Kelsey @Kels214
Kelsey @Kels214
Hi my names kelsey and I love love LOVE to dance
wassup? :)
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what would you do if a guy you didnt know asked you to kick him in the balls?
I would never do that!
Where are you dancing?
lux. dance company and street kings :)
Did you leave OTW?
a while ago, yes
Favorite Thing To Do Alone?  Ahmad Tyler
eat cookies and ice cream :3
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What are you doing?
watching princess diaries
Do You Like Italian Food?  Gerardo Morse
yea its alright :)
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Do you wear socks in bed?
Pap of your new boots from Christmas
sorry dont have one
30 likes + follow for first liker, and 1 like for rest please? <3 <3
nah not rn sorry
Would you guess this were the favorite movies of Angelina Jolie? lol!/profile/angelina-jolie/?ref=ask
no lol
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Is this your instagram?
Do you ever feel like your partners are too clingy?  Elias Hall
im usually clingy to my boyfriend instead of the other way around XD
Do You Like Short Or Long Hair On A Girl?  Colt Cook
um i dont know. all my friends have different kinds of hair and they all look good :)
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I'm training to become a cage fighter, and I've been chatting online with hot babes all day. Do you even realize how successful I am? I beat up a 14 year old in a fight for stealing my little brothers lunch money. Are you impressed yet?  Gregory Alan Bailey
no actually. congrats for training on becoming a cage fighter but really? babes? were not a prize and were not a piece of meat. and that 14 yr old should not have done that to ur little brother but u dont become a bully back and beat him up! u talk to him or go to the principal of their school or u take it up with his parents.
eating a poutine atm :)
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Favorite Song ATM?
sweet dreams
Do you answer all your ask questions?
yes except for this one because I keep forgetting to take a photo lol
green turtleneck sweater with leggings
When was your last kiss?
recently <3
Your cheer bow is awesome! You look so good in the photo!
awe thanks :)
Where did you find that unicorn picture?
I took it at the dance studio. it was on the costume boxes
Do you have regular black Dr Martens?
kind of, its a bit charcoal
Spellcheck! Dr Martens
oops sorry
What are u doin ATM?
waking uo and gettiinv out of bed