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Top 5 funniest boys
I don't know
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Who do u like
How often do you think about your future?
Not that much because things can change
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What was the last thing you ate?
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What was your first mobile phone?
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How much would it cost to buy your love?
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How you doing
Can we be friends
Who is your best friend
Who do you like
Everyone stop asking me who I like I'm never going to tell you
Are u single
Hdhdgqvmsjd smidhsbsmjsvsvjzjsvbsn
What kind of pet do u have
Well I have more than one pet I have four dogs a cat and a turtle
How's life
Ummm......good I guess
Who do u love?
I don't love anyone
Why do u hate me
OMG I don't hate anyone!!!!!!
You are in love with tony!!!!!
.........who is this
Why do u try to be cool when all you are is a bitch with no life
Really...... Get off my page
Why do u hate me
I don't who is this
Why are u so amazing
I'm not but thanks anyway
Do u have any siblings
Hiya person