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Kak, share opini tentang president election tahun ini dong :)
seru dek kek nonton bola
Aplikasi recording yg bagus buat soundcloud itu apa si namanya kak? Yg kayak kaka pke ituloooh hehe
w bingung wat do ya mean with aplikasi recording, tp ga salah jg sih km bilang 'aplikasi recording' secara updatean soundcloud yang baru sekarang is a total big big big freaking no dan gaada recording buttonnya, myb u are bingung. so if you were asking for that, i suggest you to start recording with the built-in voice note/voice memos/whatever the name is in your phone, and then send it to your own email. or you can just simply buy a microphone and jack cable to connect them to your personal computer or something.
tp kl mksd km bukan aplikasi recording yang itu, mungkin yg km maksud adalah editing software. biasanya sih gue pake audacity. ga user-friendly, tapi gampang buat di download dan ga terlalu makan banyak space. tp it's super basic, dan kl mau nyari yang lebih user-friendly and advanced, maybe you can consider downloading sony vegas pro:-)
Lol "Dear, Shila"  DORKyungsoo
dear my goddess ‎@DORKyungsoo4, i've pondered in a couple days ago on how the hell am i supposed to say this, but eventually i just have to let you know. i couldn't be more grateful than i am right now to have the opportunity to know you. honestly, before the first time i contacted you on twitter a long time ago, i was actually in the middle of feeling like i was starting to drift myself away from my own life. like, lost. i tried to find something to grip on, and then i found you. and i pushed on my luck, trying if somehow i could slip in and do something with my life, even if it was just learning from how do you do the things you've been doing all this time from afar.
but it turned out different. we came out recognizing each other, and just like that, bam, we're friends. occasionally at times, i just still couldn't believe that i'm doing fine right now. i mean, finally, finding my grip isn't one of my concerns anymore, but to see on how you've been and still supporting me all this time, it gives me such an incredible feeling. gratefulness is kinda underrated, tho. i have no idea on how to thank you for the very simple actions you do, which actually aren't simple at all for me. those feel more like a massive group of people coming right toward you asking if they could help you to climb on the endless stairs onto the clouds. the point is, you've helped me to find my escapade. and thanks. thank you. thank you so much for that. well, this is so goddamn vague and i don't know if you do actually understand what these words mean, but thank you for being such a supportive goddess, goddess.
oh, and, you're odd. absolutely. me too. who isn't, anyway? we're all odd in our very own ways.
and goodluck with your life. wish you for the best on earth and heaven.
thank you.
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Deaaaar  Angelita Silaban
dear angel
gmn ya gatau knp pgn ktawa aja
abis u bulliable bgtsi
gpp ngel, jaman sekarang orang" kaya lo tuh justru dicari, karena lo selalu membuat bahagia semua orang (◡‿◡✿) so makasih ya ngel, lo bener" seorang angel sejati.
canda deng wkwkwkwkwkwk td udh pemanasan, skrg dear"an benerannya.
dear angel, slama gue hidup gue peratiin orang" tuh cuman ada dua macem, kalo ga beraura gelap berawan mau ujan, ya beraura terang sinar matahari pagi. i hope that you aren't strong enough to be flown in to the first category, because wherever you walk into, the second one is always be something considered way, way more beautiful there •̪-̮•̪ jangan insecure, kemampuan seseorang ga akan pernah berhenti kalo mereka terus berusaha. gausah peduliin orang" udah nyampe mana, yang penting lo ga berhenti. ntar kalo lo berhenti, lo juga kan yang susah sendiri? ntar ujung"nya insecure lagi...
and don't you worry about a thing, your kind of life is not exclusive, banyak orang yang kondisinya sama kayak lo juga. ini cuma fase, jalanin aja dan kuncinya berusaha memahami orang" disekitar lo, trust me it always works dude. i know, because someone here who live the same path as you are tells me that, too.
so cheer up, i'm so proud of you! (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)
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DEAR EDEN .....  Edenise
dear eden locoekoeh, i honestly learn a lot from you. there are a lot of times when i feel so unmotivated, but then i see you with your piano skill nonchalantly increasing so goddamn rapidly, and suddenly i found my spirit again.
