jgn lupa kak, barang2 yg bisa dselametin djual aja ke OL*X, jgn simpen barang bekas, ga baik 🐍 Reyā β˜† Grafita Isso Andreys

aduh masih pingin nyimpen, ntar deh dijualnya :-3 kalo mau beli kabarin ya WKWKWK

kak, hati aman? udh di evakuasi pasca kebakaran kmrn? Reyā β˜† Grafita Isso Andreys

masih proses pengambilan barang-barang yang tersisa, mb. thx ya dah prihatin. tq bed

Selfie, please?

tanpa vscocam tapi bagus juga kok.

kak kalo pacarnya sering update tapi ga ngabarin pacarnya itu knp?

lagi males sama kamu. udahin aja (kompor ga jelas)

Dear Kak Key, I really loved your original song. So, mind to share the lyric? P.S. : I liked and reposted it already on soundcloud Rafi

Hi, Rafi! I'll give you the lyrics kalau lagunya sudah ku rilis di iTunes, yah, biar sekalian. Hehe

Kak Key, the song is extremely beautiful and you created a really great messagw, the things that some of the fan really wanna shows. I really love it kak! Nadya Evangelista

Terima kasih, Nadya... huhuhu. Terkadang kalau hati sedang perih, apa yang keluar dari mulut dan tulisan kita bisa tiba-tiba menjadi sangat jujur.

ka lagu kaka kapan keluar di itunes katanya early january

Well, nda' jadi keluar early January, I have to revise so many freaking things within it and aku sedang banyak deadline pekerjaan dan juga rutinitas lain sebagainya jadi belum difokuskan ke situ, because when I want to pour all my attention to it, it has to be perfect. Waitjuseyo~

Lebih stres mana ngadepin UN sama PTN atau Nyusun skripsi sama ngadepin sidang skripsi?

nyusun hati yang patah.

Kak Key, i also felt so sad when Kris left EXO, especially since I went over Hangeng's and Kibum's withdrawal from SJ too, so I know that feeling well. It won't be the same anymore, it's still OT12 and OT13. Gugus Bintang got me sobbing when I learned it's a song for them ;-; TYSM for the beauty :) Jenifer Wirawan

I know, right? It just won't be the same anymore. I sobbed when I wrote the lyrics too, darling. You're not alone. (and plus I wrote that while I was commuting on train. Can you imagine that. Yha.)

thank you for listening, and thank you for saying such a compliment. I'm honoured. :-)

Hi, fellas! Whose voice do you hear in your head when you read anonymous questions? And how do you perceive an anonymous user physically? Kawashima Linberg

It seems like you never ran out of questions, Helmi! How come you're so creative, or is it just me being a lazy ass. (well probably the latter.)

The way I'd read anonymous questions are based on their language structure. If their words looked structured and they seemed polite, I'd read them in a... I don't know, I'd just guess what their gender would be LOL this question is kind of tricky, thank you. I'd just recall the things I've heard and whom I had heard that from and then match those with what I was reading, and by then I'd decide how I'd make the questions sound in my head. Yha. Did that even answer your question, I don't know.

Physically, nothing. Just a grey new-user icon. Or on Twitter, an egg with purple border (because randomly I remember that Kyuhyun from Super Junior kept his Twitter account avatarless for centuries just because his empty avatar happened to be an egg with purple border, which is his favorite color. Man, I don't even follow Super Junior. I just happened to be reading that information somewhere. Why these words in the bracket are even longer than my actual answer?!)


@Juliapricemusic asks, "What was the worst date of your life?"

until today, it's still January 13th, 2016 so far.

Kak Key, aku barusan denger Gugus Bintang. Aku suka pake banget kak!!! Aku sampe merinding, ngena banget liriknya. Trus ritmenya gampang diinget. Rasanya sama kayak denger Promise pertama kali kak. So eargasm!!!❀❀❀❀ Hanny Dwi R

Terima kasih banyak, Hanny! Puji Tuhan, I'm very glad that you liked it. πŸ’œ terkadang memang kalau dimanfaatkan dengan baik, rasa sakit hati kita bisa menghasilkan sesuatu yang baik untuk diri kita sendiri, no? πŸ˜‰

My single will be out on iTunes in around early January, so please do borrow someone's credit card if you got none, and buy my single legally from iTunes. Soon. πŸ’œ

Key lo menang sv4 ga???

I won the 1st Runner-Up title for StarVoices 2015. Thank you for supporting all these times. It has been a three-months full of wonderful joy and tremble. I had a good adventure. God bless you!

some songs just bring out the best memories, do you agree? and what is your best song that remain you to best memories?

My own song, apparently. I named it 'Gugus Bintang'. It's a song about a bunch of men united in one group who dance and sing for a living. And recently, I just published the song on Soundcloud.

A little story behind it?

Saya adalah penggemar K-POP. Hingga detik ini, boy group dari Korea Selatan favorit saya masih adalah EXO; sebuah boy group tersohor yang pada awalnya memiliki 12 member, dan terbagi menjadi 2 sub-group yaitu EXO-K dan EXO-M. EXO-K ditugaskan untuk melaksanakan promosi di Korea Selatan, sementara EXO-M bertugas di China.

Lagu 'Gugus Bintang' saya ciptakan pada awal tahun 2013, sekitar 1 bulan setelah meledaknya berita secara internasional atas pecahnya keutuhan group dari EXO dengan keluarnya seorang member bernama panggung Kris, yang mana merupakan seorang leader dari sub-group EXO-M. Linglung, EXO sempat kehilangan semangat, dan begitu juga dengan para fans-nya, termasuk saya. 'Gugus Bintang' adalah karya yang tercipta dari suatu kegiatan yang masih dianggap remeh di belahan dunia mana pun: menjadi seorang penggemar.

