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gak ah gw mau jadi penggemar rahasia lw aja.kalo lw tau gw siapa ntar lw gak mau bales ask gw lagi. :D
iyalah bro... it'd be awkward when you get this form of compliment dari seorang teman.
but well then, suit yourself, boy. :-)
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If u get a chance to meet Park Chanyeol in his dorm, what would u say and do to him?
“I hate you so much and the most,” I'd say as I pull off the best smile that I have.
I'd just want to stare at his face, long and deep until I get escourted out by their security... his visage makes me feel the peace, dude. or maybe for the hopeful side of me, making him asks me to take a picture together and ask for my kakaotalk id HAHHAHAHAHAAHAHA we should really stop.
Ohya ka bisa bahasa korea ya? Les gitu apa emng biasa ke korea ka?? :')....... Pasif bgt kedengeran nya...
biasa ke korea.......
biasa ke korea..................
biasa ke korea..............................
ahhahahhahahahha sungguh opini yang sangat menyenangkan deque w pgn ke korea via audisi global sm aja kaga lolos deque:")
aku gbs asli cm bs yang gapenting" gt dikit bgt, km kalo mau bs pelafalan dan terutama bahasa koreanya itu sendiri pelajarin grammarnya mreka deh via k-shows dan korean lyrics mereka featuring google translate, itu mujarab walau lo jd kliatan bego krn ngomong" tp grammarnya ancur tp kamu jadi tau which is whichnya gt, 널 아랐다?
tp aku sih dpt bonus soalnya tmn aku les korea trus aku prnh ktmu korean native jd ya kecipratanlaa dikit" wk
Growl / Overdose ?
growl's better, but overdose is addictive.
Wow ka. Tdnya aku gak suka soundcloud, tp garagara ka melody share link soundcloud kaka aku jd kepo sebagus apa. Eh skg aku download soundcloud-,- aku udh denger smua cover kk tp sayang yg Tahu Diri - Maudy Ayunda nya
w OOO w
gue otw minta royalty ke soundcloud skrg juga karena sudah scara tidak langsung mengiklankan applicationnya. you're welcome, soundcloud.
hahhahahaha no. thank you, dear!
knp emgnya... yg maudy ayundanya... menghibur bgt kan?:"):"):")
Klo ngerekam di soundcloud pake app apa ya ka? Ko bisa keren gitu.? Yg Baby I sama when you believe nya suka bgt. Tapi lebih baik solo drpd diduetin :):) saran ak sih hhehe tp bagus bgt suara nya^^
untuk dedeque dedeque semua yang sedang membaca ini, fyi, until now belum ada application di handphone untuk mengedit recording... so pasti kita harus menggunakan computer dkk., dan karena di dalam dunia computer/sejenisnya tidak ada istilah app, maka kita akan gunakan terminology yang lebih baik dan benar yaitu 'software'. ya, software kawan-kawan!
~~~~just intermezzo~~~~
anyways, thank you so much:-3 aku biasanya record straight dari soundcloud di hp aku trus baru diedit di computer pake software 'Audacity'. itu ga user-friendly sih but for now, that's all I got.
yaila aku aja sampe skrg ga mungkin bakal upload cover when you believe itu kl bukan gara" fansnya ‎@DORKyungsoo yang minta dia duet sm aku via ask.fmnya dia deque (•̪-̮•̪) thank you from both of us, nanti aku blgin ke dorkyungsoonya!:-)
Please work on your english
please work it out for me by telling which one is wrong and not sending a subjective a.k.a hatred based-like question.
how much money do u spend on kpop?
0,-; never yet to spend my money on your oppars and their bosses.
hey, do you follow back in soundcloud?
selectively and rarely? yes.
Do you prefer exo or B1A4?
as in musicality? B1A4. they compose 85% of their songs by themselves, and those are not rubbish at all. they are sharpened raw diamonds.
as in feelings? EXO. they have stories, and some has got the same story like mine. they own my empathy.
but to choose which wins?
lately, it's EXO. it's been long, and I've been left behind with B1A4's updates, so right now I only follow B1A4 for their music.
Sorry, are u a exostan? Shoutout biased ,pls? :-)
does 'shoutout biased' actually means pouring your heart out about your bias? okay then.
Shoutout to: Park Chanyeol
From: a foreign dongsaeng slash hoobae whom the gigantic ferret senpai will never notice
Hello, senpai.
It's been awhile since the last time I sent you this, which is never.
How are you doing? Are you busy right now?
Of course you are, I wouldn't be crying in my laughter if it weren't for these fantaken photos of you going in and out of the airport like it's your second home that I'm flipping page by page.
Anyways, parents are very important, you know.
I want to thank God for making your parents exist. parents are very essential in life.
And I want to thank God for making Lee Soo Man exist, because SM is annoyingly amazing.
