Mayté's QOTD 💅 - What is your favorite.. outfit, make-up look, hair-style, nail-polish color and shoes to wear? Show pictures! (you can also look for similar pics on google, if you don't like sharing your own) SorryForTheBoysHereButIWentShoppingTodaySoThat'sWhereTheInspirationForThisQCameFrom :D Mayté's QOTD

So about outfit I like a kind of rock style, I don't wear stuffs like that, I have no style of outfit bc I simply can't wear what I like but I like clothes like on photo.

My fav make-up look? I don't know I usually use colors(on eyes) like brown, gray, navy blue, purple.

hair-style I really love Shailene Woodley hairs back in time.

my fav polish is on pic. i have it right now on my nails. It's something between dark purple and black. really love it

shoes? my fav would be red or black sneakers/trainers or some black high-heeled shoes but not too high xD

Can u tell me ehat to use to create a basic coloring? xXMyDarkestDreamsXx

Well there is not good tip for it but I can tell you how I doing it. I cut some clips (day and night, bright and dark scenes) from many fandoms then just put some effects and mess with them till I find a satisfactory result :)

WYRQs:Would You Rather being able to pitch as many songs as you want and not being able to find movies/tvshows in HD or do you prefer to find HD scenes but not being able to pitch the song you want? WouldYouRatherQuestions

I usually don't pitch songs so the other option bc HD is a life.

QOTD: Describe your editing style in 6 words WITHOUT using negative words. Nab

This is cruel! How can i say positive things...ugh...let's try

-fast(but it's not always good thing)
-colorings( I almost always use my own so maybe it's a good thing)
-songs(others may hate it but i love choices of my songs)
-levels(I think I slowly change my editing for better, I don't try badly follow every single tiny beat in songs, don't make videos too crazy and flashy like before)
-I try to vid many fandoms not just one or 2 which is challenge
-effects( I am trying to use once for while new effects, finding something unusual usually failing but I am trying so it's count right? right?!)

it was so hard Gosh why are U doing this to me?!

If you could take one thing to prison what would you bring in with you?

computer with Internet connection. is it that obvious?

New multicrossover by BTL group Kinga-kindon18

Can I have your opinion?:) •barryxedits•

Sure. Question is do u want me to be nice or honest? xD

QOTD: What's your favourite way to connect with other vidders on YouTube? (Ex. Twitter, Ask, Skype, etc.) Nab

All of them but I talk a lot on Twitter and Skype Oh god !! Alec & Malia are really good ♥ i wait this so much EveryoneHasChoices

haha I freaking love Tatewood just like I always liked Malia/Kai(Kailia) so I decided to vid tatewood since I vid malia/kai few time in collab parts


I don't even know if I will finish it but I real, really, really want to so who know xD
There is so much to do. It will take ages


I KNOW RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

QOTD: Open up a current vidding project and post a screenshot of your preview window at exactly 8 seconds into the vid. Are you willing to share what the vid is about? Nab

I guess I will never finish it bc I stuck weeks ago or so xD

Crossovers are big right now among TV shows, in the vidding community and so on. So let's mix it up a bit. My question is: Try to think of 2 book characters - each from a different book and try to pair them. Who do you think would fit perfectly together? Lilly's BQ

This is so hard but so amazing idea. I think there is some characters who would fit together as couple:
*Jace(The Mortal Instruments)+Rose(Vampire Academy)
*Izzy(The Mortal Instruments)+Cole(The Wolves of Mercy Falls)
*Izzy(The Mortal Instruments)+Adrian(Vampire Academy/Bloodlines)
*Edward(Twilight)+Grace(The Wolves of Mercy Falls)
*Tris(Divergent)+Thomas(The Maze Runner)
*Sydney(Vampire Academy/Bloodlines)+Móri(The Warlock)
*Eddie(Vampire Academy/Bloodlines)+Tris(Divergent)
*Jane(Jane Eyre)+Edmund(Mansfield Park)
I can go on with list. I am crossover whore so haha

📚 BookQuestion: Is there a book you're waiting for to be released? If so then I assume you're excited for that one - do you have any expectations for it? Do you hope there will be something certain included? (for example if it's an addition to a series). Jazzi's BookQuestions.

Yes. Dangerous Lies by Becca Fitzpatrick premiere in Poland should be 11th May and I wait for that book since last year so am excited to read it. I just hope it's gonna be good, can be similar in style with Black Ice.

QOTD: Have you ever found a romantic ship that you think would be better off platonic/friendly? Which ship and why do you think so? Nab

Rachel/Ross from Friends. They should never end up together.

Best job you ever had?

My last job in library!

Hi 💞 Next month I gonna pass my history exam so now I'm preparing for it that's why I curious: what historical period do you like the most? Which period would you like to live in? Black Heart

I love many kind of historical periods but hmm which is my fav...not sure maybe 19th century. I rather stay in modern time since woman back in time was pretty much screwed xD

What's the last text msg you received?


literally last msg from my sis xD at least on phone but last any kind of msg Ireceived was from @iliriea and since is nothing private I made screenshot

This week's challenge is: Find someone who has commented on at least 3 of your videos. Check out his/her videos, if you like them, leave a comment :) ViddingChallenges


QOTD: If you've done it already, share your Music Tag! (If you haven't, do it it's fun!). For those who have posted ones, was it easy to make? Why or why not? Nab

Aww I did

What makes you feel like a boss?

Being a huge pain on ass for members of my crossover/au collab group BTL

I am sure they hate me but I love them and to be honest being "boss" it's not such a pleasure

Hi! I just wanna say that I love your videos and your colorings are so amazing!! I use one of them in my video ( and I fall in love with it 😍 You are fantastic just keep doing what you do... promise me!! ❤ Fandoms Of The Universe

aww thank you so much :* U are very nice.
Thank you also for link gonna add ur vids to playlist with my colorings.
Super video BTW xD

I know there are a lot of vidders among you so my Q is: Lilly's BQ

Do you plan to vid a book in the near future?
No, but i really would love to. I think about it a while and always wanted try vid series" The Wolves of Mercy Falls" by Maggie Stiefvater

Do you have cast yet?
I trought about cast which would be Tyler Posey as Sam and Britt Robertson as Grace

Do you tend to cast characters in your head or you prefer not to?

Have you ever vidded a book that hasn't been filmed yet? Have you vidded a book that WAS filmed?
I never vid book before but I freaking love when people do that. It's so great idea

What is one book that you wanna vid badly but hasn't been filmed yet?
*The Wolves of Mercy Falls by Maggie Stiefvater
*Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick
*Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead I even tried with Sam Claflin as Adrian and Alona Tal as Sydney but so far nothing came from it

QOTD: Who is the best animation Disney villain in your opinion? And why? [Not your favorite but the best one] :) SeniQOTD

Yzma from [The Emperor's New Groove]

“This is Yzma, the Emperor's advisor. Living proof that dinosaurs once roamed the earth"
xD xD xD

☆ QOTD: personally, do you prefer women or men as lead characters? what characters are your favourite leads? QOTD about fandoms.

I like both but prefer men bc I often have problem with liking females character. I like so many males but with females it's not that easy. For example Nikita serie is one of my fav but I really don't like Nikita as character or leader of this show bc I always loved and thought Alex should be leading female in this show. I ofc adore Peggy Carter as leader in Agent Carter but almost every show or movie I know males are a leaders like: Rick Grimes, Bellamy Blake( I am not fan of Clarke as leader), Oliver Queen, Steve Mcgarrett, Matt Murdock, Seth Gecko, Scott McCall and much more characters who are great "alpha"...