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I tried on snapchat
is this Caleb
Give me a chance please
Omg I don't know who you are
If I was your boyfriend I would treat you like the princess you are. I would send you cute goodnight and good morning texts and be a shoulder for you to cry on. I would forget about all those other girls and just be there for you.
snapchat me
I would say my name but I cant
snapchat me kgucciardo
Sorry but no
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I'll never get a girl I really want you though
who is this
Can I get your #
can I get a name ?
I'm anon that's all you need to know
Muscles or just hot??
Just wondering cause you are beautiful
thankss who is this please
Do u like guys with muscles or just is hot
What is the biggest turn on about guys
sexy body
Hugs or Kisses?
whered you get that studded case from? and is that for ipod 5 or iphone?
it was an iPhone case but I put it on my ipod
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Lol who
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If I can txt u I will tell u who it's is
I know who it is
No I don't think so
ohh then how would I know who you are
do I talk to you in class
do I sit by you
Yes 1
are you a girl or boy
Yes lol
do I have class with you
Yes lol
are you in my school
are you in my grade