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Kelsey @Kels214
Kelsey @Kels214
Hi my names kelsey and I love love LOVE to dance
wassup? :)
RSS answers
Do you miss OTW?
Ya. I miss the people i danced with
Top 5 friends?
I cant pick just 5 there are all so sweet and kind and funny <3
Hey Kelsey
What color is your grad dress?
Well im going shopping for it tomorrow and im hoping to get a nice deep red color :)
Where do you shop?
Um anywhere that has cute clothing :-P
Nothing much what about u?
Did you dress in red and white because the flag colors and today is Remembrance Day?
explain lux dance?
Lux is a professional dance company that does all different styles of dance and trains in technique a lot but there are performance opportunities as well :)
What is Street Kings like?
Street Kings is really fun :)
What dance style is your fav
Idk, i love all of them :) but i think my top 2 (because i cant pick just one) would be contemporary and hip hop :)
White knit sweater and red jeggings :-)
How often do you work out?
4 days a week
pap? I love to dance too
Isnt my friends cat adorable!?!?!? And cool!! :-D
pap? I love to dance too
What top 5 songs are on your playlist?
1. Life of the party
2. Break free
3. Shake it off
4. Black widow
5. Anaconda
<3 (sending to everyone I follow)  Shaurya Jain
Did you go to Fright Night?
Yes, yes i did :)
Are you going to Vancity 11 ?
Im not sure
Do you know Mac & Bryson?
Do you go to Pulse?
What do you do every week for activity?
Dance saturday and sunday, tops on friday and does physio count? :-P
Van city sweatshirt and yoga pants
Your so pretty <3
Awe thank u <3
What color are your eyes?
Blue :)
What colors have you dyed your hair?
For my whole head, ive done dark brown, black and then blonde highlights. Then i have also dip dyed it with the colors purple and blue :)
Are you still dancing?
Yes :)