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porque eres tan antipatico

Y yo que se..

Why do you suck at soccer so much ?

still better than you ..

Who knows you the best?

no one..

Do you remember me? ................

how am i supposed to know who you are....

Hey :) I have new acc can you give me some likes and follow please? ♥



Are you honest all the time?

not always..

Can you write your name on a paper and take a picture of it?

too much work..sorry

Last girl u kissed?

Cant Remember :/

Can u come to Canada for vacations?

we'll see..

U better wake up to Real Life, otherwise u will be lost <3


Thoughts on Olinda?

cool, friendly, funny. short :p

Fav. colour?

red idk..

People that u loved to meet in ur life?

No one..

R u a good kisser?

No :/

I have a crush on you


You're a fag that doesn't know how to play soccer I bet my lil cousin is better than you

i dont care whos better, i play it for fun.

What can you do that others can't do?


Hablas en español?

siii y vos?

You suck at soccer fag

idfc if im bad i like to play it.. .l.

Cute girls at lci?

obviously you:*

What's ur favourite sport?


What is your high score in Flappy Bird?


I havent seen you at school anymore

thats cuz i moved

porque te ves tan maricon?



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