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Ok yeah that is true thank you! Plus I will be able to drive in 1 year so then I know that will make my parents a lot happier and it will save a lot of money and they have a indoor 😝 thank you!!

No problem! Good luck 😊

Full seat or knee patch breeches?

Knee patch

pap of you jumping 4'3 or the highest you have

highest you have jumped?


Have jumps. Also I don't know how nice of a facility is. I have never been there. And the first boarding facility I was talking about is only 15 minutes away. I am looking about getting into eventing. And I do not have a ton of money to spend. I am just very confused and don't know what to do.

I would go look at the other barn to see what it is like before deciding and talk to your parents because working 2hrs a week only to pay off board and having an indoor is a really good deal worth considering

And then I found another one that I can either work at for one hour Saturdays and Sundays for free board. The only problem is it is 35 minutes away. I don't know if my parents will have time to take me there I will have to talk to them. They have an indoor and an outdoor although I don't know if...


Hi so this is probably going to be 4 to 5 parts.I will be getting my own horse.I am looking for a boarding facility.I have found one that is $325 a month and it has anoutdoor ring with jumps and trails and they would do all the feeding and blanketing I am doing a pasture board this is family-owened


2)And he will be on pasture board so he will be able to eat grass and hay all day. I'm just wondering about how much to feed him and if you have any brands that you would recommend?

It entirely depends on the individual horse and their needs.

1)Hi I am confused on how to know how much to see your horse. I am thinking about getting a thoroughbred around 5-7years old. I'm looking to be riding 3 to 5 times a week. I'm looking about getting into eventing. I'm wondering if you have any idea how much hay and grain I should give him?


My horse has been not bending at all in her neck. Even around corners it's more like we do a square turn that actually going into them cause she doesn't bend much. What are some exercises I can do with her to bend her around my leg more? She's still green and young and I do have a coach btw :)

Working on circles/figure 8s, serpentines, spiral circles, poles on a circle. Working on the quarter line. Working on smaller circles, frequently changing direction. Carrot stretches when you're on the ground.

Milo is goals! I wish one day I can train horses and be as knowledgeable as you are! πŸ’œπŸ’™

Aw thank you so much!

Do you believe in the superstition that it's bad luck to change a horses name?

No, I think that's stupid. If the same lameness or bad luck happens to horses who've had the same name since birth, people just wouldn't associate it with the superstition and would ignore it. Plus, I think having a horse with a really shitty name that you hate would be worse luck haha.

Are gaited horses born gaited or are they taught how to be gaited by riders?

They're born gaited it's like something different in their DNA but they can be trained out of the gait in a lot of cases or trained to refine the gait but gaited horses do gait naturally and if you have an ungaited horse you can't just train it to gait

On a scale of 1-10 how spooky is Milo? 1-bombproof and 10- spooking at his own shadow

Probably like a 3 given he's been worked consistently

Cont. I feel like I should leave the barn. I'm just getting a bad vibe. It's making me not want to go riding anymore. People are obviously going to be like that all the times, but I feel like this barn and I don't fit. Any advice?

I would mention something to your trainer or barn owner even if you move anyways just so they know and can deal with it. Barn drama isn't something you should accept or expect in the horse world even if it's common, it makes the people perpetuating it less accountable. If you're not happy, then move. Riding is supposed to be fun.

In my most recent lesson, I fell off. After, the other two girls in my lesson were talking in the tack room and just stopped when I walked in (sensing some barn drama). They were being rude to my face about it too. Not to mention they change the lesson board (who people are riding for lessons) cont.


I have a horse show at my barn today. I'm doing the ground pole course and the hunter hack. I'm kind of new at riding, and I was wondering how to check if you are on the right lead, and hwo to prevent running over ground poles ? Also for the hunter hack, are you allowed to circle or cut other riders

If you're on the correct lead, you can generally feel it but if you can't, look down and the inside front leg should be the leading leg if you're on the correct lead. You could also sit a friend or someone on the rail and have them nod or shake their head when you look over to tell you. Hunter hack if you need room, cut across the arena or circle to find space. Don't cut anyone off

idk what to wear!!! not sure if i should wear beeches or jeans/leggings.. is it supposed to be cold?

I think it's supposed to be rainy and like 10 degrees so not terrible. I would just wear whatever you'd usually wear when going shopping or something and then just bring a jacket like you would for the barn

what are you wearing to the mane event?

Jeans, leggings or breeches and whatever shirt I can find easily in the morning haha

Which superstition do you believe to be true?

Karma is a real thing so don't be a bitch or karma will be a bigger one

What does your insta name stand for?

S.D as in my initials (Shelby Dennis) and the genus for horse/horse like creates (zebras, donkeys, etc)

how has your day been? what do you plan on doing this coming week?

Kathleen rimmer

Busy! I'm doing school work, working and then hopefully doing something fun next weekend for Halloween

How do you make money off of YT? I make videos too but idk how you go about getting paid for them and how you can make money

You have to apply for a Google Adsense account and then link it to your YouTube

op on draw reins

I feel like the large majority of the time they're misused. They don't teach proper carriage, that is a huge misconception and probably a large part of the reason they're so misused. Proper carriage comes from the hind end, not from the front. I think the only time they may even be remotely useful is if the horse has learned how to drive well from the hind end and lift their back and just need extra help with consistency of their headset but with that said, the majority of people who know how to train proper carriage and can start to achieve that will never need them because once they get to that point the horse's head set usually resolves itself on its own.

Oh my gosh I love curious George πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ I was addicted to it when I was younger

Teddy the Thoroughbred

It's one of the better shows they can pick to watch hahah I hate watching Dora the Explorer so I'm glad they suggested curious George πŸ˜‚