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How are you able to handle all the responsibilities and expectations from other people? Didn't it intimidate you?
Oh yeah, I felt the weight of everything... Well, I made sure I wasn't out to please anyone. That I did what I did because I really wanted it. Deba nga, don't be something you're not? From there, I took it one day at a time. Dahan-dahan lang talaga dapat. :)
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Fire is my favorite song from your EP :) Would it be alright if I cover an acapella version of it? :D
That's awesome! I don't have a favorite song from my EP, but "Fire" is definitely a special one. :) An acapella version? Of course! It'd be my honor. Make it yours! :)
Who are you giving your Blue Rose to?
I don't know. I think I'll just trade it for a beer. :))
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What are your thoughts on leaving the undergrads you've connected with in your college stay (like amp, guidon, comtech community etc.)
I'm going to miss everyone so much. That's it, really.
How did you write "In My Head"? Big fan!
Yay! Thank you so much. I'm very glad you like it.
The G-F#/D chord progression/plucking pattern had been in my mind for a while; but the first line of the first verse came first. After that, the chorus lyrics and the melody came almost simultaneously. I was going through something that time so I drew inspiration from that particular experience. :)
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Ano yung naging pagkukulang ng Ateneo education mo at paano kaya iyon aayusin?
Magandang tanong! Sa totoo lang, hindi ko pa talagang napag-isipan yan. Ngunit, masgusto ko atang sagutan yan harap-harapan. Mahirap na kapag online eh--twitter pa. :))
Pardon me for the heavy question, but what would you do if you love someone but are worried that what they feel for you is fading?
No worries! I prefer answering these over the ridiculous and hilariously awkward ones. :))
Be proactive--talk to the person about it. Be honest. Thinking will get you nowhere. :) Good luck!
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"funemployment." HAHA, i like that one.
It's a more gentle, self-affirming term as opposed to "jobless", I guess. :))
Who is your role model?
My dad.
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What inspired you to write "Crawling"?
"Crawling" is the first song I wrote for my solo project. It was a nice experiment because it was the first time I wrote anything that catchy and "pop" because I was all rock rock rock music in high school. The chords just came out of the blue and the chorus, "I can't fall any faster than I already have," was the first lines ever written for "Crawling". I didn't know what I was talking about until I decided it would be a "I have a super big crush on you" kind of song so I wrote around that using experiences on with my own crushes. :)
What inspired you to write "Keep Me"?
It's quite a story, actually. I was 17 and it was the greatest heartbreak story I experienced. But I was only able to write "Keep Me" two years later. It took me that long to figure out what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it.
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"Keep Me" is beautiful <3 so lucky to be your org mate even if we don't exactly talk at all. Idol. :)
Wow, thank you so much. :) we should change that part about not talking much!
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Do you know who you're giving your blue rose to? :)
No, but there's a big chance I'll trade it in for a beer.
how do you stop caring about someone you once loved and gave a huge part of your life to?
:( I'm sorry you're going through this. I don't know exactly what you're going through or feeling, but I can say at the very least it's not easy at all..
You don't stop caring about them. You can't not care about any person you "once loved..." because they will always mean something to you. And it's not wrong to always care about them. It's wrong if it makes you hope against hope. That you're hurting yourself and making it even harder for yourself.
Moving on, however, helps us live with it (which I think is what you mean). I honestly don't know how to go about it... We all have our different ways. But since you asked me, I'll say that you should start by (1) accepting their decision (not to love you back, not to love you anymore or whatnot). Once you come to terms with that then you give yourself away to the very slowly and difficult process. (2) It's hard to move on.. That's something you should know. It takes as long as our hearts need. But you can take it one day at a time, really want and choose to be happy and believe that you will find yourself in the arms of better days.
(3) Face the feelings that are there. Don't run away from it. Being strong means letting yourself feel it all. Surrender yourself to your vulnerability, but don't brood. Cry it out!! Don't hold back those tears. They have quite a healing power.
(4) Pamper yourself and keep busy. :) There's a lot of work, food, beer, TV shows, movies, books and other activities to focus on. Hehe
(5) Be easy on yourself and try your best to stay as positive as you can. Surround yourself with family, friends and people who will care for you and help you get through and love yourself. It's your trial, but you're not meant to go through it alone.
(6) Remember that love enriches no matter the outcome. Whether or not you got hurt, you have to know that this love made you better and learn. Don't ever regret loving another person. If ever, regret not ever loving or taking that risk. You're strong. You chose to love that person--you're more than capable of picking up yourself and coming back stronger. Believe it!
Lastly, pray. He'll hear you. :)
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do u own pablo's?
Nope, my brother co-owns it and is part of the management team with the Villonco and Mabanta siblings. Many others invested in it, too. :) I'm just a patron! Haha
What is your favorite online shopping site?
Guitar Center!!!!
I can treat ya if you serenade me lol the perfect x-deal
Aha. Negotiating, eh? We'll see! Haha
Di ako yung previous question! HAHAHA! But I'm touched na ako naisip mo. I was just thinking about posting something similar. haha! Pero tara, labas tayo any time, we have so much catching up to do!
Dang it... Hahah I've been quite a bad friend lately. Didn't get to really spend time with other friends during the break because I was busy working the EP (still am now) and juggling it with other things.. Yeah, dude. Text me lang when you're on break! Wag tayo maghintay bago maggraduate na tayo. :))
Hey buddy, miss chilling with you bro, and we still haven't gotten that beer! Just wanted to wish you luck on the UPCAT!
Leandro?? :D What's your schedule like, dude? Pakita! Pablo's tayo minsan or kahit Cannan lang. Thanks, bro! I really need it!
Sobrang guwapo mo sa grad pic!!! D: D: D: (Been wanting to PM this to you like as a friendly comment pero di ko kaya kasi baka ma-awkward ka. :)) )
Oh wow, thank you!! I don't know what to say... These things alway disarm me and reduce me to a red-faced smile. Credits to the magic of photoshop, hair gel, a bit of makeup and Tino Ley photography. :))
You sound like you could use some tapsilog from rodic's
Oh man.. That sounds really good. :3 Hahaha your treat?
Why would people talk bad about you though??
Well, I've quite a strong personality, which really put off many people in high school because I'm such a "go hard, play hard" kind of person. I've been working on it though. :)
Have you seen your name and its entries in the Blue Rose document already?
Oh wow, yeah, I have... Wild. I'm really flattered, but also quite creeped out. :))
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I've been wanting to meet you.. I'm really shy though. You seem like a cool guy to hang out with.
Aww hullo! Don't be shy. I'm shy, too, actually. I stutter a lot and I have a hard time remembering names in the first meeting. Just go for it! :)
What is the best compliment you have ever received?
That I'm someone who can really understand and listen to what others are really trying to express. I really care about the people in my life. :)