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i love you, you are freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!
i love you too!!! :)
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i<3 so much
<3 you too (:
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You know Taylor swift? :)
Yes, i do. i love her. i just met her Yesterday, amazing girl. :)
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What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
Never Say Never.. Of course :)
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heyy can we skype?(: or vc? it will b fun!!(:
I dont have a skype, sorry! xo.
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If you have friends coming over, what would you cook?
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SHUT UP!!! you're not kendall jenner! How is kim right next to you if she's with kourtney in NY ?;) and why do u want me to stop asking you? This is!!! And you can't lie to me and say you're kendall! U really think we're stupid right? U really should delete ur page =))
Kim isn't in New york... wow. its a TV show, damn.
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Kim has an account and I scrolled down and a girl asked u this q : Can I have your flats? And u answered : (: Haa noo. :) and btw, my personal twitter Acc. is ‎@XOJASMINEVMUSIC. And kendall's Twitter Acc is ‎@KendallJenner and it's varified!!!! U seriously should dlt ur account :s !!!!
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What's your dream job?
i have already! :) my modeling job. <3 xo.
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thanks for the answer kendall :*  majid H
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Ur not kendall and yes kim has an acc and I saw ur previous questions and ur answers are all about jasmine villegas! u really should delete ur page ;p
Kim has NO and please stop asking me. shes right next to me.
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<3 U
love ya too. xo kendall. (:
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i really want to be famous and sing because i love making people happy. i love singing, acting, dancing, and modeling. i love it so much you have no idea!! i am very good at them - not to sound weird, and many people tell me i am good! what do i do? please please PLEASE help me!
email my manager:
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i want to be a singer...i am RELE good...can u make me a singeR?
im not a singer..
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i want to be i cant sing amazinglyy!! and im good at modeling and im good at acting, and dancing! not everyones as lucky as u! plss help
just never give up. ;)
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if you could change one thing to make the world a better place , what would it be ?
to stop global warming.
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you sent me a question like 4 months ago...haha do iknow you? :)  Tiffany DePaul
um.. no?
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omg kendall ! your my favourite out of all your sisters ! you & Khloe rock !!! could you follow me on twitter please? ‎@reneetopeto  Ree
Check my previous answer. :-)
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follow me on twitter kendall? ‎@reneetopeto and ask your sisters too aswell please? your guuys are AWESOME!  Ree
im not allowed to follow people i dont know.. sorry. following in spirit! :-)
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Hi!*  ThairyD*
Hey love (:
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U said ur twitter account is ‎@XOJASMINEVMUSIC ! Kendall's twitter acc is ‎@KendallJenner and it's varified so u r not really kendall. And yes kim has an account, why did u say she doesn't have an acc? U should dlt ur page! :s
She has no and i never said that. xo Kendall.
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what is it like to kiss justin biebe jasmine???
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OFCOURSE u don't know me i ask anonymously :$
ok? <3
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and why was ur name jasmine villegas and now kendall??
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btw if ur really kendall i said ur not kendall bcuz i wanted to make sure if u r kendall cuz if u dlted the question ur not her and cuz i don't want to ask questions to you but the ppl that answer them r not really yeeeeewww!!! :)
Hey, and thank you doll. <3 <3
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