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Favourite song atm?
outside - calvin harris ft. ellie goulding
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Hi :)  Alina C
i know where you live
pap of msgs
pap of msgs
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Who is the best movie villain?
what do you do when a guy you really like doesn't like you and is dating someone else, but you still can't stop liking him?
you cant come between them...
becuz try putting urself in the girlfriends shoes.
you wouldnt want sum girl trying to take ur man...
i know you really like the guy..
but consider the fact hes dating someone... let them be together..
dont waste ur precious time waiting for him or letting him come between you and your happiness...it's typical for people to say this but.. hes just not worth it..you think about him most of the time but on the other end.. he doesnt even know that he goes through your mind everyday.. its a total waste..
yes i know its hard to move on.. its really is.. the best thing to do is give it time.. becuz its hard.. you dont have to force yourself... but what you could do is that you can still think about him but still live your life happy... dont let your focus be on him.. dont be sad over him. stay happy
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Best movie ever??
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Three short hints on your crush ?
hes a guy
hes a guy
hes a guy
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If u only had 1 wish , what would u wish for?
i want to be rich
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What do you look forward to most this year?
summer. just summer
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sorry  jordon
sup  jordon
dont leave me.
Tbh kaela, you're soooo pretty and you have a HELLA good voice lol you're very nice and I know that I could tell you anything you're really good at dancing basketball and volleyball love youuu  Rose
ahah love you too
Hiiii  Andrea López
hi (:
JUST LIST DEM; and in Killarney too :)
arhh i dont wanna
List people you know from public schools, Windi, Gladstone, Tupper, Hamber, JO
sing the alphabet
a b c d e f g h i j k alex mino p q r s t u v w x y z
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It's Saturday! What are you doing today?
its friday.
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I love cameron
hi teon
hi why bye
i heard ur transferring
lol no im not
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