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♡ katrina ♡ @katrinasalvador
Manhattan, New York
manuel is my happy little pill. ♡ || #miasanmia
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Ok good luck again:3
Aw thank you again! heheh
Good luck on your tournament tomz :) what is it?
Thank you so much!!!! And it's karate :)
What are your top five college courses and I is? :)
Top 5 courses:
1. Accountancy
2. Economics
3. Business Management
4. Education, majoring in Social Science and History
5. Literature, majoring in European Literature
(i have a lot of dream universities eh so yeah hahha)
-Fordham University, NYU-NYC, NYU-Stern, Hunter College, Princeton University, and a whole lot more.. heheheh
De La Salle University and University of the Philippines :)
Ure going pala to CAMP Philippines?
Yup, I went!!! haha super late answer lolz sorry :(
And it was really fun! :D
Call time na dito sa soph night sa Ateneo wala ka pa
I won't attend nga!!! lol and who's this? :)
May ginawa sa escalator. ^_^
ZACH IS THIS YOU??? :((( wait no is this Micha or Jarica :(((
I'm a Paulinian but I'm not your batchmate. Mahiya ka Naman sa balat mo, naka-uniform ka while you're throwing yourself to La Sallian guys haha your soooo desperate naman :PP
**you're ;) and wow get your facts straight please.
First of all, I wasn't even wearing my uniform yesterday with the guys.
Second, "throwing myself"? Haha elaborate further, please. I was basically avoiding them because I'm an awko taco and girls will make the thing a big issue just because they saw a Paulinian out with a group of guys.
Third, it's called making friends. Have you heard of it? Probably not because a person like you can't have one because of your attitude. lol bye
Grabe $lut mo kahapon dami kasama na guys lols the pros of being anonymous in askfm =))))))))
wOAH SLUT AGAD HAHAHHA luh and btw, only a few Paulinians saw me yesterday so... if you're my Batchmate..... haha bye
Why did you and Andrew broke up
are you going to sophomore night later in ahs
It's called 'sophomores night' for a reason. haha duh nope, sorry :/
hey!!! You were so good during your demo in pep rally ((karate)) ;D hope you and your body is a-ok!
hello and thank you so much!!!! hope you enjoyed our demo <3
i am very bored so describe (hi kat!!!!!1!!1)  gabriella m
omeged hello????
um tbh I'm scared of you idk why :((((((( hehe anyways but you're so talented and smart and pretty and wow ikaw na talaga! bigyan ng jacket! :((( jk so yeah yay! Stay hella rad \m/ (hi yella!!1!1!!1!)
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Your really pretty :)
HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha u can't fool me
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why tho :( hahaha aw I was gonna make kwento about this to you but eh you'll judge me so nope. And omg Andy is sooo gay did you know that????
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You're being sneaky again and I don't like it. D:  Andrew McCormack ♛
you might turn gay when you hear his voice HEHEHHEHE
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How are you?
I'm good, thanks! Hope you are too! xx
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Ure not 5'2 i see u at school ure like 5 or 5'1
yeah I know, I estimate my height between 5'-5'2" hahahah calm ur tits
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you're my crush
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Congratulation with the first anniversary with andy :-)  ♚ queen chelsea I ♚
Hey :) thank you (????) haha!
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What song is stuck in your head?
Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys :) haha the song speaks to my soul
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Fuck yes! I got it! Ha, damn yes. :D  Andrew McCormack ♛
do you want me to throw a party for you or?????? hehe
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Since you said it's hot, wanna try it? (;  Andrew McCormack ♛
Bring the condoms and handcuffs, my place in 5??????? HAHAHHA JK aw this is hilarious i cANT
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So? You still did things with me. (;  Andrew McCormack ♛
(if anyone reading this has a dirty mind we didn't have sex okay)
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Hey, you gotta admit that I'm pretty hot! You saw me and did things with me when I was naked before anyway. (;  Andrew McCormack ♛
nah no thanks and omeged can u not :((((((((( that was like a decade ago :((( unf
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Guess my secret is out, huh? (;  Andrew McCormack ♛
you could have told me and then we could have been porn stars together ;) HAHAHHAHAHA ew
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