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I called a girl at my school a bitch, then she came up to me and kicked me hard in the balls!! should she have done this or not??????? vid response?
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Things you do on ur spare time??
listen to music
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Thank you
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Your the best singer! <3
awee thanks (:
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Why do girls' and boys' clothes have buttons on opposite sides?
i just realized that.
What did you get at earnest? Did you like it?
i loved it.
salted caramel
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what upsets you the most?
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What's ur dream school?
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Who's that dude?
a guy
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Who's that someone? ;)
obviously a dude
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Whos gonna be your valentine?
i wish someone would ask me (:
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seriously youve never been to earnest ice cream
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Nice background ;)  Meera
thanks, same to you too! ❤️
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who gives the best hugs?
from ppl who actually care for you and you can feel the love coming from them, especially in those days when you really need it.
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I ship you with pinson and see you tomorrow at the party  Rion Gomez
Preach  Rae Gomez
ty (:
our generation is too messed up.
one of the many things i hate is that, you cant even have a true friendship with a boy without even being teased by it or having ppl say "i ship". its nice to have a guy as a close friend, everybody just needs to understand that. do they not realize that all the shipping and teasing is too much and its ruins the entire relationship. i say it from personal experience, and its annoying af.
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you were soo good!! it was nice seeing you  michael c
thank you!!!
ur so pretty
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post ur last pic on ur camera roll
hi rosemary
post ur last pic on ur camera roll
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Hi Kaela! tbh you have an amazing voice, you`re really nice, super cute, pretty. :) we should chill sometimes and get to know each other more. you must be an amazing baller.. lol you should play with me aha. tbh we just started talking to each other. we should talk more :) you`re covers..flawless  Hanz Christian
aweee thank you :))
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Ayeee...never knew you had ask...you appeared in my feed :) ELLO.  aye.
hiii :)
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Your so cute
seriously??? LOL ty :)
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wow whatta hot dp  Isa Ramos
luh yeww
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Like who?
bball ppl :)