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ღқค੮ღ @katdcon
Ask Me Anything Lovelies ♥
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What's your tumblr
do u like tumblr?
Yus I do :o
What angers you the most?
Fake people.
Do you already have app for iPhone?
i herd u liek mudkipz
Again, who is this?
do u liek cheese
Who is this?
What’s one mistake you keep repeating?
Being Immature When It's Not The Right Time Therefore Letting Myself And Others Down ~
How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?
Idk like 3 times I guess like while I get ready and primp and check my outfit?
Herro. You Are Beautiful no matter what they say. You are the bestest friend every, you Funny, kind, caring, Sometimes bossy, but I love it that way. Your amazing :) Ily gurl.
Ty and who r u?
Where do you feel most safe?
My house o-o STALKERZ
Ewww, never. I can get someone in real life, thank you very much nosey person... -.-
u mad bro?
No, I just don't like being lied to.
a random guy? how many bf's she had D:
i met mighty not too long ago so idk o-o
I play roblox and im the ex of mightyeartheagle :3 guess who i'm xD
some random guy i dunno? o.o
Who do you like? (:
idk lel
is u a thug?
uhhh... is u a thug? o.O
why you no a thug. be a thug. or get out.
#thuglife :3
why do you act so awkward around Jackson
who is this? o.O
What is the most delicious berry?
Strawberries!!1 :D
What is your best question to get to know someone?
Do You Like Tumblr? ;D
How many times a day do you visit
I Dunno... o.o
~ Its alyssa7283 o- o xD Do I annoy yew when I stalk yew?.. xD ~ BTW ILY TO PEICES ~
Nuuu why would chu? ;D LOOOOL
What habit that others have annoys you most?
Clicking Their Nails Together Repeatedly...
Do you love lil muffinz?
I love Dem! They're almost as close to me as my bbys <3