Honesty hour?

Sure, I'll do any questions or opinions but don't wanna do a lot of opinions on people from ask

I'm so so so nervous for the first day of school and I don't know how to relax and tell myself it will all be okay. any tips?

Just focus on making the most of your last day of summer and then organize everything you need for the first day of school, meet up with a friend before to go with if that makes you feel better and just try to be positive

I just really wanna do well at this show to make my trainer proud of me, but I know there are a lot of good riders that i will be competing against and good horses and it always ends up being my horse that is nervous and then he makes me nervous so then we don't perform as well as at home

Don't worry about it, you don't need good placings to make a trainer proud. So long as you ride to the best of your ability through whatever situations do or don't arise, I'm sure your trainer will be proud. All your trainer will want to see is that you're learning and adjusting your riding as you see fit to deal with the different atmosphere of the show.

My horse usually wears earplugs at shows because he doesn't like the announcer talking and sometimes i feel like when he's nervous i want to talk to him but then i realize he can't hear me.

They can still hear muffled sounds so if you talk loud enough, he can hear you but you could also scratch his neck and what not just to let him know you're there and everything is okay

how to get the correct lead in-between the jumps and correct amount of strides

Opening rein to get the lead you want and put the leg on to cut whatever lead and then either hold or push forward depending on how the strides work. If it's a long 5, you'd want to drive to open your horse's stride to hit it, if it's short, you'd want to hold to make it and if it's true to your horse's regular stride length you just want to hold their working canter in between fences

i have a big show coming up and its indoor which my horse is kinda spooky about and I really wanna do good in this show but he likes to act up at new places and I'm really scared we aren't going to do well :(

Treat it as a learning experience regardless, there's no way to get him calmer about showing and more consistent without bringing him to shows. Give yourself extra time for warm up so you never feel rushed or stressed (if you do you could channel that negative energy into him and exacerbate the situation) and ride calmly and quietly in the warm up, take time to walk him around the show grounds and show him everything especially stuff you think he'd be scared of and if there's a warm up day use that wisely to show him EVERYTHING in the show arenas

Did u get a chance to film a tack collection yet?

No not yet, hoping to do it today or tomorrow

will Milo be put with another horse in the field now that Rabbit is gone?

Yeah he's out with two older geldings until the end of September

PAP the most awesome wedding cake ever!

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How old is milo

He's 4

Would u get another horse for yourself any time soon?

We might be getting one off the track for free but nothing is certain yet

I have anxiety and this year i have two teachers who are the kind that make you do stuff u just learned in front of the class without telling u the day before or anything. Ik they do it to make sure u pay attention but i dont learn well this way because the whole class im sitting there anxious.Tips?

Go meet with your teacher on your own and explain to them that you have an anxiety disorder and it makes doing stuff in front of the class especially without rehearsal makes you extremely nervous and it isn't imperative to your learning at all, most teachers should be understanding and if they still aren't you could have your parents talk to them

Have u ever leased or have u always owned a horse?

Yeah I've leased

Should I look forward to high school ?

Yeah it's an opportunity to try lots of new classes and join clubs or sports teams without having to pay along with the opportunity to either meet people you'll either know as friends the rest of your life or meet people who will prepare you for challenges and set you up for success when you meet people who actually matter. Either way it's academically something to look forward to even if the social aspect isn't as good

I moved last year, and had to switch highschools. I was super excited but it turned out to be really awful i didnt click with anyone even tho i tried hardand havnt really hungout with anyone outside of school. I start school monday and im so nervous i dont want to go back to feeling sad al the time

Try to make this year a fresh start and be open to talk to absolutely anyone. A lot of people focus far too much on popularity in high school and it often results in fake, shallow friendships that may look great to those on the outside but are often full of bitter cattiness and pretending to be someone you're not. So, talk to the quieter kids, make an effort to surround yourself with the genuine, good people who are not focused on being the most popular or appearing to have the most friends. Quality over quantity is always the way to go. It will be okay! Join some clubs, do some sports or other after school activities, those are great ways to meet people!

Milo tries so hard on those bb jumps he can literally step over them, you're so lucky to have a horse that has such an amazing mind! mariam

Yeah he is very very dramatic, wants to make sure he will never touch anything and the odd time he does, he kicks out at the jump after like it's the jump's fault

Op on this horse for a first time owner http://www.kijiji.ca/v-equestrian-livestock-accessories/calgary/2006-pinto-oldenburg-geldingfred-is-a-10-year-old-pinto-gelding/1183509057?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

Mmm, probably not. Sounds like he has some nervousness issues and will require a fair amount of work to get him settled especially if you want to show

What height do you think Milo will max out at? mariam

I think he'll be able to do the 3'6"s fairly easily but beyond that I'm not really sure, he's so far off finding out what his real potential is just cause I don't wanna jump him anywhere near that high for a while but I think he'll be an easy 3'6" horse and could probably go beyond that but I really don't know much because we haven't done enough for me to be certain

I've heard that Baucher bits are good for horses for with sensitive mouths. Is this true and can this type of bit be used in hunters (in Canada)?

I don't think bauchers are accepted for hunters but if your horse is really soft mouthed and you wanna show hunters, I'd just get a happy mouth french link D or a happy mouth mullen mouth D

Is it easy to get a milo into a frame

He's still a baby so isn't super consistent so getting him to relax consistently into a frame can be hard especially if there's a lot going on because he's easily distracted but he is very soft mouthed and light on the bridle so it's not really hard it's just getting him to be consistent that can be challenging

Do you do weekly lessons?

Not really no

Why isn't Milo more supple to the left?

We did a lot of work to the right for a while to build up his stifle so now he's a little right sided and just needs to relax/bend more to the left

What time is it where you live?


Has Milo gone lame on you or not yet?

He's had a locking stifle which wasn't lameness really but because he didn't have the muscle tone he should've had as a baby due to being starved. Other than that he's just had minor nicks/cuts. I don't think he's even had an abscess before? Only times he's ever been off are from him getting kicked or something cause he likes to bite horse bums

Are you going to take Milo to any dressage tests in the future ?

Yeah, I'm hoping to do one in September or October actually. Just want to get him more supple/consistent to the left but I'll see how he is after the 3rd Derby series in Sept and I think there's a dressage schooling show the next week so we might do that and then maybe the Windsum winter series.