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just followed you :D
How do you communicate most with your friends?
Social media
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20 friends
Have you verse Burnaby schools for vball yet?
nahh idk
follow back on ig? :3
Ya sure who?
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Like = three ships
too much work maybe (:
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Auh ikr i dont wanna quit but teon said he doesnt like other guys looking at my goodies in spandex hes a dork ❤️
Wuawww cutee
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btw quiting vball tmrw :/  angeliinuhhhh
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WHAT THE HECK. anon is telling you to stop saying you love ppl? what? do you want her to say she hates everyone? seriously? fucked up man.
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hoes only want u to stop singing and dancing cuz they jealous ❤️  clar(isa)
ahah ❤️
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Stop saying u love people its annoying AF.please I'm gonna punch u when u act dumb during school,also stop dancing and singing calm yo ass down
... wow
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Im honestly telling u rn.CALM YOUR ASS. Im only saying this cause I care,I dare u to back talk again I honestly will put u in ur spot infront of everyone.
pls stop
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Can you truly love more than one person?
who do you ship jenna olivia and sabrina with lol
Jenna : taken
Olivia : Golver/ Tristen
Sabrina: Juliano
Jenna is such a babe
Ya ik
Fave people from each grade
theres alot
what are u being for halloween?
I wanna be olaf
Who's the cutest grade 8 guy from St pats?
ummm idk
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thats pretty hot
Who's number 10
Francesca Canova
Did u win against St pats
you probs dont remember me but we did some pageants together like a loooong time ago lmfao
depends ahahah whos this (/
Ohmygod AAA+  Lizzz
did you win against stm?
no :(
Does she have a FB or instagram?