no actually, it's just that i dislike the idea that i'm not way greater than you do. LOL thanks for being great, you remind me a lot of me. oh and foremost, I knew. I can tell about what you've been doing this whole time. and sometimes... I feel kinda helpless, because I ain't that great...? but then again, with you being here, you suddenly become, like, a reminder to me, so that I should always be awesome and become more awesome so you'll still have someone to look up to, and i'll still have someone to discreetly learn from. stay cute and talented, babygirl! (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)
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(send to all followings, ga dijawab gpp :D) Dear...  bella hutabarat
dear bella pacarnya frans kok lo berdua ga putus-putus
..wkwkwkwkwk dear bella my long time ago elfa music school buddy and now my teman bersuka dan duka dalam Tuhan hahay kek lagu aja ya may u stay anak-gaul-ibukota gossiper and keep calm and love pink and hello kitty and frans(isca)<333333 kurang"in gilanya tambah"in diemnya soalnya lu kalo ga diem pasti gila dan gue lelah because gue denger diri gue sendiri ngomong aja udah lelah jadi gausah nambah"in beban hidup gue ok dan jangan pernah lupakan masa lalu asoy ntar gue download lagi ah puisinya omgugel mangstab bro semoga seseorang dari masa lalu itu melihat membaca dan membeli novel lo di toko buku because that novel is so nice like a sosis so nice semua makan so nice semua makan buku lo yes gais jgn lupa liat novel teenlitnya bella ya judulnya memogana unyu kan judulnya wow artinya apa tuh silahkan dibaca dulu baru boleh nanya tengs
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dear fatin reply me key
dear fatin... y dahell u go anonymous
lulz dear my dear how have u been doing are u handling this sera-quitting-9muses well? are u doing fine although you're always there to see all of ur friends' troubling with 'those kind of people'? i hope sera will soon get the justice she deserves, and i hope you and your baek stan friends are doing okay, okay? okay. anyways i've had never clicked with anyone in my timeline any faster than you had, you hold the record dude. so don't you ever stop being an outspoken and easygoing and lovely kind of person, okay? okay? okay. btw that time i saw your tree painting on my timeline, it's pretty af. and u seem like having really hard feelings for photography? i think you're doin' it right. believe in your passions, they'll never get you wrong. and foremost, have a great life, nae sesang. <2+1<2+1
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Dear Valerie , (random question to random people)  Valerie Patricia
r u sayin that i'm random
lmao dear valerie... wait sorry i did typo i mean selerie, thanks for your existence in my timeline and my dm and my line chat and yet my non-virtual life because you're such a comfortable light within this beautiful disaster called as exo fandom, i'm so delighted to be able to know you. and i really like your personality, keep up that angelic trait girl. it's okay if you're not talkative, it's okay if you're not who you desperately wish to be, because you are still attracting people with the way you are now, all of those never matter. like you said, there are a lot of valeries in this world, but your version of valerie; it's one-time made. you have no copies girl, geogjeonghajima no no no bbuing bbuing •̪-̮•̪ i know that you already knew this, but please don't forget to check out the daily updates and photos of jongin especially sehun, your love for jongin is A+ and for sehun is A++++-----+. can't wait for the day where i'll finally meet you. saranghaeyong ppyong xoxoxo
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Shit man. Horror bgt crita lo. Chanyeol tuh yg mana sih-.- HAHAHA  Elvina Natalia R
great question. here you go.
