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Karem Elhindy @karemelhindy
Karem Elhindy @karemelhindy
بشتغل بتاع حاويات ( علب حديد كبيرة كده فيها حاجات بتسافر ) وبس I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing. Socrates
ســــمِّ قبل ماتســأل
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What's your favourite English book ?
This is hard to define, but the Republic was something actually
Where do you like to read?
Exactly! my mind hurts now from thinking. sorry for makin it too long by thinkin out loud. it's such a complicated thing !
It really is complicated, but once someone in the same case told me that "I'm pretending that i hate you, but inwardly I'm not", it means that it's denying as you said.
of possession maybe they just fall too hard in love ... I think the mother and son's wife are a totally different thing cuz the mother was there for her son since day one and she loves him the most so she would like to see him happy she'll only hate the wife if her son is ignoring her I guess
That's why i said needs lot of thinking and discussion :) different cases, causes and p.o.v
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Yeah ! so don't you have any thoughts about the reason ?
Can't consider it a true love, it's just a Desire to Possession, kid destroys the toy he can't get.
cuz you can't move on when you still love them you'll end up alone cuz you don't see any one else but them so hating them is the best solution ! or what is it ?
Hatred can't be a solution for anything, we can love him more and wish him the best if we really loved him honestly, this kind of mentality always leads us to mothers who hates her son's wife just cuz she took him away, u got me?
maybe cuz they give too much love so when they get nothing in return like not having the feeling of being loved from the person they love the most they get so hurt and disappointed cuz they'll never get it in return so they think the best way to move on is to forget about that person by hating him
Needs lots of thinking and discussion i guess.
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why do you think most people hate the ones they love after loving them so much just cuz they're not loving them back ? you can't force someone to love you it just happens if it's meant to be ! so why is that ?
ROTFL come on, this is my whole life unanswered question, really can't understand people when they do that and i tried so hard to discuss this issue with them directly but end up with zero hands.
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oh hope you a speed recovery without being warm going away !
what do you do to keep warm in the very cold days ?
Already got Hypoglycemia, so I'm already warm all the time
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if you got the chance to give the lecture in Cambridge what would it be about ?
Local citizenship illusion
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you said that love makes you sad .. why ?
Nothing else can make me sadder, and nothing else can lift me high above "quoted"
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Which word do you want everyone to stop using?
do you agree that talkin in English is easier or less imparessing than talkin in Arabic ? as the Arabic words are so powerful
The question contains to parts, the 1st one i can answers it with the same way u did with slid change to be "do u agree that talkin in the second language is easier or less imparissing than talkin in the mother tongue?" and this is the answer any second language gonna be easiest and less imparissing that the mother tongue
The second part, yessssss Arabic is powerful and deeeeeep language.
now that's a reason cuz before you didn't give a reason and sorry for bein annoying about it before I just wanted to know why
U weren't annoying then, and you aren't now
If you had more money than you ever need, would you give it away?
No doubt
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despite your insistence not to post pics of you online but there're some after all ! so what ? nothing happened !
Can't find it reasonable actually
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okay what things do you consider weird in general ?
V. Old things i though it's not online anymore
didn't find anything weird ! if you have another version of Google let me know lol
Weird for me maybe normal for you
well that's like any other question I've asked before ! why askin why on this one ?
Thought that there is something wrong, i did that already once you ask, how weeeeeeeird lots of old things are there
have you ever Googled yourself ?
Long time ago, 3 years or maybe more, why?
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هو مفيش عربي أوسستاذ
تعالي بكره بدري
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It's alright :)
how u got it ?
Sorry, keep it for me
what's the most thing you love about mshmsh ?
Innocence, loyalty and how i got it
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