Kaela Valencia @kaela129
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what's ur ig
Faves from st pats
i know ppl but i dont know em well 😁 i wish i did
pav of dance
look on my ig
Three pointerβ€Ž  darvanhorki
thanks ☺️😁
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LOOL did you record that in your bathroomβ€Ž  Roanna Edrielle De Guzman
R u a nice person
im not mean aha 😁
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do you have a YouTube channel
no aha
do u know Mykel farrier
Just pleaseee
no thx lol
please post a picture of your feet!? (:
whoa, you're amazing!β€Ž  JasmineT
awe aha thankss πŸ˜πŸ˜„
Hai :)
Wow, i must ask. What school do you go to?
Notre Dame
Happy Victoria Day
Happy Victoria Day
NIKKA, holy fuck that's Gucciβ€Ž  Liam Ryan
thanks lee low😁☺️
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Damn β€οΈβ€Ž  Dede Hunter
thanks ☺️
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Four five seconds
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Another cover please!!!
gimme a song (:
Do you live with your dad ?
i live with my mom and dad and brother and my other brother
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How much is your allowance ?
$0 a week (:
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What's the most important lesson you've learned in life?
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hi kaela!! tbh you're so gorgeous & talented! u can literally do everything, it's amazing. you're athletic, smart, a great dancer & a fab singer. ilysm πŸ’— you're like a lil sister to me & you're like my fave gr 8 too lmao πŸ˜„ luv youuu 😘😘 ((text me once in a while YA BUM!!!πŸ˜‚))β€Ž  Isabella Fajardo
love you isabella❀️ thank you so much 😊
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What's that song called that u singed
trap queen
Omg you always sang beautifully since day 1 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Like an angel, Jesus 😍😍😍 I miss you!!!!! Hmu sometime :(β€Ž  Kayla
thank you 😊 miss u too
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