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qotd: favorite disney movie and character?  esmay
I think I answer for it once
Your favorite disney movie? :D  Lidia
I think I answer for it once
Who is your female and male crush? :)  Seni.
I don't think I have any
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Do you actually believe that when you like a relationship from a tv-show or movie and you admit that "you ship it" its because your romantic taste tends "to prefer" relationships that obviously reflect of your own experience?  Arianne
No, for sure I don't ship couples which reflect of my own experience. There are many things why I ship them but this in no one of reason
New collab of xXBetweenThelinesXx  Kinga-kindon18
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There's an interesting question that popped up on my TL and I just wanted to share it: Which one of your videos is the most underrated in your opinion and which is the most overrated do you think? And do you have like a favorite one that you're especially proud of? :)  nat.
It's great question.
Well I think kind of overrated it's MultiMale ║99 Problems not most viewed video on my channel but people gave me many likes and I sometimes not sure why, it'a not best video.
Most underrated? I don't know. I can't say that any of my video deserve for more than already get. That opinion actually depends on other people and what they think about it. All I know that I have some videos in mind which i wish would get more viewers.
And I'm somehow proud of almost all my videos I mean i know they are not best, not perfect, not cool but vidding is a huge pleasure for me and no matter what it's all my life but if I would have to pick maybe:
Of all the shows you've seen and you see what is your favorite villain? :)  Seni.
I usually never like villians only sometimes and a little bit but bass Monroe from Revolution is "my exception". I just love him so much and missed this psycho xD
Of all the shows you've seen and you see what is your favorite villain? :)
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Thank you very much ♥  aline.
you're welcome :)
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What's the song in Effect #13 [white flashes] Sony Vegas║Tutorial: ????  aline.
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What is your favorite magazine?
supermarket magazine xD
What is your favorite magazine?
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If you could choose a special talent, what would you pick?
I would want to heal people from their disease. I would heal my brother and and give him time which he don't have much now ;(
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How did you come up with your username?
Well I think I once explained it but whatever....
My sis and brother-in-law use to mess with names just for fun. My name is Kinga but my brother-in-law started to call me Kingon(still does) just for fun and when I was making my channel on yt wasn't a vidder or anything like that so didn't trought much about name so started use that nickname but remembered it wrong and that how came "kindon" insteda of kingon and 18 well cuz when I was making my account I had 18 years xD
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Name one of your NOTP's?  Seni.
There is many but I will write few:
Steve/Cath(Hawaii Five 0)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clarke/Lexa(The 100) !!!
Silvie/Cruz(Chicago Fire)
Miles/Rachel (Revolution)
Stiles/Lydia(TW) !!!!!!!!!!!
Lucas/Peyton(OTH) !!!!!!
I could go one all day... xD
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HECK YES! about the gorgeous colouring you just posted <3  Bettina
Aww thanks Bettina. it's now on my tut channel
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songs that you can't get out of your head lately?  Marta
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New coloring tutorial.  Kinga-kindon18
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i love the coloring darling!  esmay
aww thank U so much. mean so much to me. I will try upload it soon on my tutorial channel
Testing new coloring. U like it?  Kinga-kindon18
Testing new coloring. U like it?
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Your colorings are truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us:)  Sandra Lesiak
WOW thank U so much for such a lovely words. mean really a lot to me and you're welcome. I truly love making colorings and fact that may be useful for someone it's a pleasure for me.
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How you pick names for your coloring? I mean there is a system or there is something else?  Janna(iliriea)
Hmm usually thinking on which colors my coloring is focused. Right now I uploaded new one which mostly have green/red colors and I was thinking what remind me of this two colors together and Papaver came to my mind so that how I usually pick them.
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New coloring tutorial  Kinga-kindon18
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If you could have the opportunity to create a tv series, what kind of story would be and what actors/actresses you would choose? ;)  Lidia
I guess it would do same stories like in cover of book which i show you a while ago. Just would change girl name and her would play...hmmm...maybe Lyndsy Fonseca just not sure who would play Derek maybe Tyler Hoechlin, don't know
If you could have the opportunity to create a tv series, what kind of story would be and what actors/actresses you would choose? ;)
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What's the show that never disappointed you? ;)  Seni.
There is no such a show. Somehow even my fav shows disappointed me. There are always stuffs, big or that small ones, which made me mad or unhappy
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OMG! This Nora's book. I love this story <3 This is amazing book, This was the first book i ever buy and I never regret this :).  Lean
Really? So super Lean-same here. I truly adore that book and characters there. I readit twice and want to do it again
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3 books which you would love to see on screen? And who should play a main roles and why?  Lidia
To my head right now coming only 2 books. I am not one of huge fan of "Obsidian" but somehow would like to see this book on screen and actors which I chose in my opinion would be perfect for characters from book. And Nora Roberts...most of you gonna think...srsly? but damn this book is from years one of my fav if not fav. It's a beautiful story with phenomenal characters there-everyone should read it. I chose Hayden cuz well she's blonde and good actress also think would play fantastic daughter of rock star and Chad cuz she would be match to Hayden and play well a cop
3 books which you would love to see on screen? And who should play a main roles and why?
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