Kelsey @Kels214
Kelsey @Kels214
Hi my names kelsey and I`m a local dancer
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herro :3
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What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?
morning ritual, whenever i use the toothbrush, i have to tap a certain tune when im done
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What does grand champs mean?
hightest scoring team
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yoga pants and purple shirt
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Favourite memory?
to many :)
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you're my favorite person in OTW! (of the girls!)
im not in otw anymore but thank you <3
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Aritzia or Hollister?
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Victoria Secret or La Senza?
victoria secret
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snow or summer?
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What your favourite day of the week and why?
saturday because i just get off school and then i have another day off afterwards
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Are you friends with Desirae?
on the set of butterflies we were close
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Which power puff girl would you be?
bubbles :3
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How did your cheer team do at competition?
good! first and grand champs :D
Who did you meet backstage at We Day?
um i think it was laura from mtv, victoria duffield, of course my name is kay and i forget who else :P
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
OTW always looked like fun with your pretty smile and always looking like you were having fun dancing
it was really fun dancing with them :)
You're so nice and a great dancer! I met you at the last Vancity OTW meet and greet but you didn't dance cause of your knee injury, is your knee better? will you dance again soon?
awe thank you <3 my knee is getting better thank you for asking :) and i will be dancing soon
where were you? the OTW meet and greet was lame cause I really just wanted to meet Mac, Bryson, Kevin, Josh and YOU <3
home because im not with otw. awe <3 :)
first two likers get 15 likes? :)
sure :)
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What helps you to sleep better?
watching a show or movie
Last movie you watched?
Barbie or Polly pocket?
... barbie :P
Dress or skirt?
Sweats or leggings?
Hamburger or hot dog?
Cotton candy or popcorn?
ah! i dont know... popcorn