dream horse?

Pretty much Milo but a little taller and black with a blue eye and more Chrome.

Doing honesty night, spam my ask! Shelby Dennis

Answering anything, controversial or otherwise. I'm too sore to move or do anything so Suuuuper bored

What was the last big mistake you made?

Not getting in better shape because work is killing me now

I thought rabbit had a home? If you don't mind me asking, what happened? she seemed really happy with him

Not what they're looking for as they're looking to event.

Hi what breed is your horse and age and size? Also what is its name and where did you get it? I mean is it a rescue?

He's a TBXWB who's 4 years old and 16 hands. I got him from the SPCA and his name is Milo

in Europe they start them really early because they do the 4 year old classes and that's aroun 90/1m MSS

Yeah we have the baby classes here too, I think they should be smaller

I'm 13 and just tested positive on a pregnancy test..help? Advice?

Talk to your parents to figure out options/what you want to do and then next time be more cautious or don't have sex

Hey what's your YouTube?

He's also not a very big horse. He's expected to mature to 15.3 and he's already 15.2. Obviously I know not everything is fused, but this does make a difference.

My point still stands

I was thinking of doing raised poles and maybe tiny cross poles or small 18" verticals and then 2 months completely off, then slowly get back into work over the winter and then in March jump around 2 ft when he turns 4 and then continue jumping throughout his fourth year. obvs revise with my trainer

Since he's so newly turned 3 I would honestly wait cause he's not even 3 and a half yet

When I said my horse was easy going I mean he's really straight forward. He was pretty much born trained. Full lead changes off the bat, super straight, lifts his back, lengthen and shorten his stride. He only has 40 rides on him that are maybe 15-20 minutes at the most.

Ah I see, still wouldn't recommend jumping him as there are lots more ways to put miles on a horse

All the horses named after states are three years old, and there's a lot of videos of Wisconsin in particular jumping, sometimes up to 2'9.


Sorry I was @ anon cause they said odf only takes the horses over a jump once and then they go back out to field. Alex Jayne posts all the videos.


They've posted many videos of several three year olds going over fences anon 😂😂


Actually our day farm doesn't do that. They break them at 3 and they just guide them over a jump once to get their first reaction out. They then leave them in the fields for the rest of the year... They start actually consistently working with their horses at 4


Our day farm jumps their 3 year olds quite high already and they're professionals

In all honesty the top level barns for a lot of disciplines are probably the worst when it comes to short cuts, abuse and not looking out for the horse because it makes them money. "The professionals do it!" Means absolutely nothing when there is a fair amount of research stating that hard work too young isn't good for the longevity of the horse. If you're bringing a horse along to sell before they're older, then short cuts and pushing too hard too fast isn't something you have to deal with. Hence why a lot of sale and show barns do not care.

He is basically the most easy going 3 y/o in the world. He also matured quite quickly and his knees are closed

Knees being closed is pretty irrelevant and even if they're calm idk why you'd rush that because they are still maturing pretty much everywhere else. He may look physically mature but is still maturing at the same rate as all other horses. The notion that some horses skeletally mature way faster than others is a fallacy. Just do trot poles and raised poles and get him going well over those so he's super ready to go start small jumps when he's 4.

Op on jumping a 3 y/o?

What's the point? I guess it depends on what you consider "jumping" tho. Assuming they got started at 3, they really shouldn't be at the point where they're ready to start jumping

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Dooo it

have you ever sent nudes?


How old are you? Do you have a BF? Do you have a YouTube?

I'm 20, yes and yes

What would you do if someone asked for nudes (sorry if this is inappropriate I just need advice)

I would say no? And considering you're actually asking this, I m going to guess you're under 18 and if that's the case it's classified as child porn and you as well as the person you send them to can get charged 🎉

Would you ever meet up with a stranger just for sex or is it too dangerous ?

No because that'd be dangerous and no because why would I want a stranger touching me

Have you ever had a 1 night stand?


Hi Do you have any tips for working with young/green/hot horses? Also any tips for training?

Be patient and ride calmly. If you get excited or nervous it'll make the horse more excited or nervous. Keep their mind busy by changing up what you're doing frequently and they'll be less likely to act out or have time to look at things to spook at. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, take a break! The last thing a green or reactive horse needs is a rider who's acting out of anger.


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