Kelsey @Kels214
Kelsey @Kels214
Hi my names kelsey and I love love LOVE to dance
wassup? :)
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Cheer comp win?
yup :) and grand champions
do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the extra curriculars you do outside of school?
yes all the time
it's this weekend, yay!! :D
Hi I made a cover and I'd appreciate if you'd check it out even thought you may not like it, feed back is welcomed (Prince - Kiss)  Sofia Reis
that was really good! :)
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no sorry :/
How would you feel if a guy bought you shoes and was your friend and foot slave? Hahaha wild idea I know. But I just happen to think its fun
um.. no foot slave lol
You're so pretty, where was that picture taken?
awe thank u. it was a pre dance comp photo
Do you have a car?
mom does lol
Do you drive?
yes but I'm a learner
Do you have a job?
not yet
What's your favorite ootd?
i don't know lol
Are you going to Whistler May long weekend?
was going to but got dance :)
What are your Sunday plans?
What are your Saturday plans?
cheer comp then dance
What are your Friday plans?
cheer comp then dinner
Which meal was so good that you can't forget it?
vera's burger and fries for the first time, so good!!! :D
What's on your birthday wish list?
to early to think about :P
What grade are you in?
Do you go to school?
When's your birthday?
it was on valentines day
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What kind of presents do you get for your birthday?
i don't remember sorry :P
Hmmm so let's say I *pokes sides * tickled you lol
I would flinch and laugh
OMG that is so adorable how ticklish u are....;)
thanks? lol :P
Hahaha wow what's your worst spot
:3 um my worst spot is everywhere.... XD
face time id ..?? ^_^ or face book id ..?? ^_^
I don't have face time and I don't share my Facebook sorry :/