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♡ katrina ♡ @katrinasalvador
♡ katrina ♡ @katrinasalvador
Manhattan, New York
too weird to live, too rare to die ♡ || manuel is the main bae #miasanmia || ctg x ars
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I'll hold you to your judgement, Katrina. :) Hope to catch you again sometime, yeah? -Damon
sure why not??? hahhaha damon the lil demon (nick name for u and u cant change it lol)
Hard to forget when you wear that turquoise dress with black eye glasses. Leaves the impression you're smart to people ;) name is Damon by the way.
dang i gave you the wrong impression then HAHAHAH and hello damon im katrina (but u know that already so)
You dropped your ID during camp then you were talking to a friend when you were waiting outside the corridor of room F, i think. I picked up your ID then I'm in White Marsh now. I moved out of Bowie last week then I remembered this cute stranger talking about Bowie then I remembered your name :)
idk if that's kinda cute or stalker-ish but aww thanks for remembering me??? hahaha and wow what a coincidence tho hello there! I've been to White Marsh too wait nah it's just a stop over and it wAS FREEZING
I used to live near Bowie too! Where in bowie :)
Capitol Hill! hehe oh but wait I thought you remember me mentioning it and you said you used to live there???? whaaaat idgi lol
Where do you live in states again? I remember you were talking about it :)
good morning anon hahah and OOOH interesting question! hehe we have an apartment in downtown Manhattan literally beside Washington Square Park and a house in Bowie, Maryland! :)
hahaha okay hi kat! sorry i went anon on my last question! hehe :)) i saw your top 5 possible colleges, if you ever pick dlsu i'm looking forward to seeing you around! :)  mary
oh i didn't know you study there :) and if ever i'll get in then sure! :D x
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have u watched the second trailer
30 SECONDS AFTER IT WAS RELEASED I WATCHED IT ALREADY DAMN SON ARE YOU REALLY ASKING ME THAT but yeah i did hehe (and downloaded it after i watched it) ;)
bigyan po kita ng kisses ate... yung hersheys jk HAHAHA HELLO KAT IMY!!!!!!! how's fifty? jk  Nicole Dela Cruz
imy2!!! and gags im dYING AND I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT THURSDAY :((((( bruh and their interviews together heheh how's sir p? :-" ayyyyy
kat! are you still with andy? :( I like rummaged through my ask because I suddenly remembered you! btw we talked here for quite a while about a year ago :)
oh hello! who's this?? hehe maybe you can drop your name next time or go off anon ;) and not anymore lol
hi ate i lab u po. pa fan sign po jeje  Nicole Dela Cruz
sige ikaw pa ang lakas mo sa kin eh penge naman ng kiss diyan jk hello dc :((( haha
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Ok good luck again:3
Aw thank you again! heheh
Good luck on your tournament tomz :) what is it?
Thank you so much!!!! And it's karate :)
What are your top five college courses and I is? :)
Top 5 courses:
1. Accountancy
2. Economics
3. Business Management
4. Education, majoring in Social Science and History
5. Literature, majoring in European Literature
(i have a lot of dream universities eh so yeah hahha)
-Fordham University, NYU-NYC, NYU-Stern, Hunter College, Princeton University, and a whole lot more.. heheheh
De La Salle University and University of the Philippines :)
May ginawa sa escalator. ^_^
ZACH IS THIS YOU??? :((( wait no is this Micha or Jarica :(((
I'm a Paulinian but I'm not your batchmate. Mahiya ka Naman sa balat mo, naka-uniform ka while you're throwing yourself to La Sallian guys haha your soooo desperate naman :PP
**you're ;) and wow get your facts straight please.
First of all, I wasn't even wearing my uniform yesterday with the guys.
Second, "throwing myself"? Haha elaborate further, please. I was basically avoiding them because I'm an awko taco and girls will make the thing a big issue just because they saw a Paulinian out with a group of guys.
Third, it's called making friends. Have you heard of it? Probably not because a person like you can't have one because of your attitude. lol bye
Grabe $lut mo kahapon dami kasama na guys lols the pros of being anonymous in askfm =))))))))
wOAH SLUT AGAD HAHAHHA luh and btw, only a few Paulinians saw me yesterday so... if you're my Batchmate..... haha bye
hey!!! You were so good during your demo in pep rally ((karate)) ;D hope you and your body is a-ok!
hello and thank you so much!!!! hope you enjoyed our demo <3
i am very bored so describe (hi kat!!!!!1!!1)  gabriella m
omeged hello????
um tbh I'm scared of you idk why :((((((( hehe anyways but you're so talented and smart and pretty and wow ikaw na talaga! bigyan ng jacket! :((( jk so yeah yay! Stay hella rad \m/ (hi yella!!1!1!!1!)
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Your really pretty :)
HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha u can't fool me
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why tho :( hahaha aw I was gonna make kwento about this to you but eh you'll judge me so nope. And omg Andy is sooo gay did you know that????
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You're being sneaky again and I don't like it. D:  Andrew McCormack ♛
you might turn gay when you hear his voice HEHEHHEHE
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How are you?
I'm good, thanks! Hope you are too! xx
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Ure not 5'2 i see u at school ure like 5 or 5'1
yeah I know, I estimate my height between 5'-5'2" hahahah calm ur tits
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you're my crush
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Congratulation with the first anniversary with andy :-)  ♚ queen chelsea I ♚
Hey :) thank you (????) haha!
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