Open your recent project and make screen at 0:10. What should we expect about your new video? [Promotion is up. Also I'm cleaning my delivery box from ppl who've never answered on my questions. ] FACTS ABOUT VIDDERS

if I would make on 0:10 then it would be black screen bc I left intro and beginning on later so I will just make 10sec of project when vid it's starting but still won't say you much about it xD

Have you ever broken up with a friend?

nope.... There is no such a thing like breaking up with true friend. If you are real friends your roads never should go in separate ways( that's my naive thinking) and I guess I don't found one like that.

KRQ: Do you have a quilty pleasure? (guilty pleasure is tv show/movie/song that you love although not many people like it) if yes you can share it with us. Have you ever though about vidding it? (if yes I'm shamelessy promotting here contest I'm hosting with kateii1313 ) Kate's Random Questions

Hmmm.... maybe The Big Bang Theory is my tv show guilty pleasure :P Not so many pll like it bc it's a specific show but when u meet a bit characters U can't not laugh.

So Hi. I haven't been active yesterday because I spent all day with Sony Vegas so for today my question is: Have you ever being inspired so much that you were vidding all day long? If you can - share this vid. [promotion is done(] FACTS ABOUT VIDDERS

There is a lot vids like that bc sometimes the inspiration is a blessing for me but not always. I guess last time I was that inspired when I was making this:

Which season finale shocked you the most? Why? Destiny

I won't go into details to not spoiler others:

-Got s5 Jon
-12 Monkeys s2 who's The Witness
-True Blood last season the end like wtf?! worse idea ever!
-AoS like maybe not season finale but Ward and ep 17 :O

Are you moody person? Is it hard to make you laugh? [Promotion is done I need your suggestions ] FACTS ABOUT VIDDERS

Hell yes.

I already subbed that account a while ago xD

Who is someone you envy?


What is your most bizarre talent?

I'm the best Donkey the world ever saw

what was the last TV show you started watching? do you liked it? maria;

Last 2 shows I watched were "Animal Kingdom" and "12 monkeys because of pain an ass who was keep talking about them and made me watching too so yeah I am talking about you @Guzik90ab
both are interesting, have a fresh story, great characters so U should check it xD

How did you became a vidder? It was a vidder who inspired you to do the same or you just download a editor and start doing smth? (SECOND PROMOTION IS READY FACTS ABOUT VIDDERS

I was looking for some eps of polish show and I found some vids with couples I liked so that how I found out about videos then I made my own thing and realized there are really plenty vidders on yt

have you ever been in Oswiecim? MagicBrownie

Nope only in Majdanek

What is your idea of hell?


should I continue?

Is there a character from a book you would love to meet? And if so what's the one thing you would ask them and what's the one advice you would give them? Lilly's Book Questions

Yes Simon from The Mortal Instruments. He may be my fav character from books. Advice? Just be yourself man, never change :D

Have you ever got a postcard from other country? from any vidder? (first new promotion is ready FACTS ABOUT VIDDERS

Yes I did few times and I have most of them on my board above my desk:

from vidders:

but I won't mention from who. Those sweethearts know who they are ♥

I am glad to see you promoted Aga xD She deserved it


Welcome back :)

Have you ever been in Slovakia? MagicBrownie

nope. never

What should sheep count when they go to sleep?

best answer ever xD Donkey is the best maria;

well this is my second name given by @Guzik90ab @iliriea @BloodyLean @KmansChick_Nina They call me either Boss or Donkey occasionally Flash. I have no idea what's wrong with them so yeah I guess I have something in common with these things. My guess...Boss - I'm bossy and annoying, Donkey bc I am stubborn like hell and Flash bc I can vid very fast and do many things faster than speed of light - story of my life xD

what character has a personality similar to yours? maria;

Donkey from Shrek maybe :D I have no idea you need to ask others.

I know you hate Lydia from TW but what about Holland? MagicBrownie

Same. she may be the reason I hate Lydia but I think I just have same feelings about both.

What one thing have you spent the most money on?

Canon camera

What tvshows are you going to watch? MagicBrownie

There is only few shows I am waiting for:
-The Punisher (TV Series 2017– )
-X-Men (2017) (TV Series)
-The Divergent Series: Ascendant

If you could be any supernatural creature, what would you be and why? Destiny

Werewolf bc of Alex/Derek. But U guys have no clue what am I talking about so ;)

Name your next adventure. PAP of inspiration!

my next adventure would be....pic say everything!


what pic?