Are Ultimate Hoof Picks Nice?

Never used one

A lot of barrel racers just kick and smack the hell out of the horses they be "riding".

Yeah just like all hunter jumpers pole their horses and beat them with whips.

Opinion on western riders/riding? Honestly they just sit there 😂

I mean, they're just like the English riders where we all just sit there and don't do anything. Riding is easy, the horses do everything.

I've been feeling really unmotivated to ride. Its because all of the people at my barn are buying horses and aren't even good riders. I can't get a horse because I can't afford it. Its bothering me a lot. Advice on getting motivated?

You don't need to be a horse owner to be a good rider and excel in riding. The funds will come, keep on riding and improving so that when you eventually can get a horse, you've gained the most experience riding different horses while you can!

I am getting ready to buy a horse that is going to be 6–10 years old. I'm thinking of getting a thoroughbred or a quarter horse or a draft cross. How often do you think I should ride it? Also for how long should I ride? It is going to be on pasture board 24/7. I do English and jump.

It depends on the fitness of the horse with regard to length so if they're unfit then you'd start with shorter work outs and slowly increase them. Generally, most people ride for around half an hour to 45 minutes and it varies depending on the intensity of the work out. Regarding how often, you'll want to do at least 3x a week to upkeep fitness and then consider doing 4-5 if you're looking to get them very fit for shows

I hope I can be like you when I'm older. You're so nice to everyone, and you have such a heart for horses and turn ones that had a bad start into something great and you're still humble, I look up to you so much

Thank you so much! This is so sweet, I hope you achieve whatever you want as you get older!

I just wanna cry/am crying but i don't know why. Is there something wrong with me? Is this normal?

Probably experiencing depression may it be situational or actually a depressive disorder. If those feelings worsen or last for extended periods of time it may be worth talking to a professional. But sometimes stuff like the weather, empty stomachs, etc make us feel a little off

My internet best friend is hang out/having a sleepover with her real life friends all the time. I get so fucking jealous. Is this normal ?

I mean, I get why but don't act on that jealousy and potentially ruin your friendship because it's not fair to expect her to stay home when you guys can't even hang out since you live in different areas (I'm assuming). Just make an effort to make more connections with people living locally tonyou

Why did you like him? :)

Just not my type of horse and wasn't consistent or safe enough for my mom to really enjoy riding so I never dedicated the time he deserved for training.

Why did you sell rabbit??

Wanted to buy a car and I didn't like him enough to justify keeping him

What is the most important thing to know?

any cheaper show breeches you know of?

Depends on what you consider cheap but I love the elation platinum breeches, if you can get them on a 50% off day they're easily the best you can get for the price. Otherwise, tuffrider will last and I've heard good things about devonaire breeches

How do you find motivation?

Lots of sitting around in a cloud of depression then realizing that if I don't go to work, I won't have horses or if I don't do school work that I basically gave away thousands of dollars for nothing. Don't recommend me as someone to emulate haha

Do you think that we over complicate things with horses?

Yes, definitely. All they need is space, shelter, ample food and company from other horses to realistically be happy. Things like people choosing not to blanket through the winter, not showing, not clipping, etc isn't abusive but leaving out the basics like the space they need is. People are extremely petty and tend to nitpick the things horses don't truly care about and ignore the things they do

full body/bikini (body confidence) pic? you are all beautiful. share your confidence!

My favourite thing is I could literally beat up anyone who would try to body shame me

What song brings back memories from your childhood?

The best racehorse ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Do you think 45-50+ degrees is too hot for a horse to be outside?

If they have a shaded 4 sided area and have been acclimatized, I don't think so because unless your barn is air conditioned it'd be very much the same as them standing outside.

Turn out is common sense, just like being in a stall; they need access to shelter. The only difference is that they have a means to leave and release anxiety or boredom when it becomes too much. If you just chucked a horse out in an open field with no shelter that'd be stupid regardless of the weather. If you don't slowly acclimate a horse to a new climate, that'd be stupid.

If you're riding and working a horse in that weather or they're expected to live in it; then they can go out so long as they have ample shade and water. It'd be abusive and neglectful if they didn't. OR in contrast you could do night turnout and then avoid that all together. There's still really no excuse to purchase a farm animal if you can't provide turnout but yes horses absolutely do live out in that weather

do you think there's a certain temperature that is just too cold for long periods of turnout, no matter how warm their blankets are?

I mean, horses acclimate themselves really well and can live in all conditions. It's literally what they're made for. I have friends with horses who live out all winter, with no blankets in like -40 Celsius weather and are all fat and happy. I think it's mostly the owners saying their horses can't. Plus, unless your barn is heated it isn't going to be much better than a 4 sided shelter which your horse would use if the weather got too cold or it didn't want to stand outside

in some places horses can't be turned out 24/7 unless you want them to melt

I didn't realize that not getting any turn out was the same thing as not getting 24/7 turnout. Also PS; if they have adequate shelter they ain't going to melt lol

What makes you feel really uncomfortable?

Horses not getting turnout

To the person with the OTTB, with my OTTB, we lunge him before we ride to let him get his energy out and calm him down. It really helps him do better.

Mallory James

For shows I think this is great but for general day to day riding it often just ups their fitness and makes them need to be lunged more before rides so for at home I wouldn't suggest something like that to be relied upon since it isn't s concrete fix

To a certain extent, I agree but I think if you keep it 3' and under at 5 then suddenly jump to any height at 6, then you're going to end up with injury because they haven't properly worked up to it or built muscle for it.

Plus with 2y/os, if you want to start them at 3 you'll probably want to be saddling them and what not at 2.

I'm taking my OTTB put to his first show in 3 weeks and I'm kind of worried. It's an encouraging show with only 20 horses. How should I handle his silly green horse behaviour?

Just get there early and be patient. A lot of OTTBs associate the show environment with racing and will get hot or nervous. So don't get mad at him and just ride through it and encourage him. Stay calm and relaxed

Should a 5yo be doing eventing? Why or why not?

I think it's fine depending on what level. If it's super high then I'd be put off by it because you want a horse to be relatively steady and reliable over fences before asking them to go over solid jumps and a 5y/o wouldn't really have that over super high fences unless you overtax them at 4

Do you answer your tumblr questions?

Yeah I just don't answer all