Kelsey @Kels214
Kelsey @Kels214
Hi my names kelsey and I love love LOVE to dance
wassup? :)
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will you kiss me in the cock?
Next vacation?
Belive im going on a bit of a road trip to idaho before a dance comp there :-)
Name all the choreographers that you danced at conventions
Bobbynewberry. Mia michaels. Doug caldwell. Nick lazzerini. Teddy florance. Misha gabriel. Nappy taps. Thats all i can remember atm :-)
Share one or some favorite cheer memory
I was at an out town cheer competition and i was rooming/sharing a bed with one of my best cheer friends emily kinsey. Anyways we were both asleep and then apparently i spooned her inn my sleep LOL
What's your morning routine ?
Wake up, clothes, hair, makeup, pack school stuff last minute as well as pack lunch then out the door :-)
Stripped pants, black tank, black mesh, half leather/cloth jacket and bright pink shoes :)
Pap of you feet
No thanks
Do you sneeze?
Have a good day
Thanks anon :-) u too!
I believe a little bit of a road trip to idaho before a dance conpetition :-)
Favourite Disney movie?
I cant just choose one. All of them are :-D <3
Favorite celebrity?
What do you think about recycling?
Do it
What do you think about recycling?
Do it
Grad dress?
If u want a pic u gotta wait :-)
Is it raining?
Yes yes it is
Favourite cheer memory?
Oh theres to many XD
When's your birthday?
Valentines day :-D
Would you come to Vancity if you had a ticket?
Weekend plans?
Dance dance dance and hw :-P
Post a video of lux?
Dont have one sorry
Top 3 choreographers you've done workshops with?
Um um um i dont know lol they are all so amazing
Are you doing any shows?
Believe i have a preview show soon
Did you go to 2014 dance conventions?
No :-\
Hey, like 8 of my answers and I'll send you a gift!! Send me 'Done' when finished. Hurry up as I only have a maximum of £3 and its a first come first served basis!! P.S. I follow you and your answers are amazing!  Robb
Im ok but thank u :-P awe thanks :-)