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new video: MultiCouple┃ Certain Things (you pick, I vid)  Kinga
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What worries you the most?
lately? My brother's health :(
when you will finish your brooke(erin)/steve video?:DDDDDDDDDDDDD  Marti Pelczynska
I guess first I would have to start work on it xD I truly love idea for them you know I do I just am out of time and i'm not very familiar with their scenes, I mean I remember nothing. I spend hours to make two parts with them for my crossover video. I keep my fingers crossed U will vid them!
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Well, thx for me being the werwolf.. can I go with wercoyote instead? :D anyway, what are your plans?  Nathi Grey
Would work too I guess xD
Well at saturday maybe shopping first, then going on a pilgrimage(or something like that). We and some othe people from my family going to pray for my brother's health so we will be there whole night. I don't remember how many kilometers is there but from 10pm we need to be in church at 6am(on foot of course) so yep gona be crazy and cold. At Sunday I will sleep off then will try finish my 'you pick, I vid" video and one part for collab. I have day off at monday so my weekend will be a little bit longer xD
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If you and your friends were supernatural creatures, who do you think would be what creature? Who would be a nogitsune? A vampire? A werewolf? A witch? A banshee?  Nathi Grey
WOW such a unusual question :)
*a nogitsune- it's not a nice person just pretending it is when need something, right so I can't call someone friend if that person remind me of that creature so i'd said my boss. She sometimes is so nice but inside she's actually cold, you can see her cold sight many times and it's kind of freezes you. She think she is the smartes one and need to feel power all around.
* a vampire- ‎@WhisperOfAngelx just because she like them and because that girl don't sleep. I mean like srsly are you ever sleep Marin?
*a werewolf- that would be you ‎@xnathiagrey You're strong person with claws but with very sweet nature inside. You like a intense music which remind me of black, dark side which are in werewolfs nature as well.
*a witch- that would be Marti ‎@ladyxmacbeth for sure. she is very charismatic, spreads optimism like she would have some magic
*a banshee? my nephew- the youngest one. He can scream very loud, he have impressive
intuition: when I think(great I can sleep whole morning today) he coming to my room and waking me up, when i finally start to trying catch up with some series he coming to me and want to play with me, when I want to vid something he just come, want to sit on my knees and watch something funny on my phone or PC also when I'm in bad humor, feel sad he always cheering me up like he feel that dark matter around me so yep he would be a banshee xD
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naa no problem hun. <3 How r u doing today?  Nathi Grey
right now? thinking if I should eat breakfast also taking care of my nephew. for 1,5h will go to work :/
♥ not a question, but a statement. ♥♥♥YOU!  Nathi Grey
aww I ♥ U too! Much more than you me xD I wnated go on Skype yesterday but didn't had much time and afraid today won't have it either :/
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Will you be making any new colourings soon?  Claire
You mean tutorial? I guess I will. If you would like to have any of coloring which I posted in last answer in screenshots let me know maybe then will make tut but also want to do some new in near future just think on which shows should be focused on.
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Show us a few colorings :D Screenshots!  Nathi Grey
My colorings? These ones who aren't on my tutorial channel? Okay here are few of them:
Show us a few colorings :D Screenshots!
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What is your favourite(s) book? ^-^  Lidia
Public Secrets by Nora Roberts xD
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And you can find this weekend with some cool video?  Mišel ( Sam ) Stark
Yep :)

And you can find this weekend with some cool video?
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Do you like to read books?  Lidia
I do. Now badly want to read The 100 and Outlander but it's hard to found it in Poland
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What state (city) would like to visit.?  Mišel ( Sam ) Stark
London, Paris, New York
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Favorite video by me? :D That is, if you have some .  Mišel ( Sam ) Stark
Of course I have many but mostly guess :
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Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
August 25th(for 9 months):
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
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Favorite video by me? :D  Lady SiL
I like all your videos but I think my fav is:
I love period dramas and you really did amazing work with this video, it's so beautiful and breathtaking
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Hi :) I used your sunflower coloring in a video and I saw that you watch the videos with your colorings so I decided to show you lol  Denitsa Nikolova
aww thank U very much for letting me know :) I put in on playlist with all videos where people used my colorings
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Which picture the best describes your city?
Which picture the best describes your city?
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You pick, I vid  Kinga
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Hello, sorry to bother you, i noticed you did promotion videos and was wondering if you would possibly consider promoting me if you think i'm worthy enough, i love your videos and well even though my videos dont compare to yours!!! thought i would share  Emma
I making promoting once for while and just did new video so in very near future won't do it again but will write you on my list and when time will come will for sure think about it :)
Thank U so much for lovely words :*
Hi, sorry for bothering you but i was wondering if you could tell me the name of the song you used on this video here actually i know the name, but i think you used a cover of it, am i wrong? thank you  frëya
No problem. Yes, it's a cover:
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Hi hun, I have not been here long so i apologize that I match up now. Otherwise, what's your favorite videos you? Just 3 favorite.  Mišel ( Sam ) Stark
I am not able to pick only 3 fav videos so will choose 3 fav which I watched last week.
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First Claire&Jamie video :)  Kinga
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you most loved songs in the past 4 weeks?  Nathi Grey
I want to vid it
I want to vid it!
would like to vid it
I want to vid it
maybe will vid one day
I want to vid it
maybe will use it
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Your 10 best friends on yt, twitter etc..  Nathi Grey
Damn I knew this question will hunt me :O
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