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Would you marry a robot?
Drug dealer probably
your too beautiful kiera x
Aw this is lovely, pop up x
marc ho?
He's good looking, lovely boyy x
What do you think people think of you?
Dno dnt kare xxxx:)
sam ho
He's good looking, lovely boyy x
What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
Looking in the mirror xoxoxoxoxo
nicest looking boys your year?
Megan boyd probably xx
Sam ho x
Good looking, lovely x
happy birthday keira <3
Its no ma birthday
Thoughts on Charlie Fyfe ?
Hardly know him, use to go to my primary, good looking x
What make up do you wear and what colour is it hunny x
Em benefit chanel and dream mat moose fawn x
Fuck it a would strap use round my face one bye one
Bye pls
A would let u and eva take shoots each of sitting on my face
Me and eva r really heavy xxx
Who's yer bestie
Its evas boy xxx
What's happening with u n barrry
That's my besties boy xx
What is your idea of paradise?
Ma gaff x
Ho on harry mac
He's so cute! My wee buddy, could trust him with loads! Miss him:( so lovely! Just love him lots
How many best pals do you have and who
3 brodie eva and leah!
Fots on eva
Every 1 is spelling 'thoughts' like 'fots' cute hehe, she's one of my best friends! I could tell her anything, she's dead funny, so gorgeous, her and mr wilson are so cute, always up for a drink, love her loads x
Yo it's big Kiera yrst
Fuck yer yrst YMST bunch a bams
Fots on demi?
She's also beautiful, dead lovely, easy to get along with, had loads of memories, x
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Fots on megan
SHE'S BOOTIFO, we talk a lot on the phone and in class, use to be 1 of my besties, untill she kissed my boy friend, but she's lovely
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What color shoes are you wearing today?
Today? I think I might wear my white and blue 1s
Halfway are full of fuckin jakes!!!!!!! Ahahahahaahaaahahaha
Obviously NOT