Shit man. Horror bgt crita lo. Chanyeol tuh yg mana sih-.- HAHAHA
dear,  noni
dear ‎@bangsatsetanx e mkst w ‎@bangstanx a.k.a noni my ancient history (as in "dude, it's been an ancient history ago!") friend and also a fellow k-poper buddy yang sebenernya gue awal tertarik sama exo gara" liat tweet" doi berikut editan" sampah jamannya exo heboh gara" rilis teaser wolf album setelah satu tahun absen kelas, it seems like my life is surrounded by cool people ya neon wae ireohke? well wise cool people say that you are what you surround yourself with, hmm no surprise tbh. sometimes i can't help but think that you're like my lost twin who isn't even lost, more like long-distanced, we have so much in common yeah sampe muka juga ada mirip"nya jangan" kita sodaranya huang zitao?!?!?!?!?!
maybe we are
btw dude i'm not getting my laptop back it's dead. dead. filing bucks in for new gadget so cross fingers. damn you remind me of my laptop and my far abandoned projects and especially fanfictions bro i hate you so much but nevertheless x o
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*ikutan jg deh biar rame :)) * dear ..  Elvina Natalia R
dear L-nya W because "L, W, end" (ngerti ga) stay hipster gurl and damn, you're such a fun-loving person! you're really that "someone cool to have a chit-chat with" and honestly lo ngingetin gue sama chanyeol from exo (no not that one particular handsome ass named as kris that you pointed your finger to, sorry) because you guys have a lot in common which is sama" ngehits dan selera musik u guys sama and tbh i kinda envy your last accomplished adventurous possesions like wow dude so rad can u pls stop travelling ya and anyways, I found this cool one-sentence horror story for you: Prabowo wins the election. #salamduajari
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DEAR  feb
dear febglo febzoo (ni mksdnya otp apa gmn lo diship sama kebun binatang?) u my pretty keponakan who is in the beginning days of your adolescent phase...
you're such a great friend and a great family, kita sekeluarga dan terutama aku are so lucky to have you in this goddamn big group. i was gonna say cult instead of group but then again you wouldn't know what that means so it's better for me to not put that word there lmao. i've known you since we were so young like i was a second grader and you were just born. i don't think you don't know about this already but i love so much girl, just saying. i wish for you to grow up into more of a beautiful person you already are. and also, as a fellow fandom friend as well, STAY FREAKING STRONG.
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dear,  amantha
dear amantha yg tenang namun menghanyutkan like a kali ciliwung...
i can see that you're kinda... always there for everyone? i don't know. you are always there for people to listen to their ramblings or rants, making people feel appreciated by your easily-impressed trait showing everytime i attempt to crack a joke although i doubt that you're an easily-impressed person because i know i have a great sense of humor. i think you're cool bro, cheers.
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Dear,  Farah
Dear farah cantique bangetue, likes u RUSUH BGT... btw pakabar lo ah soms banget lo anak sevel cikini tp boong hahay smoga tambah tinggi y
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Dear,  Devira Putri
Dear rara yg lebih ngehits dipanggil dev tp maunya dipanggil dee, please stay being you because I like you very mang ching for who you are wOw bombastic bitches gonna hate 사랑해용 안녕 뿅
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Ka. Tau cara main 007Bbang ga? Tbh i dont get it how ;c thank you.
Chargeran gue itu ga putus sama sekali ka. Cuman klo gue charger gitu hpnya,this device is not able yang kaya gitudeh,gabisa ngisi battre nya sama sekali. Bingung gue juga ka,baru juga setahun. Ada saran ka? Sorry bgt. Dan thanks advicenya kaaa.
udh coba ngecharge pake charger temen? coba tuker" dulu kombinasi port adapter sama usb cablenya tmn lo sm punya lo, kl misalnya punya tmn lo masih ga bisa jg ya brarti slot adapter dari hp lo yg bermasalah selamat buang" uang xixixi
Where you do not mind waiting?
