Kelsey @Kels214
Kelsey @Kels214
Hi my names kelsey and I love love LOVE to dance
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wassup? :)
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Do you and Jazzy still dance together?
Sometimes like at conventions or intensives :)
Does Mac Harmon still hang with you and other OTW dancers that left the crew?
Im not sure, i dont really hang out with otw
What dance conventions are you doing this year?
Might not do any because it conflicts with dance
Have u watched the fault in our stars?
Yes, i took michael to go see it with me lol
What's your favourite thing about your boyfriend?
How's your day?
It was good thank you :)
What are you doing?
I was just at milestones with a few friends
How long have you and your boyfriend dated for?
Over three years :3
How did you and your boyfriend meet?
School :)
Do you train at Vancouver All Stars?
Yes, i do the tops program
Pap of you and your boyfriend
Pap of you and your boyfriend
Hi Kelsey <3
Morning <3
Pap in sweats!
Im only wearing one sock lol
Pap in sweats!
Your dancing? Is your knee better?
Starting in september and a few classes here and there for the summer. Yes it is feeling better thank you :)
Beautiful :))
Thank you :))
What kind of dance is that?
Street kings is hip hop and lux dance company is hip hop, ballet and contemporary i believe
Sweats and a t shirt :P
What dancing are you doing?
Street kings and lux. Dance company
What are your plans?
I stayed home and tried to clean my room lol now im watching dance moms
Good morning :))
Good afternoon :)
Flashback Friday dance pic
Flashback Friday dance pic
Flashback Friday cheer pic
Flashback Friday cheer pic
You're my inspiration
Awe really? :3
These stripped pants and black shirt