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You pick, I vid  Kinga
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Hello, sorry to bother you, i noticed you did promotion videos and was wondering if you would possibly consider promoting me if you think i'm worthy enough, i love your videos and well even though my videos dont compare to yours!!! thought i would share  Emma
I making promoting once for while and just did new video so in very near future won't do it again but will write you on my list and when time will come will for sure think about it :)
Thank U so much for lovely words :*
Hi, sorry for bothering you but i was wondering if you could tell me the name of the song you used on this video here actually i know the name, but i think you used a cover of it, am i wrong? thank you  frëya
No problem. Yes, it's a cover:
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Hi hun, I have not been here long so i apologize that I match up now. Otherwise, what's your favorite videos you? Just 3 favorite.  Samantha Stark
I am not able to pick only 3 fav videos so will choose 3 fav which I watched last week.
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First Claire&Jamie video :)  Kinga
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you most loved songs in the past 4 weeks?  Nathi Grey
I want to vid it
I want to vid it!
would like to vid it
I want to vid it
maybe will vid one day
I want to vid it
maybe will use it
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Your 10 best friends on yt, twitter etc..  Nathi Grey
Damn I knew this question will hunt me :O
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if you could bring 5 characters back from the dead..who would they be?[from shows or movies]  Bettina
Hmm... let's think...
Jerry (Rookie Blue)
Jack(Titanic) ;)
plus Mufasa(The Lion King)
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Kinga!!! Thank you so much for all the colorings you re-made in SV10 for me! I just saw I can already download the "Skin" coloring too! *-* Wow, I'm eternally grateful!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU ROCK, GIRL. ♥  Zsani
Aww it's really no problem Zsani. I wanted do it from ages but always was too lazy and finally had motivation so I did it with pleasure. Hope my colorings will work for you :) Keep my fingers crossed that will see soon new video from you no matter if with my coloring or not :)
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Awww, thank you!!! You are so sweet, really. ♥ I will be grateful forever! :')  Zsani
No problem. It's a big compliment for me so no matter what I need and want to do it :)
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Oh great, thank you so much!!! But the colorings I love the most are not made in SV 10, only 11. :(( These are the colorings that I ADORE and I'd kill to have them lol. xD | | Can't you make them for me in SV 10? :(  Zsani
Aww okay. I don't work this weekend so will try find some time to make them in sv 10 xD Shouldn't take me so much time so will do it with pleasure :)
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Hi Kinga! I'm about to ask you a big favor, I hope you can help me! I really, REALLY like your colorings on your tutorial channel but I can't download them because I use SV 10. :( Could you perhaps make some of the colorings in SV 10? I want to download them so much, they're so beautiful. ♥ Thanks!!  Zsani
OMG! Zsani you just made me smile. I don't know what to say :) I really am happy U like my colorings. WOW it'a a honor for me to hear it from you sweety. Okay so I almost reached 1500 subs so for sure will make few colorings as gifts and be sure they will be in sv 10. Also think in this weekend when I will have more free time I can already try do some new in sv 10. So far there are few which you already can get if you want to:
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How are you today?  Nathi Grey
Good just tired. Crazy time in work yesterday and today my sis forced to go on shopping with her.
Tell me a song that you love but NEVER dare to make a video with this song, and why xD  Lady SiL
I have many songs but you asked about one so I guess it's:
MultiFandom to this song it's really crazy and fast so yep I'm afraid of it but maybe one day I just don't think I will be ever good enough to even try xD
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Your favourite couple? <3  Lidia
Only one? Well right now it's Jamie/Claire(Outlander)!♥
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What's your dream job? ;)  Lidia
I don't think I have dream job. I don't know...for example I would like to work alone, I'm not kind of person who love work in crowded places. The less faces the better :)
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How do you relax at the end of the day?
Vidding or playing with my 2 years old naphew xD
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First three songs in your favorite playlist?
Right now:
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If you are a witch and you need to choose an element; fire, water, air, earth. Which would be?  Lidia
fire. fire scare me somehow but also have something so interesting, magical and intense what amaze me
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Też się przyznam bez bicia że nie zdawałam sobie sprawy że jesteś z Polski xD A kocham twoje coloringi! Że też się nie kapnęłam :<  Ariz Vids
haha ja też jestem do tyłu z informacją o innych polskich vidder'ach :) Bardzo dziękuję, miło to słyszeć ♥
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Ejjj ale ze mnie burak :D nie wiedziałam ,że jesteś z Polski ;33  QueenOfDevils
haha wielu z nas nie zdaje sobie sprawy że jesteśmy z tego samego kraju xD
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Now tell me... something personal.. Any girl name you would like to put to your future child?  SKromerylove
I don't want to have husband or kids so nope, no name idea :)
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And you Kinga? :D  SKromerylove
10 fav crossover couples:
-Bellamy(The 100)/Charlie(Revolution)
-Jamie(Outlander)/Elizabeth(P&P) just came to me head and already love it xd
5 fav AU couples(I will pick only those who never were or may never be couples):
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If you can have the luck to choose a city where you want live, which would be?  Lidia
I can't imagine myslef anywhere but here when I live now but if I have to choose it would be London...maybe
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What's your favorite mythological creature? <3  Lidia
Hmm Phoenix I guess...beautiful and inspiring creature :)
What's your favorite mythological creature? <3
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