Kelsey @Kels214
Kelsey @Kels214
Hi my names kelsey and I love love LOVE to dance
wassup? :)
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Favorite Song ATM?
sweet dreams
Do you answer all your ask questions?
yes except for this one because I keep forgetting to take a photo lol
green turtleneck sweater with leggings
When was your last kiss?
recently <3
Your cheer bow is awesome! You look so good in the photo!
awe thanks :)
Where did you find that unicorn picture?
I took it at the dance studio. it was on the costume boxes
Do you have regular black Dr Martens?
kind of, its a bit charcoal
Spellcheck! Dr Martens
oops sorry
What are u doin ATM?
waking uo and gettiinv out of bed
It was your birthday? When? Happy birthday Kelsey!
yeah it was on valentines day. awe thank you <3
What's your favourite shoes?
dock martins
Quote you made?
Happy Birthday!  Shaurya Jain
thank you :)
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Who is your Valentine?
this kid <3
Who is your Valentine?
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Happy Valentine's Here!;)❤  Mikhaela Kix
happy valentines :)
Do you wear a simple make up everytime you go outside? or nahhh?
Yea just simple :-)
color of the eye?
Likers get a TBH?
Hey, like 12 answers you will get 1 gift TRY , promise and please follow me  Annija Deihmane
Ill pass on the gift, thank you though and i followed:)
are you bi?x your pretty :')  Liv "Georgia" Hamilton
No im straight. thank you :)
Had a competition today
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Dress up in a favorite ootd and pap
No pap. But this plaid above the knee short dress with long sleeves and then by knee high boots :-)