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new blue-ish coloring xD  Kinga-kindon18
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Do you like vidding contests/challenges? What is one of your favorite challenges and if you had the time and means necessary (and of course wanted to), what would be the theme of your own contest?  Rebecca
I do. I'm not always have time for contest etc but sometimes like to take part in them cuz this push me to try something new for me, to try be creative and better vidder. Sometimes i start new project but can't finish it that why contest are super cuz U have a deadline which u have to keep and that give you motivation to finish what U started. i organized once contest and my themes were:
Round I:
Round II:
Round III:
Round IV:
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What is one talent you wish you had and one talent you are proud of having?  Rebecca
I wish I'd have much better memory especially as a vidder. I mean I almost never remember what, how, when, where etc. happened. For vidder who have a good memory vidding is much easier and give more pleasure but I am one of this vidder who don't remember about stuffs which I could use in video, i simply don't remember their existence. So good memory would be cool. I don't know if I have any talent which i could be proud of... doI even have any talent? Not sure :)
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How important are first impressions to you? (of a person, a thing, basically anything)  Rebecca
It's important but true is we are never sure that person or thing which we just met are like we think they are. We get a impression of something or someone and when we actually startting to know that more our opinion can totally change
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Show me a video of the week! :)  Paulina
I have no internet this week on my PC so I didn't watched anything :/ U can ask me this for few days :)
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Show me a song that lately annoys you :D  Paulina
It's over and over in radio:
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If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?
Dark green :)
If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?
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A little task: put any playlist you have (on your phone, YT etc.) and list three first songs that will come up :)  Paulina
My playlist from PC and 3 song which are on top of it are:
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Tell me one episode from one tv show you like that made you cry like a baby!  Seni.
Gosh I cry so often that it's so hard to choose one. Hmm...Let say that last episode which I remember most and made me cry like a baby was The walking dead 5x08 when Beth died. This all sad emotions and everyone who loved Beth were crying and I was crying with them. So heartbreaking and poor Daryl! It was the worse writters decision ever
Tell me one episode from one tv show you like that made you cry like a baby!
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Do you believe in 'love at first sight'?
OFC not! There is no love at first sight. U can fall in love into someone who u don't even know. Yeah U can have crush on that person but this is no love.
Do you decide quickly or do you think a long time?
Depends but guess usually think a long time
5 facts about you?:)  Sandra Lesiak
* I am lazy like hell
*I work in library
*one of my fav thing in vidding is making colorings and preview videos of them
*I had a REALLY tough year
* I can't imagine my life without vidding. "No vidding - no life"
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Do you use overlays in your videos? How do you like them to be used (just personal taste) and what kind of overlays are your favorite?  Rebecca
Yeah I use sometimes overlays but not often. I hate when people put bunch of overlays and think it will make their video better. I get that it sometimes look good but not when video is full of overlays. I have few fav overlays which I use so to check it U would have to watch few of my vids :)
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aww sweetheart I just said what I feel. What can i say U are phenomenal friend and I love you :)
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What or which tv show should not have been canceled? And why? ;)  Seni.
#REVOLUTION! it was my fav show and I'm gonna cry forever! Also miss Nikita! The tomorrow people, the secret circle, Life Unexpected
What or which tv show should not have been canceled? And why? ;)
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If you could spend one day with someone you would love to meet, who would that be? :)  Seni.
Well I see everyone(or almost everyone) mentioned actress, actors etc. but I gonna pick someone who is really close to me and someone who I am sure would find many subjects to talk about and have a good day....person who is so amazing, nice and damn supportive to me, who is creative, talented and my good friend which I had no opportunity to meet in real world...
Janna(ILIRIEA) aka ‎@iliriea
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Hi ♥ If you watch The 100,can you watch my new video about Bellarke? Sorry for the spam. :(  Loveisback52
I have no internet in home now cuz we have some issues with it and I am in work now but when wil get internet back maybe I will then
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Hej. Widzę, że jesteś z Polski, więc nie będę produkowała się z angielskim, mogę? Hah. Będę mogła użyć tego ? :) Przepraszam, jeśli w złym miejscu zadaję pytanie. :)  Xenia
hej. Pewnie. Po to daje coloringi żeby każdy mógł z nich skorzystać, po prostu nie zapomnij zostawić info że to mój coloring i było by miło gdybyś przesłała później link z tym filmikiem :)
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New coloring guys. Work also on Sony Vegas 10  Kinga-kindon18
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Hey your Tutorial Chanel is really helpful, I really appreciate it :) I wanted to ask if you could tell me which got episode it was you used in the Effect #14 [Blur] Sony Vegas║Tutorial video and which coloring ? :)  Lola
aww I am happy to hear it. ep 1 and coloring papaver :)
qotd: Would you like to show your favourite coloring & the vid you made with it?  skromerylove
hmm I think it would be Golden Spring and this video:
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New Demelza&Ross (Poldark) AU vid:  Kinga-kindon18
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How fast do you fall asleep?
depends but usually take me hour
Post a picture of the best sports team in the world!
Unibax Toruń
Post a picture of the best sports team in the world!