Kelsey @k3lsey88
Kelsey @k3lsey88
Bay Area, California
21. San Jose Sharks. San Francisco Giants. Disney movies. Cats. Food. I'm socially awkward and probably taller than you ∞
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How did you get so tall? Are you finished growing?
My whole family is tall so it's in my genes. And yes I am done growing lol
Are you taller than me? I'm a 5ft tall guy.
Yes. I'm 5' 11"
You have to choose! One and only one. Pizza, cats, or hockey?
Ughhhhh ok probably cats lol
Which one would you rather have? Pizza, cats, or hockey?
Whaaa??!! You haven't kissed anyone? You do know you're missing out?
So I've heard :p
Never been kissed? Would you like to practice, lol? ;)
Haha I'm good lol ;)
WHAT??? How come you've never been kissed??? OMG!!
Well I've never had a boyfriend so lol
What kind of kisses do you like? ;)
Idk I've never been kissed lol :p
Would you eat shark?
No. I don't eat seafood.
What's the one thing you've always wanted to know?  Jay Sharky
Hmm Idk... I don't think there is one thing that has been on my mind like that lol
Are you ticklish? ;)
Yes very haha!
So...besides sharks and penguins apparently, what's your favorite animal? And don't say redwings.
I like any sea animal, giraffes and cats haha
Is it ok if I follow you? ;)
Yes :)
So...because you answered my question with 2 lols, am I good? I asked what you thought was sexy in a guy. ;)
Haha yes you're good :)
Wrong answer!!!
Ovechkin or Crosby?
Dany Heatley or Martin Havlat?
Martin Havlat. He's my best friend haha! ;)
Flames or Oilers?
Oilers :)
What one thing do you find incredibly sexy in a guy?
A sense of humor lol if you can make me laugh then I love you lol
5'6" and under? Or 5'5" and under?
5'5" and under lol 5'6" is ok :)
How short is too short, lol?
I'd say under 5'6"
Since you're so tall, how tall do you like your dates to be?
Um I don't really care too much but not too short lol
I'm cooooold! :(
Me too! My feet are like icicles!
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What's your favorite food(s)?
I like pizza, potatoes, burgers and burritos lol
Would you date someone you could beat up?
Umm well I have spaghetti arms so I don't think I could beat ANYONE up! Haha