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Hi lovely people, have a great Friday! :)
have a great friday too, an even lovelier anonymous!
What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
english. aku disayang semua guru englishku yey++++++
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what makes you grateful today? have a good day :)
i'm grateful that i kemarin pergi berobat tuk idung en tenggorokan i sehingga i hari nie jadi punya alibi untuk dosen mayor vokal i and voila i ga jadi dimarahin gara" teknik klasik i yang melemah minggu ini hore terima kasih batuk✨
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cuma gua yang...  Angelita Silaban
yang aus ya yang aus akua ale ale relaxa relaxa
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kamu kalo ganti nama, mau jadi "Tuti" ya?  DORKyungsoo
iyah, panggil akuh tuti frutti
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Keeeey you finally come back! "Pencetus S.MTOWN Global Audition" oMo0 segan sekali brb sembah sujud  Ayu Rizqita Putri
waw disembah sujudin ma senpai
b o m b a s t i s
n t a p
ikutan audisi smtown global ka?
bukan, aku adalah pencetus S.MTOWN Global Audition.
kak nge-record nya pake app apa yang overdose eng cover? jernih banget soal nya<3
thanks, we used an actual microphone for that one... just like those recording session videos you see on the internet.
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dapet email gak dari staff SM Global Audition kemaren?
nope, and glad that i didn't.
S.M. Entertainment is currently on the verge of crumbling down.
...or have they already?
i just hope they'll take care of Red Velvet very carefully. or at least, standard enough not to make anyone in the group, or maybe another Canadian, to file down a freaking lawsuit in their faces.
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Sebutkan 3 lagu favorit yg menurutmu covernya paling cihuy & dunia harus tau. Bobot nilai 80! HEHEHE have a nice day <3  Ayu Rizqita Putri
the original songs aren't actually the ones i'm fondest of, but these covers below are A++++!
1. Baby (Justin Bieber cover) - Dirtyloops
the freaking bass, the voice, the piano, the drum, the arrangement, thE FREAKING GENIAL CREATIVITY THEY'VE GOT IN THE BRAINS, i give up. they make the song sounds completely goddamn ridiculously grand, funky, and passionate. compared to the original version, Dirtyloops makes a more mature and colorful rendition, they put a lot of details in their arrangement. and the chords... the chords especially. i don't even... i'm starting to sound like a bimbo how about you check it out yourself before i lose my whole capability to complete up a sentence.
2. Drunk In Luv (Beyoncé cover) - Jeni Suk
forever in love. i love how she completely makes a turnaround unto the whole song. compared to the original version, Jeni's rendition definitely has a complete opposite atmosphere. hers is more intense, and i like the fact that she makes this song sounds even more depressive past the magical touch of her beautiful tinker. and just like what she had said, "Beyoncé refix". she completely fixed the song and make it better. check it out.
3. Somebody (15& cover) - Daeho
nothing much, his voice is just that enjoyable enough to make me recommend you this. oh, and by the way, his stop motion video is super adorable.
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kak, suka banget sama coveran kaka di soundcloud bagus banget suara kaka aaaaa lovelove deh❤️❤️❤️  tasy
ck ah sa ae kamu amin amin makasih ya lovelovelove...<3<333
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kak, luhan kenapa keluar dari exo sih? ceritain dong:") duh aku kudet sekaliiiiii
pls no bashing tq (hening sejam)
ya mungkin dia lelah dek.
on a more serious note, actually kalau kamu mau bener-bener tau, banyak versi dari kasus luhan, kamu nilai sendiri aja menurut kamu dia keluar karena apa, nih aku kasih linknya.
have a nice day!
tau fanartnya windeer ga kak?
TAU GILA ITU KEREN BGT+++++ walau gue ga ngeship hunhan tp kalo udh ngeliat fanart dia gue lgsg kek, "ah hunhan is so beautiful"
gue ga ngefollow dia, tapi terakhir gue liat lewat di timeline gue fanart setelah berita luhan keluar dari exo keluar... fanartnya sms goodbye dari luhan ke sehun. trus sehunnya kek tutup muka nahan sedih. ah... jadi pengen kepoin accountnya.
(fanart tidak tersedia di hp kesayangan saya)
anjir lah kak, gue dengerin lagu jin - gone coveran kaka langsung galau gini yaaa keren banget kaaa, sukaa banget sama suara kakaaaa❤️❤️
yes galau, mission accomplished! makasih banyak ya pujiannya<3333333 yha kalo petani lidah buaya kaya gini sih yha
u baik bgt kasih update buat kita" through thank u angelic anonymous<33
halo! malem minggu gini enaknya ngomongin yang romantis-romantis nih. adakah ;agu yang kalian siapkan untuk sosok 'the right one' kalian nanti dan alasan dibalik lagu itu? thank you for sharing :)
none other than 너의 세상으로 (Angel) - EXO. alasannya?
