Kelsey @Kels214
Kelsey @Kels214
Hi my names kelsey and I`m a local dancer
Make a gift
herro :3
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No i am not using it
wcw :)
Dont think i have one :-P
What movies do you like?
Anything really except for horror and disgusting stuff
What is lux?
Lux is a professtional dance company
Who's your bf?
This guy <3
Who's your bf?
What was street kings auditions like?
Tough but really fun!
What are you doing tomorrow?
Rehearsal again yay! And then hanging with bf <3
Are you traveling this summer?
To squamish :-P
Single Pringle or taken bacon?
Taken bacon
Awesome shirt! Where are you going to wear that?
Thanks :-) and just wore it out to rehearsal and a dinner
What did you do today?
Hairspray rehearsal and then a birthday dinner for my uncle :-)
Is street kings all hip hop?
What dance types did you do for lux audition?
Ballet, hip hop and contemporary
When's the last time you danced?
Last friday :-)
What TV shows do you watch?
Disney :3 and once upon a time, big bang theory, dance moms, melissa and joey, young & hungry
How long was street kings auditions just an hour?
2 hours i believe
Hey beautiful pap (:
Hey beautiful pap (:
How long was lux auditions?
How long was lux auditions?
6 hours
Are you going to go to summer drop in at Pulse?
What auditions did you go to?
Street kings and lux. Dance company
How's you day so far?
Just woke up but its been good :-P
You're beautiful <3
Awe thank you <3
Summer dance?
I did harbour dance intensive last week :-)
Roar :-P