Kelsey @Kels214
Kelsey @Kels214
Hi my names kelsey and I love love LOVE to dance
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wassup? :)
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<3 (sending to everyone I follow)  Shaurya Jain
Did you go to Fright Night?
Yes, yes i did :)
Are you going to Vancity 11 ?
Im not sure
Do you know Mac & Bryson?
Do you go to Pulse?
What do you do every week for activity?
Dance saturday and sunday, tops on friday and does physio count? :-P
Van city sweatshirt and yoga pants
Your so pretty <3
Awe thank u <3
What color are your eyes?
Blue :)
What colors have you dyed your hair?
For my whole head, ive done dark brown, black and then blonde highlights. Then i have also dip dyed it with the colors purple and blue :)
Are you still dancing?
Yes :)
Hi Kelsey why do you leave OTW?
Personal reasons
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followed.. follow back?  Shaurya Jain
Sure :)
Follow back please  Hamza Gee
Sure :)
thats really good thanx :)  Shaurya Jain
No prob :)
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Shaorma is awesome would be good too..  iloveoranges
Ive never had shaorma before
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Sorry guys i have to start getting ready for dance an i cant like anymore :/ but i hope u all have a splendid day <3  Kelsey
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do you and your friends like to compare each others gigantic whale sized dick?
First, why? Second, im a girl... and third... im a girl. Girls dont have those lol
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can you please like my answer on this account also ily take care <3  Selena Gomez ✔
Take care <3
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I thought it says ''Shaorma is awesome'', lawl  iloveoranges
Lol no it says shaurya :p
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dare- hold a paper in your hand saying "SHAURYA IS AWESOME" take pic of it :)  Shaurya Jain
dare- hold a paper in your hand saying "SHAURYA IS AWESOME" take pic of it :)
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Hyya :) You can visit my page :) I'm sure you will like something (: #followed  A.P.A.M
Heya! I did like something, some of ur posts made my day thank you :) #followed
First 2 likers get 10 likes, rest get 2? Pretty pleaseee?:')
Sure, ill be liking until i have to go to dance :)
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