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Eyebrow tips? What do you use?
Don't make the front so boxed and dark. I use a spoolie brush to soften them out because I don't want them looking too penciled in, if that makes sense.
How do you get your eyebrows so nice!?
Trial and error. LOL.
do you do any other style with your eyeliner other than the wing(cat wing)?
Not really. It fits my eye shape best. Plus, I'm still experimenting with makeup.
who is that guy with the tattoos in your YouTube vid
That's my dad.
What was the last movie you watched?
Captain America.
you're so tiny! Haha
I know. :-(
Do you like anyone right now ?
As in, romantically? No.
Random/interesting fact about you?
I have this weird fear of crocodiles/alligators.
last night i dreamt you visited me and you wouldn't let go of this pack of panties you said you bought. pretty sure i subconsciously (and im also aware of it) that i miss you so much. Hope youre doing well in life. I love you forever  Nina Mary Morales
Omgggggg I miss you so much Nina. Hahahahhahaha you would dream about me and panties!!! I hope life is treating you great in the PI, beautiful! I love you I love you I love you!
How many siblings do you have ?
Have you ever been in love?
What is the last thing you forgot?
I forgot.
Where'd all your selfies go? :(
Awesome, thanks for answering all my questions! This was fun, you should text me sometime! You know who this is (;
Hi Alan Mejia ilysm thanks for entertaining me!
Let's say you woke up one day and could only speak/write in French, what would you do to go about your day? Would there be any complications?
I'd just be pretty stoked about having a kick ass French accent tbh.
What are your most preferred or best (in your opinion) physical traits a guy can have? What about personality or value-wise?
I like nice tone arms and a nice smile. A pleasant personality is always appreciated.
If you don't mind answering, what's the "hardest" you've partied? If you don't party it's cool, I don't either.
I don't party enough to know, really.
Is there anything you'd like to change about your body? If so, what is it?
I love my body.
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If you were to run for president and needed a clever or catchy slogan, what would be yours?
man idk
What's the most useless or random fact you know?
mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
Last person you sent a text to?
My babes Summit Alegre.
Favorite lyric at the moment?
All the verses in Majid Jordan's song U. Very relevant to me idk.
If you know, What age was the oldest dude who's hit on you?
This really old dude at a Mexican restaurant I go to all the time with my friend always creeps on me. He looks about 40.
What do you think of the title Her Majesty Lady Kaelyn of Galang?
lol oh no
Favorite flag of the world besides Guam' and the United States'?