Saya harap dengan adanya sekian banyaknya kekurangan di dalam karya saya, kesedihan yang berasal dari hati seseorang yang ditinggalkan masih dapat tersampaikan kepada setiap telinga yang mendengarkannya.


If you have a friend or a family who happen to be a fan of EXO, this song is about them.

Please, listen and share.

- Key B. (http://soundcloud.com/kezs)

oh lagu sendirinya lebih ke genre apa? kalo misalnya udh jadi, bisa gue bantu produce mungkin hhe

it's a pop ballad, with strings and woodwinds and everything orchestra. well, i wouldn't mind about that... only if i know who you are.

Halo kak Key! Penasaran dengan Korean Culture Day yang akan datang?πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ Yuk ditonton teasernya di πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ bit.ly/teasercomingsoonkcd2016 Jangan lupa cek facebook kita juga yaa πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Korean Culture Day πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ Korean Culture Day 2016

asik banget, di Korean Culture Day 2014 aku ikutan kompetisi bernyanyi k-pop-nya, loh! kalian scroll sedikit ke bawah pasti masih ada, deh, foto-foto dan answers aku mengenai Korean Culture Day 2014. yuk semuanya, ditonton teaser-nya!

udah punya lagu sendiri?

sudah ada beberapa, tapi belum direalisasikan ke dalam bentuk recording dan di-komersilkan.

planning-nya sih mau merilis kalau menjadi juara 1 dari kompetisi 'STARVOICES: Online Singing Competition', karena salah satu hadiah utama dari STARVOICES adalah merilis lagu sendiri di iTunes... but it won't happen without your help, guys!

so i need your help with the votes. how to? it's simple, cukup dengan PLAY berkali-kali, LOVE, REPOST & COMMENT lagu ini dari pukul 19.30 WIB HARI INI hingga 18.00 WIB BESOK untuk mempertahankanku di dalam kompetisi 'STARVOICES: Online Singing Competition' babak TOP 6 yang sudah semakin sengit ini (i'm not kidding, sudah sangat sengit)! and, please, share this link to your family and friends and let them listen to my track to help me out on this competition!


thank you so much my dearest ones, God bless you abundantly!

dulu les vocal dimana ka?

Elfa Secioria's Music School, 6 tahun dari semenjak Sekolah Dasar tingkat ke-3. Dari semenjak kursus hingga berhenti sampai sekarang, aku juga terus belajar vokal ke papaku. He's a bataknese singer!

What's one thing most people don't know about you?

They don't know that i'm currently one of the TOP 8 round finalists for 'STARVOICES: Online Singing Competition' in the 4th Season this year! and they must know that i'm urgently in need of their help to vote me out!

VOTING-nya akan ditutup 1 JAM LAGI pukul 18.00 WIB, dan pengumuman ELIMINASI akan diberitahukan MALAM INI, pukul 19.30 WIB.

Here are the links you'll need (it's easy, just click!):

1. Pertama, vote untuk sistem POLLING
Klik nama KEY B. pada link http://starvoicesindo.com/
(hanya bisa 1 kali / gadget, aktifkan semua gadget yang kamu miliki untuk mendukung Key dalam babak minggu ini!)

2. Kemudian, vote kembali dengan cara PLAY SEBANYAK-BANYAKNYA, LIKE, REPOST, dan COMMENT pada link lagu ini: https://soundcloud.com/starvoicesindo/key-b-kupu-kupu-melly-goeslaw-top-8-sv4

THANK YOU SO MUCH, LOVES! My life almost literally relies on you, dearest folks. Have a great sunday everyone, God bless you!

Let's say, there's this technology that allowed you to access video footages of people who trash-talked you behind your back and also those who secretly admired you. Would you mind to watch them? Kawashima Linberg

i'd really love to watch them.
afterwards, i'll put a smile on my face everytime the hypocrites passed by me, but i'll turn my back and stare at theirs as they walk away, and for once again, pressing the same words onto myself to not shoving them away from my life, but also not to trust them either. then whenever the ones who admire me greet me when i'm walking through, i'll attempt to stop and talk to them for a bit. because, it's good to keep the ones who remind you that you, are, actually, already good for some people around you; they can remind you to love yourself when you're thinking of not doing so.

Akhirnya activate juga

mau liat2 aja mb

Ih ka dp askfmnya cantiqueeee bgt Filda Trya

Out of my curiosity, how do you use the anonymous feature? Kawashima Linberg

I ask people about questions that might appear slightly dumb to them, but is very pride-pricking. I basically test their theses.

And yes. I figured out in a few of the questions of mine in which they'd answered, that they'd became slightly unnerving.

mau nanya kakak kakak berpengetahuan luas. no offense cuma emang gatau- kenapa agama ada banyak, bahkan di indonesia ada 6, di luar negeri apa lagi, padahal katanya Tuhan cuma satu? jangan mihak agama sendiri dulu jawabnya, aku pengen tau seluruhnya, makasih!

pertanyaannya bikin baper, aku mau nyanyi Peri Cinta-nya Marcell aja.

ini semua salah kamu dek.

Kak, mau nanya nih. Eh gajadi.

wah susah ini jawabannya.


Ask @kezsiaw:

About Key B.:

kalo pertanyaannya soal nyanyi, ya bagus. tapi kalau bukan soal nyanyi, ya udah gue jawab juga.

Proverbs 12: 24