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11:11 wish?

.......him. jk 1/2 :((( and ehhhh im not really sure??? money i guess hahahha

Why can't you sleep? Haha

no particular reason hahaha i dont like sleeping early so yeah hehe


:(((((((( IS THIS WHO I THINK IT IS HAHAHA TRU THO but studies first!!!!! ü hahaha

miss na kita 😭 - ur seatmate na binibigyan mo ng cowhead ;___;

hi doctora!!! omg i miss you so so so much already solid 😭😭😭 hang out soon with the girl who likes drinking tea and that awful orange juice huhu (btw u forgot to anon sa isang question mo so i wont answer it hehehe) imy na 😭😭

Whats your course nga pala in DLSU? :P

bs accountancy!!! heheh pray for me thnx

Have you ever fell in love? Have you ever fell out of love? What made you fall out of love? Just curious. :)

wow :(( i dont think so?? i dont think i can call it love tbh hahaha i think it's more of the idea of wanting to fall in love with the people i used to be with, im not really sure myself. maybe it's the feeling of being infatuated or the feeling you're getting because someone finally gives you time or their attention. (wow this is so serious :(( oops)

I'm not sure if I like the guy but he is a decent one out of a lot of guys that I liked before. He sends me cute text and I don't know somewhere during the three months we have been talking it feels normal and I feel like I have fallen in love. Help!

oooh damn :((( i dont think im in a position where i can help you because i havent been in a serious relationship before and i might give you a crappy advice tbh hahahah but yeah i guess follow your heart?? if you really like him, go for it?? or :(((

ang cute ni ano

uy sino??? hehehe share naman diyan

What are you litening to right now or what was the last song you listened to? c:

john mayer's i don't trust myself (with loving you) hehehe

Anong college mo NA?

dlsu!!! hehe animoe lozol

Why are you using so many question marks haha

????????? what

Bakit ang kyüt ko :3 -kaibigan mong walang lovelife

????????????? sino to hahahha

Hanap ka nang hanap ng boyfriend, handito lang naman ako na malapit sa iyo?

kanino to meant huhu sakit bro hope you find someone better soon (???) :((((((

Would you clone yourself if you could?

according to sss, it's against ethics!!! jk 1/2 but nope i think it'd be weird ahahah

bakit may kasama kang boys kanina? sana nahuli kayo for marriage booth :P

fair pa pala to hahaha and luh what's wrong with being with boys?? it's called trying to socialize. we all need it!! hehe hanap ka rin ng friends ü

i saw you last friday and felt so heart broken by the sight of you crying. if the Ateneo did not accept you, it's their loss especially if you will still file an appeal. i can feel that it really is your dream school but i don't let it stop you. maybe something bigger is waiting to happen! chin up.

i only saw this now omg :((((( aww thank you so much anon huhu this means a lot to me ❤️ and it's okay! we gotta fight for something we love, sometimes, we have to fight for it because it's going to be worth the uphill battle anyway but we should also know our limitations. and i think and hope that i know mine. thank you again!! ❤️

Mahal kita, mahal mo siya pero iba mahal niya?

hala :(((( ang sakit mehn dart sa heart uy stop being so sawi it's gonna be christmas soon :(((((

Ilang taon ka na?

im 17!!! hehehe and then one year boom im legal woohhaaa

Ang cute mo pala when youe were young he he

:((((( im still cute and young stfu jk 1/2 awww thank you (??) hehe

happy birthday!

thank you!!! eheheh

dream school?

locally, it's ateneo!! obf wooo hahaha and internationally there are tons but i would really love london school of economics if ill take up economics and fordham university idk i just :((( waaaah pls hahha


work preferences and some issues of my dad like we cant just visit most of our relatives anymore and leaving friends behind and basically leaving our comfort zone but i would love to live outside the country tbh hahahha

Gnda, nakatwitter ka n ba? Followback mo na ko pls. :'(

you were the one who asked me if i followed you back tapos tatanungin mo ako if may twitter na ako :(( ano ba talaga hahahha

old question you're probably getting annoyed already but i really get curious about you and "A" i wanted to ask how you maintained youre LDR? isn't it hard?

maybe??? if you tell me who you are first??? hahah trade of the goods man

Nasa notification mo po sa twitter. pls po. :'(

:(((((((( sure ka??? hahah feeling ko kilala ko na to eh hahah utut


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