the horses for conditioning 😊

What's the most delicious fruit?

Take your pants out for a walk! PAP

What in the ever loving fuck,

What is your favorite saddle pad and half pad?

I like the eco gold pads

Who's the foal? He/she is so cute😍

He's one of the thoroughbred babies at my work 😊

What age are you scared of?

The best

What do you consider A rider advanced Do you think it's when they are learning to canter or when they're already jumping

I definitely wouldn't consider a rider who's learning to canter advanced. I think advanced would be someone who is experienced enough to do a fair amount of training aspects on their own and able to handle a variety of different types of horses/ deal with certain difficult behaviours just as a general rule because u don't need to jump to be an advanced rider

What do you put on your pizza?

Also he's 4 🙄

why do you ride your 3yr old horse without a helmet???

Because I was in a photo shoot and I'm also an adult and can do what I want 😌

Good job Shelby - I would be sitting there on social media for ages lmao 😂😂💁🏼

I've been procrastinating for like 3 weeks so I figured it was time hahah


I actually think I finished it I just need my mom to proof read t 😎

What associations do you have with the word "circus"?

I'm hilar

Doing honesty night, ask me anything. Super bored will do question spam Shelby Dennis

Will also do unpopular opinions and other stuff pls help me procrastinate on my project

Horses or boyfriends?

Both because you can love your horses and still have human relationships. The notion that there has to be a choice is really unhealthy thinking.

Which song reminds you of your childhood?

No hands = no problem on the best baby ever