Karla Michelle Santiago @karlitamichelle22
Karla Michelle Santiago @karlitamichelle22
Puerto Rico
ask away :)
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what Do you feel when you see jb???
jaja felicidad :)
gyvfjbnu ftvdfghnm,
What do you believe in?
есть ли жизнь после смерти?  Elena
queee ?
What is your favorite animal?
что будешь делать получив наследство в 1000000$ ?
Как попасть в рай?
ajaa. idk what you're saying
What kind of underwear are you wearing right now?
boy shorts from pinkk
What is your favorite month of the year?
diciembre <3
What is the quality you most like in a woman?
yeah umm i don't like women so idk
Have you ever thought about becoming vegetarian?
neverr !
Dime 11 nenas
natalia fumero
adriana badillo
claudia perez
carolina consuegra
alexia miranda
maria fernanda garcia
maru garcia
carla santiago
nina frei
paola rivera
ilyanette diaz
Sexoooo esta nochee
no jajajaaj . inboxxx
Do you like to spend your free time alone or in company?
in company !
dime 7 amigas que no podrias olvidar y que son verdaderas
natalia fumero
adrina badillo
claudia perez
alexia miranda
carolina consuegra
carla santiago
maru garcia
hay mas pero como me pedistes 7 nada mas :3
Do you believe in love?
ajjxianswi ofcourse <3
hola :)
haii :)
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Please :(
no se quien eres .
stop hitting get random questions .. don't act so forever alone .. ask me questions -_______-
well jeez :)
Can I get naked infront of u on Skype ??
no gracias . jajajaj
What's your favorite magazine?
i have alot so idk
What's the worst advice you've ever taken?
How can you live till the age of 120?
tell you when i get there
What is your idea of a great holiday or vacation?
hawaii or fiji ;)