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What is your favorite motto or saying?
"You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same."
- Jonathan Davis
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PV says: Twelfth suggestion of a Fandom! (suggested by anonymous)  Promoting Vidding
I was watching it and liked it(now WOW but was oka) but then became shity so I gave up on it
I hope having a happy f*ck too lmaooooooooooo thank you  Thata
Haha I am f*cking tired but yeah okay xD
PV says: Twelfth suggestion of a Collab! (suggested by ‎@KatherinePulkrab)  Promoting Vidding
I know this one since I am part of it with From Dusk Till Dawn. love it
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Thata Wanna Be Pleased: Hey everybody! I'm having the most boring birthday day ever, so please make me laugh by doing this: Change one word from a movie/tv show title to "f*ck". Example: "A walk to remember" becomes "A f*ck to remember". LMAO! Please do it for me, bye  Thata
I have lame ideas but since I am bored too:
Now You See Me - F*ck, You See Me
The Hunger Games - The Hunger F*ck
Now Is Good - F*ck Is Good
How to Get Away with Murder - How to Get F*ck with Murder
My Bloody Valentine - My Bloody F*ck
Love Comes Softly - Love F*ck Softly
Remember Me - F*ck Me
Keeping the Faith - F*ck the Faith
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - How to F*ck a Guy in 10 Days
Just Like Heaven - Just F*ck Heaven
Center Stage: Turn It Up - Center Stage: F*ck It Up
One True Love - F*ck True Love
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Lilly's BQ: Do you have a favorite quote from a book? If so which one and why?  Lilly.
I don't think i have fav but like:
"In the real world, you can make your own miracles"
― Dimitri, Frostbite(Vampire academy)
"Stop thinking about life and choose to live it”
― Paulo Coelho, The Fifth Mountain
“There's always tomorrow."
I followed him. "Tomorrow's not going to change anything."
"We'll see."
"There's nothing to see. You're wasting your time."
"When it concerns you, it's never a waste of my time," he replied.”
― Jennifer L. Armentrout, Wait for You
“I always listen to you. Except when I don't.”
― Maggie Stiefvater, Forever
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PV says: Twelfth suggestion of a Video! (suggested by ‎@AnnTowl)  Promoting Vidding
video is awesome, not too effective and kind of simply but in that case is a good thing. Well done! I checked her channel and sub-ed her
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PV says: Fourth random Videos Of The Day! (chosen randomly by me)  Promoting Vidding
Okay let's do it:
1. colors; video is really beautiful i am not care much about those two but liked them and I think this video is make super
2. don't let me go: Janna is freaking good vidder. she had a break from vidding and I am damn happy she is back with her great talent
3. battlescars: aww i love avengers and x-men so it's good to see both series in one video. wonderful vid
4. rage: adore that song. sorry but i don't like too effective videos
5. warrior: wanda is interesting and this video okay for me
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QOTD: Share a funny convo between you and another vidding friend had! (You don't have to if you don't feel comfortable.)  Vidder's Question Of The Day
I'd be able to do it but the most funny ones are in polish so only few people here would be able to understand it and in eng I would have to search to many archives
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QOTD: When working on a project do you put the coloring on each clip or on the track? Why?  Vidder's Question Of The Day
Long time ago I put on track but then I realized(thanks to Charlotte) that when I put it on every clip quality is much better and it's easier to make clip b/w
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What's the last movie you watched?
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with ‎@iliriea and we both loved it
What's the last movie you watched?
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Check phenomenal crossover made by ‎@iliriea  Kinga-kindon18
KRQ: this time I will ask on two questions about couples :) what is your favourite first kiss (or any kiss) and why? and what is your favourite moment between your OTP and why? (you can pick different couples for both questions and you don't have to answer "why?" part if you don't want to) :)  Kate
I can't pick one. I truly adore first real kiss of Olicity from 3x01(I was really waiting for it for long time and it was so emotional and beautiful) also I badly love Pacey/Joey first kiss it was phenomenal but to be honest I can't wait to see BELLARKE KISS(T100), and Caitlin/Barry(TF) and freaking Seth/Kate(FDTD) one! All of them need to happen and better be good or I will kill writers!
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What are your favourite OUAT story? (ex. snow white and 7 dwarfs, cinderella, pinocchio, little mermaid etc.)  Lore
snow white and 7 dwarfs. It's just touching, adorable story but to be honest I would rather make the huntsman a handsome boy and true love for Snow white rather than prince
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PV says: Twelfth suggestion of a Vidder! (suggested by ‎@Adictoaseries) *P.S: i'm sending this again, because i made a mistake that was too serious not to do it again, i'm sorry Javi*  Promoting Vidding
So gonna answer that same:
He seems to be good vidders but I won't sub him just yet cuz he don't vid stuff I like, ship or care about :)
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PV says: Twelfth suggestion of a Song! (suggested by ‎@paraskeuh10) *P.S: You can start to send me VOTD and don't forget that i only accept videos posted from today to Wednesday*  Promoting Vidding
Lyrics and music sound okay but voice bother me too much.
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Thata Wants To Know: Where is your wishlist? Seriously, i just saw a few ones around youtube. I wanna make something to people but nobody seems to care this year. Let's cheer up guys, it's always such a great time for vidding community. :) Here's mine:  Thata
Not this year love. I decided not to do wishlist this year since I may not have time to do vids for other so it's would be so selfish to wish that someone would do anything for me. Yeah ofc there is some vids and song i would like to see but I won't ask anyone for them.
Thx for question T.
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Okay, because you asked too much i'll try it one more time and check people's behaviour now. Haha | Thata Challenge: I challenge you to make a 10 sec video describing your mood when you receive rude/offensive/boring questions - any of them. Have FUN! :)  Thata
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Would you ever pick up a hitchhiker?
Yeah those ones
Would you ever pick up a hitchhiker?
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Thata Wants To Know: Can you please share the funniest gif you have? | A little info about the previous question that i've sent:  Thata
Aww question was totally fine for me, normal anyway for people in my age so I guess some srsly kids can be angry but whatever they can't just delete question :)
Maybe not funny for other but I adore this gif so much and it makes me smile every time.
Jared is just hahaha
Thata Wants To Know: Can you please share the funniest gif you have? | A little info about the previous question that i've sent:
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PV says: Twelfth suggestion of a Vidder! (suggested by ‎@Adictoaseries)  Promoting Vidding
She's seems to be good viders but I won't sub her just yet cuz she don't vid stuff I like, ship or care about :)
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WE ARE THE WORLD!  Kinga-kindon18
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Thata Wants To Know: Do you drink vodka/beer or smoke marijuana? If yes, did you felt inspired to a new video when you were high? I know i did. lol  Thata
I don't drink vodka from few years now, never smoked marijuana and beer well maybe one or two per half of year :) I am not % person anymore I just decided not to be long time ago so no i never was working on vid when I was drunk
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Well first and the most obvious it's school (ugh) the other is that i lost someone really close to me and the other thing is that i'm sick, as you see my life is not going really good :/ But i missed this here so much :(  Seni
Aww I am really sorry sweetie U lost someone. I totally get your feelings cuz I did this year too still pains me as hell. Sick? is it something srsly? hope not
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PV says: Eleventh suggestion of a Coloring! (suggested by me) *P.S: People i don't have more coloring suggestions on my ask box please send me suggestions*  Promoting Vidding
looks interesting
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