Kelsey @Kels214
Kelsey @Kels214
Hi my names kelsey and I`m a local dancer
Make a gift
herro :3
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How far in advance do you prefer to plan?
depends on the situation
Did you know Mac or Bryson before OTW crew?
nope met them in otw
Do you go to school with Mac or Bryson?
Are you a sonic dancer?
used to be
Ootd pap please!
i just changed into my jamies though
Your so good in OTW crew! You're amazing and pretty! Wish you were at the OTW meet and greet!
awe thank you :)
Does your bf dance too?
nope :)
How old are you? You're too old for OTW crew now? You look young like 15
im 17 and otw crew is for 11/12 to 16 year old
you are amazing! you should go back to OTW crew! Do you have other dance plans?
thanks :) im to old now and im not sure
your such an amazing dancer!! you should of never left O.T.W  McKinley Harmon
thank you :)
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Where did you meet your bf
What sports does your bf do
rugby and hockey
Pap of you with your bf
Pap of you with your bf
Pap of your bf
this was one of his snapchats lol
Pap of your bf
What does your bf snap chat you?
his face
who has the best abs, Lautner or Efron?
LOL who has the best eyes, Lautner or Efron?
nooo! they both have such pretty eyes
How long have you been dancing?
since i was 4, started competing at 8
sweats and a tshirt for now
How old are you
Your pretty and should post more pretty selfies on Instagram
thank you and i will try :)
You kinda look like the old Miley Cyrus, pretty and sweet
thanks :)
Do you snap chat fans or just friends or both?
both but mostly friends :)
Who snap chats you the most?