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Had a fun time getting to know you a bit? Ahahaha XD thank you for answering my questions kahit obvious na galing lang sa isang tao lahat :) Good Night, Mateo :) may God Bless you always and you're family :3
Cheers, kaibigan! :D
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Better play it at summer hahaha :) para walang distraction hahaha
I'll see! hehe
Favorite food?
Steak, pizza and burgers!!
Do you have a crush? If you do, who is your man crush and your girl crush.
Man crush? Haha I dunno, I guess James Franco would be it. Girl crush? Madami eh.. haha Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Kate Beckinsale, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone. No particular order.
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Play Assassins Creed series the best!
I'm so scared I'll never stop playing that if I get started. :))
Try to read Devine Comedy by Dante Alighieri :3
Yupyup, read that! Classic stuff. :)
Are you a gamer? What games do you play?
Not so much! But I'm more of a PC gamer. I was recently addicted to Skyrim. :))
Who's your favorite character on Games Of Thrones? BIG FAN HERE PO AHAHAHA :))
Jon Snow. :)
Any book suggestion?
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera or the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. It kicks the butt of the HBO TV Series.
I've listen to your song Fire and suddenly I want to make a music video out of it hahaha :) love you're soooongssss
"Fire" really seems to be an anthem! So happy to hear you like it. :) Thank you so much. Hope you also like the other songs.
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Any other instruments you play?
Mostly guitar, but I when I make demos here at home I track the bass, keys and midi instruments. The drums was my first instrument; I was 8. I used to play the saxophone when I was 10.
Fan of football if yes which team?
Not really, but I've always wanted to follow football. Grew up in a family full of basketball players and fanatics. :))
Would you teach you're girlfriend how to play the guitar if she ask you?
Of course. :)
Good Luck on Midterms \m/
Salamat! \m/
Ideal first date?
Treat her to dinner somewhere special and just spend most of the night talking. Quality time is my thing.
What course would you want instead of law?
I'd be pursuing music professionally, looking for opportunities/networks to get my songs abroad and be an entrepreneur like my brother. I never saw myself working for a multinational firm.
Will you be attending the Student Media Congress in La Salle?
Nope! Wasn't invited? :)) Don't think I'll have time because midterms begin next week.
One thing you wish you had/could get?
TATTOO! :D I'll get one someday.
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What do you have right now that you wish were different?
A lot. But that would be selfish of me because there's more which I am thankful for despite of it all.
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The girl who will end up with you will be the luckiest girl in the world, Mateo.
Nakanaman.. >_< I'll quote Rico Blanco, "You can thank your stars all you want, but I'll always be the lucky one."
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You're an inspiration, Mateo. Even when you were the Sports Editor of Guidon and a performer in amp! Your passion for what you do was clearly seen and it made me want to become better. I wish you were still in Ateneo. :(
Shucks naman! Thank you for your words. I hope you find the light within yourself! Kayang-kaya mo yan. :)
She keeps ending the conversation when we text, bro. Ayaw kaya niya?
Maybe she'd rather hear all your stories in person. Wouldn't that be great? :) I know there are some people who aren't into texting at all. Nix the phone/FB chat and initiative conversation. Mas ok yan. :)
So what's your code as a songwriter?
I take my cue from Mr. John C. Mayer of Fairfield, Connecticut. He said, "I write songs for truth and expression, not need for another song." :)
If you didn't do music what kind of art would you do instead?
HAH! I'd DANCE!!! But I can't dance for shit. I'll only embarrass myself and my friends would disown me. :))
"But the only constant thing among these questions is you." AAAAAHHHH!!!!! Dart sa hart!!!!! Can you pls tell me the story behind this??
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