"This moment feels like I was born as a child who knew nothing
I closed my eyes again in case it was a dream
You were standing in front of my desperate self and praying
Just once, I want to walk side by side with you
Taken by the soft wind to your world
You asked me brightly where I came from to your side
And I told you that it was a secret
Wherever we walk together
It will be paradise
You are an eye-blinding entity compared to Michael
Who wouldn't remember you, I will not forgive it
Like the beginning when stepping into Eden
Believing you every day from the bottom of my heart
I always want to protect you
So that even the small things won’t tire you out, I’m eternally in love
As your guardian, I will block the stiff wind
Even though people turn their backs to you
If I could become the person
Who can wipe your tears on a tiring day
It will be paradise
I, who has fallen in love with no other place to
Go back, my wings have been talen away (oh no)
Even though I lost my everlasting life, the reason to my happiness
You are my eternity Eternally Love"
i've realized that i'd be that type of person yang akan benar" jatuh begitu dalam, once i've found the right one.
i'll do everything that i could for that person, even if i'm not going to be that type of person who'll shower the one they love with verbal utterings of affection, because i'm more into that speak-less-action-more type of person.
i'll always take on their side when things go wrong, because i know that i can trust him.
i'll see him as the most beautiful thing i've ever seen in my life, because... i don't know, that's just how my soul works.
dan lagu ini captures them all. it's perfect.
by year two thousand-something, during one of our so-many dates, i'll tell him about this song.
though i won't tell him that the song is all about him.
2 people like this seneng ga sih akhirnya bisa liat mz luhan dan dalam keadaan baik baik saja :")
ya Tuhan gue baru kelar latihan dan gue langsung merosot ke lantai... bahagia banget haha makasih anon this made my day:")
Hi. How's your day? :)
pretty lame because i woke up an hour late than the time i was supposed to be awake at, hence i missed the one and only subject schedule in my university for today.
then spent my whole day practicing with my colleague for freshmen recital on the upcoming friday, and the nicest part of the day was when i went to do live streaming at just a few hours earlier, which was precisely at 06.00 p.m.. The theme today was "The One(s) Who Got Away", yes I was talking about Kris, Luhan and Jessica (and also S.M Entertainment) for the entire two hours of airing, plus doing people's requests of songs that they wanted for me to sing, chatting with the audience during the petite chances of time, babbled out a little bit part of my life and also accomplished my mission to sing all of the songs in the setlist i've planned to put out for the audience to hear.
anyways, starting from this week, i'll meet you guys at thrice a week a.k.a three times a week, the date of broadcasting may vary based on my circumstances, but so far, i'll be there continuously on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting from 08.00 p.m..
if you're interested (which i hope you are), you can come and join the show at, you can sign up and voila, you'd be just an anonymous spectator no more, you'd be able to comment and also send virtual gifts and have some chat with the dj of current show.
and also, can you please help me to decide the topic of tomorrow's show? anything is possible, either around k-pop world or outside k-pop! thank you!
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If a genie give you only one wish to be granted, what it would be?
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idungnya mancung banget sih ka ><
mancungan mana sama selera humornya Baekhyun
ya gue lah ya secara selera humornya Baekhyun ga beda jauh ama tlist" misionaris selera humor pesek menuju voldemort yang sering berlalu-lalang di timeline membawa kabar gembira untuk kita semua ekstrak kulit manggis sekali lagi garcia.
idungnya mancung banget sih ka ><
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Kak ranking member exo dari yg paling kaka suka dong ;D and whyy
1. Baekhyun
soalnya... gatau ah pusing gue ngomongin doi bisa ga produktif berjam-jam cuma buat mikirin gimana caranya untuk mempersingkat kata biar bisa muat semua di
but he might be my home, though i don't wish that he'd be. or Zitao. or any other idols. not today, or ever. it's exhausting.
2. Zitao
i don't know, i just have a weird spot for vulnerable-looking men. fuck yoUR TEARS AND SAD FACE AND EMO AURA AND GIRLINESS, HUANG ZITAO.
3. Chanyeol
he's my ideal type. tall, easy-going, good-looking, deep voice, cute smile, great taste in music, silly sense of humor, and he can play instruments. although he's as white as a snowflake, but, it's still forgivable.
4. Kyungsoo
#honestyhour thanks to "It's Okay, It's Love", he's my bias wrecker. wait i haven't even watched the first episode. credits to floating gifs on twitter timeline, goodbye.
5. Sehun
too surreal. please proceed through that exit door and bring your face away with you, thank you.
6. Kai
too perfect. i love determined people, they're inspirational.
and the rest of the group are standing on the same level. i love everybody because each and every one of them are pieces of puzzle that complete the group.
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kak lo bisa masuk on the spot lhoo!!! asap.
wahai anon... engkau bagaikan aroma semerbak mewangi mengambang dari tepian kali...
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daripada lo pada ngeributin muka gue dari kemaren mending kita berjoget bersama dengan hits terbaik dunia 2014, Sakitnya Tuh Disini.
Am F
Sakitnya tuh disini…di dalam hatiku
G Am
Sakitnya tuh disini..melihat kau selingkuh
Am F
Sakitnya tuh disini…Pas kena hatiku
G Am
Sakitnya tuh disini…kau menduakan aku
stay tune on Prambors
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hai permisi mau numpang nanya. kalau kamu diibaratkan dengan musim. musim apakah yang mencerminkan pribadi kamu?  sudah gak di exo
definitely musim gugur.
tenang, cantik, dan semua imagenya rusak pas daun"nya pada gugur keroyokan dengan rusuhnya.
hai permisi mau numpang nanya. kalau kamu diibaratkan dengan musim. musim apakah yang mencerminkan pribadi kamu?
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omg muka u oplas yaa mirip segala artis kak;')  feb
kak kak kak kak u kira w siapa... iye kan sebagai makhluk bermuka original w merasa mengalami krisis wajah. kampred u smua.