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Justin Bieber @justinbieber
Justin Bieber @justinbieber
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SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE are always there for me and I will always be there for you. MUCH LOVE. thanks Download Shots
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lol I love all of your suggestions but this one is my favorite, I will name my second account ‎@SirBizzleTheJoker :)
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New account!!!!!
Idk what name to use, please help me?
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Hello everyone!  Justin Bieber
I have over 320 000 questions on this account and I can never answer them all so I'm thinking of creating a new account, what do you guys think?
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Is ‎@youtubekidd your other
no it's not
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justin why ur not answering any questions i u ok im worried about u  hala
I'm fine babe I just don't have time to come here anymore sorry
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Very much I want to meet you:( You are my dream.♥ I want to cry.. This is just unbearable, to me it is sad. Sorry, I simply badly know English.( Simply I want to tell I love you❤  Эллада Мамедова
i love you too and I also want to meet you
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I love youuuuuuu so much<3 please notice me:( :'(
i love you more
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Happy Birthday Baby
thanks babe
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Happy birthday! ♡  Iitu✋
thank you
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Happy Birthday ♥ Te amo :)  Mariana xd
te amo thank you
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Happy Birthday Justin :))) !!!  вεlïεвεɾ ƒøɾ lïṿε ✌
thank youu
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Happy Brithday3  Diαиєlα Mєyєr
thank you
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Happy birthday Justin <3  Sumy
thank you
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Happy Birthday Kidrauhl... TE AMO..!  Minni.-♥
te amooo and thank you
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Happy birthday I hope it's the best.  Tara marie
i hope so too and thank you
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Hi justin Happy birthday Wow , 20 years old Congrats :) Have a good day :) I love you <3  Lauréline#London
thank you and I'll make the best of it :)
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Happy Birthday!! 20 years Wow! :'(  Jimena G.O
yeah I'm getting old :p
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Justin. Happy Birthday <3 I love you.  Upikᐃ
ily2 and thank you
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Happy birthday baby :* ilysm
ily2 and thank you :)
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Happy Birthday Justin :')  klaudia
thank you :)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY!!!!  Alexis Marie Pendleton❤️
thank you :)
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happy birthday dude #turnup  Tiffany Wilkinson
thank you :)
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Happy Birthday JB  ρЯíи¢ėšš Døℓℓ
thank you :)
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What do u think of Ariana Grande? :)
Great singer, I'm happy Scooter manages her
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What do you think about demi lovato?  Şevval ▲
Very talented, she has an incredible voice and she's hot too ;)
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