a visually entertaining cafe with mini library that doesn't smell like piles of dusty old books and awesome wifi plus good desserts especially cheesecakes yes that one especially
Ka,pake iphone? Sering ganti charger ga? Hahaha
SERING FUKK:-(:-( tbh harusnya engga tapi charger gue yang came in default sama hpnya dulu ilang ha gils charger mahal men masih dendam sih gue sbnrnya entah siapa yang ngambil but whatever ok ya sbnrnya menurut gue sih intinya jangan sampe charger original lo ilang aja soalnya kl lo beli charger lagi walaupun yg official dari ibox and whatnotsnya itu strukturnya beda sama charger original dia lebih weak gt jd gampang putus kl saran gue sih mending lo kl beli charger langsung dikasih per di ujung connector ke hpnya biar ga putus gt ya ok tq
tao / baekhyun / valerie  Valerie Patricia
tao / baekhyun / valerie
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Kak, minta rekomendasi lagu yang liriknya unyu dong! Kayak 2nd Confession BTOB thank you :D
ey darl are you like, in love or something? cute request <2+1
anyways, did you mean it for specific sweet songs in korean or just whatever as long as they've got the sweet lyrics in it? i'll just merge all of them in one, okay? and if you don't mind, lagu" di bawah ini akan didasarkan dari personal taste gue which means you'll have to listen to the arrangement as well supaya bisa lebih memahami unyu"an yang ada di dalam lagunya, dan juga dengerin perasaan yang ada di dalam suara penyanyinya. karena terkadang, perasaan lebih berbicara daripada kata-kata. #azek. whatever.
1. Only One - B1A4
isn't it beautiful to have someone who always believe in you and supports you through the hurricanes and all? for me, it is.
“I pray no tears in your dreams, I know you’ll fly high in your life. Although this world tries to look at you with a small view; I can confidently say, you’re the only one.”
2. Yearning Heart - A'ST1
ya jd intinya cowok di lagu ini udah gatel pengen nyentuh cewenya (baca: bukan grepe) karena lagi berbunga-bunga banget, mungkin dia baru jadian ya gapapa juga sih mz bukan urusan gue ya santai it's a free country bro
tapi... the feeling that you're desperately wanted by someone... itu unyu kan? walau penjelasan gue creepy dan exaggerated tapi tetep unyu kan?
and yes bitches, this is Boys Before Flowers' soundtrack. i'm not sorry at all for throwing you back to the history. this history is so beautiful:_) sorry my biased side is showing whispers i love you forever bbf
“It's a yearning heart, it's a yearning heart. Even if you're by my side, I still miss you. Hey, my girl, like this, I want to place you in my embrace.”
3. Sky - B1A4
maaf w emang ngebiasin ini group banget tapi lagunya emang enak men dan lo harus liat juga lyricsnya w-o-w hati w terbang ke judul lagunya.
dan yes ini juga soundtrack dan walau ini soundtrack film dan bukan dari Korean drama tapi pemerannya juga sama lagi which is Goo Hye Sun oemji apaka ini smacam coincidence
“The sky resembles you a lot so in the beginning, I liked that a lot. Your pure and clear face expressions were pretty and likeable.”
lucu khand tapi still there's more to it, tunggu sampe lo ke bagian rapnya yang swag hahay jangan lupa pasang sabuk pengaman sebelum lepas landas ya selamat terbang
4. Call You Mine - Jeff Bernat ft. Geologic of the Blue Scholars
o ow.
masih ada hubungannya sih dengan Korea. walau sebenernya not exactly Korea.
ini lagu yang dulu pernah dicover EXO's Kris dan Lay. waw sorry, kedengeran ya kek suara barang pecah tadi? waduh serpihan hatinya nyebar kemana" pula gimana nih nyapunya... (makin angst)
“I remember this night we had, outside on the grass us two, (we were)
gazin’ at the stars who smiled as my eyes only turned towards you.”
um ya udahan aja y w mau beres" serpihan masih banyak bye you are welcome
Chingu, kamu jangan begitu
pergi kamu jauh" cechinguan aku tak mau kamu dan semua chingu"mu yang palsu itu memangnya u kenal sm ur so called chingu itu hah
Annyeong chingu  DORKyungsoo
wo a you man wo a you
Eh sumpeh timeline ask gw ga kyk lu tuh dit. Berarti emang lu tanda2 kali :))))  Elvina Natalia R
tanda" kiamat bro
kelas brp kak ? suaranya enak bangetttttt
waa masasi... makasih ya:") aku tahun ini mulai kuliah deque