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What's the best thing that happened to you today?

bought new lacrosse shoes

You the ugly type nigga

who are you

What sneakers you got?

not many, I out grew everything

You look like a monkey deadass

thanks lmao don't we all

Post a pic of your favorite shoes?

Thoughts on Begzod?

I hope he goes to maspeth high school because he's chill

Thoughts on danielle?

I don't know her too well but she's funny

What do you think people think of you?

jkjk I'm not that cocky

thoughts on nina s

I answer this too much

Other days

some new friends I either met during summer or at MHS

Who are those girls you hang out with in library

my the ones from today or all the other days?

What do u look for in a girl (:

good personalty, not ghetto, and healthy body

Post a selfie?

4 cute girls in school



no crush

god you're so hot I just wanna fuck you

Thanks lml


OH she's cool I don't know her too well

thoughts on Nina?

nina s?


she's nice

Nammee themm top five for each

mad work, just give names and I'll say something

top hottest freshman

only like 4 lmao

top hottest sophmores

there's a lot lmaoooo

kevin you a cool ass Dominican like what it isssssss

emily sanchez

wordddd Thanks you a cool ass puerto rican doee

Do u like ana

she's chill

Kevin wassgoood

Sherry ♡

my sonnn ima hit you up!!


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I'm a boss Lol idk