I also want to thank God for my friends. I somehow need them, a lot.
but most of all,
I want to thank God for the friends I have, introducing me to k-pop.
I want to thank God for making SM debuted EXO.
I want to thank God, for bringing amazing parents with endless supports and good genes whom made another new life on earth called Park Chanyeol.
the Park Chanyeol who is bright and positive.
the Park Chanyeol who is tall, and has a pair of elf-like ears.
the Park Chanyeol who is able to play lots of musical instruments, but still failed to get the hearts of ladies.
the Park Chanyeol who grabbed my attention with his face that speaks “cuddle”, and yet a voice that screams “sex”.
the Park Chanyeol whose smile brightens my day, and as he smiles, my heart smiles along with him.
the Park Chanyeol whose actions are exaggerated, but never fails to amuse me.
the Park Chanyeol whom I never knew that he can cook.
the Park Chanyeol who is noticeably has crazy eyes, twitching funnily everytime he laughs aloud.
and the Park Chanyeol, whom is the person I fell in love with already without all those things above that I've said.
and I thank God for you to exist.
SM / JYP / YG stan?
f(x), exo, girls' generation, super junior. SM
A multi fandom?
EXO & B1A4 YES!!!!!!
my first 'debut' to the k-pop world is through b1a4. i love their music, i've been following them since 'baby, goodnight' era and i was a cnu stan, but currently i just stan everybody (maybe especially baro and jinyoung).
exo's been the nth k-pop group i've discovered since my first idol group ever, b1a4. i particularly liked some of super junior's songs alongside infinite, miss a, f(x), & girls' generation's. and i'm still lovestruck with 2ne1's aon album. it's enormously rad!
whoohoh i always love this kind of question, ask me more about this!
andai kamu mengenal saya.pasti saya adalah cowo paling bahagia didunia :)
yela kenalan mah kenalan aja mz jangan suka mempersulit hidup yang already sulit... jadilah seperti mereka
andai kamu mengenal saya.pasti saya adalah cowo paling bahagia didunia :)
mwahaha yodah yodah...pap dong pap apa aja deh. etp signal lg 3G kan? HEHE  Melody Amisastro
hurr... IYE LG 3G MEN. :")
betapa malesnya w papp (post a personal photo) w benci bgt papp tp buat u apasi yang iya (gak)
title: “digging in the ancient memories by modern time. in the middle of semacam shooting gtde...? #ootd #feelinnostalgic”
mwahaha yodah yodah...pap dong pap apa aja deh. etp signal lg 3G kan? HEHE
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whaa aku anak tuhan jg tp aku ga sesempurna kezs ;( mungkin waktu pembagian suara bagus aku terlambat kali ya makanya ga bagian nomer antri  Melody Amisastro

biasanya memang org tu merendah untuk meroccccccket yha gpp mel gpp we know mel we know
karna kamu anak Tuhan, makanya kamu sempurna :)
ga sala si mz hehe makazi ya for all of your nice words, God bless:-)
haha ia sebangsa setanah air :) sekali lagi aku bilang kamu cewek sempurna :)
:-) God's perfect
Kmu main alat music sendiri atau di iringin?
main sendiri mz/mb (•̪-̮•̪)
Hei.. Aku udah dengar Soundcloud kamu keren bgd. :) kamu umur berapa kalo boleh tw?
terima kasih banyaak... turning 19 this year!:-)
What do you think about more than anything else?
choosing faculty department.
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i know your cover is goin to be great but i'd still say good luck and have fun!! :)  dredbyun
and have fun on more of your covers in the future, too. thank you sweetheart!
bingung yah?hahaha maap yah bahasa inggris saya jelek. :D maksudnya "shipper" itu mengenalmu. maaf yah bahasa inggris saya gak sebagus kamu.tapi saya senang bisa kenal kamu :)
aww... now it gets very creepy:") ternyata anda sebangsa setanah air juga ya sama saya, but that was a really smart move to say it in this language, that made it less creepier. but okay then, terima kasih juga, saya juga senang ada yang kenal sama saya:")
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hahaha thank you girl.i just reveal all of inside my heart.I secretly investigate what's your favorite.i like all of you do.I'm sorry I've done this but you should know that I'm doing this solely for the shipper., I must be that cool to receive this kind of confession. hahhahaha sorry, my tonystarkness is embracing out. my bad.
well aside of this being quite a little bit creepy, but i can't help with my damn curiosity, so what do you know about me now? and... what do you mean by 'shipper'?
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thank you very much for listening and giving thoughts about it. :3 i'd try to work on them especially with the breathing technique. btw, i'm wishing you'd cover the song too or the four of you will collab for it. whichever, i know i'm not the only one that you'll make happy. :D thanks again :)  dredbyun
you're the most welcome. ;-)
aww... yes, I do have a plan on making the cover! Just wait, it is supposed to be coming rightaway soon. I thank you so<3
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