Kiera @kieradeanne
Kiera @kieradeanne
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John fucked yet?
What makes you worry?
When people tell me not to
What is your idea of paradise?
Far away from here
What do you look like right now?
What frustrates you the most?
Everything ...
How do you unlike on this??
Lmao... You dont
who have u hung out wit Otha than John lately
Tasha and Jessica... But mostly John
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What's with your questions lol  Carl Gladys II
Lol wit
Lol don't make me get my belt 0.o
Woah... Wtf
Lol u kno it's true
Not fr
U need to be sleep u kno u got church today
Lmao . Oh
Why u still up
Because I can be
If u ask me questions ill ask u some to lol  Carl Gladys II
Lmao. Uhh okay
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Are you scared of the dark?
friends ?
John a horse
Last I checked he was a person but come off Anonymous and say that shit... Bet you wont
You and John are cute too (:  Heather Pierce
Thank you (:
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John beat yet?
How many teeth do you have?
What three things do you think of most each day?
1) John
2) food
3) life
Do you prefer giving or receiving?
Depends on what it is.
You miss any of your exes?
Fuck no.
How long has your longest ever phone call been?
I dont remember
how did you get all those followers on instagram
I dont really have that much but im not sure
Do you know if JC is gonna get lockers?
Uhh? No lmao