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youre so pretty <3

Shaira Villa

Thank you, beautiful.

hi beautiful kendall you are the best

emily gordillo

hi emily ty <3

Omg i love you kendall. You're the best out of your family x 💞💞💞💞💞

Thank you so much, Jovani! much love to you babe.



i love you too baby.

Guys im calling fans! Tonight! so send me your numbers :)

Kendall Jenner

Send in your #s! i wanna call my dolls.

Do you already have app for iPhone?


I want to meet you! You are perfect : )

your perfect babe! xo

lol wow. I'm so scared

Kendall Jenner

24 hours! Thank you.

come follow me :D or like me :D xD thanks guys !!!

chloe baldwin❤️

i love you but no self promo on my account, thank you.

i love youu soo much bb x

i love you too doll!:)

What do you like to have for breakfast?

Pancakes ofc! :)

Will you go to prom with me please


Hii kendall :)

hi love

i love you, you are freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!

i love you too!!! :)

i<3 so much

<3 you too (:

You know Taylor swift? :)

Yes, i do. i love her. i just met her Yesterday, amazing girl. :)

What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

Never Say Never.. Of course :)

heyy can we skype?(: or vc? it will b fun!!(:

I dont have a skype, sorry! xo.

If you have friends coming over, what would you cook?


SHUT UP!!! you're not kendall jenner! How is kim right next to you if she's with kourtney in NY ?;) and why do u want me to stop asking you? This is!!! And you can't lie to me and say you're kendall! U really think we're stupid right? U really should delete ur page =))

Kim isn't in New york... wow. its a TV show, damn.

Kim has an account and I scrolled down and a girl asked u this q : Can I have your flats? And u answered : (: Haa noo. :) and btw, my personal twitter Acc. is @XOJASMINEVMUSIC. And kendall's Twitter Acc is @KendallJenner and it's varified!!!! U seriously should dlt ur account :s !!!!


What's your dream job?

i have already! :) my modeling job. <3 xo.

thanks for the answer kendall :*

majid H


Ur not kendall and yes kim has an acc and I saw ur previous questions and ur answers are all about jasmine villegas! u really should delete ur page ;p

Kim has NO and please stop asking me. shes right next to me.

<3 U

love ya too. xo kendall. (:


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