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​ • آللّه أكبرّ كبيراّ والحمدللّہ كثيراّ وسبحانّ ​آللّہ بكرة وْ أصيلاّ

الله يجزاك خير

leh 74ftni mn al,bb wsh swet ..!! Medo

Sorry :)

Which country would you like to conquer?

My Country <3

wsh wjh el,shbah been [nmla w elfeeel] ?!

MaLy 5L8 Sw2aLK L,Bay5

3ade a'9efk bl,BB !!

No Prblem

A7bbbbbbbak <3

THaNx Me 2 ^^

What scares you?

When my mother say:
Khaaaaaled come i want tell you something,
This moment i remember all bad things
What i do it in my life . :P

Can i add u to my BBM ?!!

No Problem

If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose?

My ASS Fuck you =)) :P

May i have ur msn ?

I think you should take my BB PIN:26F7C9EB :)

Are you in love

No :)

Can i add u to my BBM


what's the longest u've gone without slp ?!!

I think 2 Days

f u could only see black&white except for 1 color, what color would u choose 2 see ?!


Hla b9bi 876aan ;$ ummm .. Wsh sh3ourk e4a n6et mn jsr almlk fahad ? Wyaleet tnwrni b ask tb3y

HLa FeeK , a3o4w B,LLaH Ma FeeHa SH3wR H4i .

f u throw a red stone into the blue sea what it 'll become ;p ?

it will be disappear ;P

Laish ma t76 9oura ? ;p

L2Ni aD5L MN L,BB :) w E4a jeeT a76 Ma T6L3 :P .

how old are you ?

17 <-- Watch it & publish it !! u could Save a life <3 !!

Plz ppl watch

أستغفرآلله , أستغفرآلله , أستغفرآلله


من انت ي فتى العرب لماذا لا توجد اسئله ..؟!

من بني قحطان ، لأني هجرت الموقع لفتره وجيزه

Love You

thanx :)



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