Karem Elhindy @karemelhindy
Karem Elhindy @karemelhindy
بشتغل بتاع حاويات ( علب حديد كبيرة كده فيها حاجات بتسافر ) وبس I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing. Socrates
Make a gift
ســــمِّ قبل ماتســأل
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I've seen that you have feelings for someone..why do you think it's one sided ? maybe she feels the same but she doesn't or can't show it !
So advice me..
you said it's a tradition you wanna change
Yup, i meant it's mine.
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do you really think that we are over rational around here ?!
We are?!! Actually i can't judge others
انت جبتلى عقدة نفسية
وطلعت مقاسك؟
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بتعرف تطبخ
عارفة انك بتعتلى على Ask
ايوه شقاوة بقي
How do you usually express your emotions?
In toilet , just singing
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شفتك من فترة مع واحده في الميدان مين دي
وهى بتحبك ولا من طرف واحد؟
من طرف واحد، هي مش معبراني
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؟ اسمها ايه البنت اللى بتحبها
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مرتبط .... طب لو أنا بحبك اعمل ايه .. انت مرتبط بجد و لا بتقول كده بس
اهو ربنا مابينساش حد
Do you want to meet some famous character ? if yes ..who ?
I met them all in there writings
apart from what happens in your daily life. what do you mostly think about ?
My mistakes
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what kind of things do you write ?
Everything except novels
if you can change any tradition you don't like. what would it be ?
Over rationality
what do you do when you're feeling inspired ?
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What famous person would you like to meet?
ابو حفيظه
How can you be motivated?
It depends, but mainly i like challenges
أنت مرتبط ؟
ايه أكتر اسم بنت بتحبه و ليه ؟
نادية عشان اسم امي
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يرحمكم الله
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what do you like the most about someone's personality ?
Honesty, loyalty and self-confidence
what's the thing you're confused about in life and you can't find an answer to it ?
life totally is a great mystery, i guess life itself confuses me
what's your life dream ?
Live as Allah wants