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what's your tumblr?

Don't worry about it.

your body is so perfect! Are those abs?

Not really, but thanks anyway! :-)

Your scream is so cute

dude that's really creepy what the

I know five different guys who are crushing on you

what the

then who's the guy on your snapchat and ig

Ivan is the homie.

Are you dating anyone right now


What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

me and Ivan were laughing at the seals yesterday

Still need a prom date?

I'm more than fine going dateless to prom.

I'd do you.

you'd what

Do you decide quickly or do you think a long time?

Long time.

what's your favorite cereal

Cinnamon toast crunch.

Would you date a fat guyn


Ever kissed or had sex

what do u think

Do you rave and club


I really like seeing you smile with your teeth. You're so gorgeous.

Thank you!!!

So youre single now? (:

can u chill

what happened?


no I meant boyfriend

lol no


As in best friend? Eizel Cajipe and Kirstin Manlangit.

I'm the love of your life

Eizel C

You are!!!!

Would you ever get a piercing? Where?

My nose.

who's that

Don't worry about it.

who do you miss?

the loml

Cuddle buddy application : I will bring food

Food???? :-)

Hey beautiful, can I get a free taste of YOUR ice cream? ;)



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