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who do u play bball for
lol no one
Today is Women's Equality Day! Who do you think is the greatest woman in history?
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Thanks hanz ☺️
Knew it
Yee in a grey sweater am i right?
Saw u runnin around at Gaston😃😃😃
whats ur fav things to do
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hows ur week going
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
a lil bit of both
Whats not funny
ur face
lol  timothy_plnc
Its not funny
Do you want school to start
Tbh kaela ur background pic is super hot our weight training group was amazing 💪🏽💪🏽 gym this year was rlly fun together and ilysm  mateya
thanks mateya ily too ❤️
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what u doing today
school is in 2 weeks actually (including this week)
ok cool (:
Read what you just said😂
i dont like to read
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It's actually a lot*, (alot) isnt a word 😂😂
this just reminded me thats school im a week.
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whats alottt
Alot* (:
what u do this summer
Netflix and chill?
netflix netflix netflix netflix netflix!!!!!!!
^^^ no chill just netflix
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cmon please:)
cmon please:)
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Pap with you with glasses
how was ur summer bb
best :)
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ur so cute bb ily