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Can you truly love more than one person?
Of course!
Can you truly love more than one person?
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sorry to bother you again lol but i have one more question... do you use a extra external hard drive to store your videos? because i've been wanting to buy one but don't know which one is the best to get. i want one with 1 tb storage. but i dont know which one i should buy. lol  jenn
Don't worry you don't bother me. I just bought new HDD last week xD I can't tell you which one is best but my brother-in-law remommented me(from our computer store so you need to check ny your) I have 2 that same disks: Western Digital Blue 1TB SATA/600 7200RPM 64MB
where do you download your clips from to vid?  jenn
I download whole episode of series. Mostly torrent...(, then warez(some dvd version) but some thing from youtube(like from my last video of lily and sam) :)
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kinga!will you be putting up a wishlist soon? :D  Bettina
Hey darling. Second person who asked me about it today xD I thought that I will do it at November or something it's so early so I'm not even in Christmas mood yet and the other thing is I'm not sure if I should make any wishlist this year cuz I'm busy and have no idea if I will be able to make vid for someone so wish that someone could make one for me it's a little lame but I will think about it and maybe will make it anyway cuz I really will love to do video for some people
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I want you new coloring "Sunrise" when do you upload to you awesome tutorial channel? :D  Lady SiL
haha happy to hear it. I won't share it with anyone just yet xD I using it for my Charloe video and I'll be able to finish it next month(I hope) so maybe after that...maybe xD
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I made two new colorings. Just saying. Do you like it?  Kinga
I made two new colorings. Just saying. Do you like it?
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OMG OMG OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH <33 :*  Denitsa Nikolova
No problem sweety. I tried do it the best as I could I hope I did it well :) Enjoy!
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oh okay :) take your time ^.^  Denitsa Nikolova
I just did it xD U can go and download this coloring for sv 10
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Hi :) I was just wondering when u will remake that coloring we talked about  Denitsa Nikolova
I just thought about you and now see your question. damn girl I had to re-install windows and just slowly getting all programs and stuff so I really will do it soon as I can. Sorry :/
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New video  Kinga
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What makes you really nervous?
What makes you really nervous?
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#Halloween coloring preview. Soon on my tutorial channel  Kinga
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Post a picture of your favorite movie!
Post a picture of your favorite movie!
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Hi ^.^ Im reminding you for the coloring xD  Denitsa Nikolova
f** I'm so sorry I forgot and wasn't here will try do it tomm. sorry
haha no problem just remember to remind me about it :)
Did i send the coloring ? anyway here again :D  Denitsa Nikolova
Can you make this coloring for vegas 10 bc everytime when i open it in 12 my project keeps on crashing :S and i already started collab and a video on it  Denitsa Nikolova
Hmm..I can do it but maybe at weekend when will have more time :) Remind me about it at Saturday, okay?
Your coloring was... unbelievable amazing in the video. I couldn't be more happy. Thanks for sharing.  Arianne
aww I'm really happy to hear it Arianne xD
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I'm gonna use another of your amazing colorings in my next video which is going to be about Klaus & Hayley :) I just fell in love with it! It looks so damn good with that show  Arianne
Aww I feel honored everythime someone use my coloring. Thank you for letting me know. I don't watch TO but hope my coloring will work on every clip in that series. Please, send me link when you'll finish video :)
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New coloring tutorial:  Kinga
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What kind of shoes do you wear the most?
Sneakers :)
What is one thing you would never wear?
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new video: MultiCouple┃ Certain Things (you pick, I vid)  Kinga
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What worries you the most?
lately? My brother's health :(
when you will finish your brooke(erin)/steve video?:DDDDDDDDDDDDD  Marti Pelczynska
I guess first I would have to start work on it xD I truly love idea for them you know I do I just am out of time and i'm not very familiar with their scenes, I mean I remember nothing. I spend hours to make two parts with them for my crossover video. I keep my fingers crossed U will vid them!
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