Kelsey @Kels214
Kelsey @Kels214
Hi my names kelsey and I love love LOVE to dance
wassup? :)
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Post your most liked pic on Instagram or Facebook!
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First place and grand champ for cheer or dance?
Why didn't you try for VAS?
I'm graduating and I need to focus on getting a job and going to school. if I could have I would have
Can you do a makeup tutorial when you her ready for your next dance comp?
sure :)
First place?
for what?
Grand champions?
for what?
What's your VAS assessment # ?
didn't try out
How did your dance place at competitions?
we've done well :)
What dance competitions have your done this year?
idc in idaho, core, view and next week synergy
Do you have YouTube?
Do you do make up tutorials?
How cone you didn't join Vancouver All Star cheer this year?
because it would have been a lot to handle as I am graduating this year and I had lots of other things happening after school as well, if I could have I would have :)
Did you know Mac left OTW?
no I did not know that
Long time since your last answer? What have you been up to?
because I haven't been getting questions :P I've been dancing and at school :)
Cheer comp win?
yup :) and grand champions
do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the extra curriculars you do outside of school?
yes all the time
it's this weekend, yay!! :D
Hi I made a cover and I'd appreciate if you'd check it out even thought you may not like it, feed back is welcomed (Prince - Kiss)  Sofia Reis
that was really good! :)
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no sorry :/
How would you feel if a guy bought you shoes and was your friend and foot slave? Hahaha wild idea I know. But I just happen to think its fun
um.. no foot slave lol
You're so pretty, where was that picture taken?
awe thank u. it was a pre dance comp photo
Do you have a car?
mom does lol
Do you drive?
yes but I'm a learner
Do you have a job?
not yet