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TempestQs: Do you finish watching shows really fast or do you take your time? What's the fastest you've ever watched a show?


If I can I make marathon watching. I like watch whole series as fast as I can. What I watched the fastest? hard to say but i watched all 10 seasons of Friends in few days

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Miss you too kinga!😘



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What did you have for breakfast today?

toast and coffee

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what show are you currently binge watching?

None but guess last show I had marathon with was Skam. And planing to re-watch Daredevil soon maybe even Revolution and Nikita bc I am crazy like that 😁

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What is the cutest robot ever?

Odi from Humans 💜💜💜

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Is there anyone you like or are interested in?

Game Day #8: Make a collage of your personality by taking the tests bellow and screenshoting your results! More here: have fun ^^

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I made few

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Which animal has the most beautiful fur?

most of them but most beautiful maybe White tiger

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Question Day #8: (Suggested) What are the scenes you see in many videos and are tired of them?

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What are vidders you like to collab with one day?

hmmm maybe:
@twowordstwelveletters - we did one ages ago, it was fun
@Guzik90ab - we did collab 3 times already but why not 4th :P
@BloodyLean - we were about to do it, all prepared to but it won't work
@iliriea - she is good to work with the problem is we have very different taste in most of stuffs
@MissAtlantis - maybe one day again, what would U say Sara ;)
@svfruzs22 - I adore her work and we share few ships
@TammyAutumn - another fantastic vidder

about Aga and Lean... I was kidding never gonna work with them again :D

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For fun! Go into your friends list here on ask - 8th friend: send some love; 13th: describe him/her in 3 words; 16th: what do you associate him/her with?; 20th: fave video from him/her; 24th: would you go on holiday with him/her? 27th: are you close with this person? 34th: what are his/her strengths

8th: @MissAtlantis ♥♥♥ Miss you. Hope we will chat soon

13th: @christhisis talkative, kind, creative

16th: @xicarcaliix dean/elena, crossovers

20th: @arianepereiras ♥♥♥

24th: @FelicitySmoakQueen sure why not :D

27th: @BlackHeart598 I think so a bit :D

34th: @noralsel creative ideas, beautiful smooth editing, loyalty to her ships

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Are all your vidding idols subbed to you?

I think most of them yeah but no idea if they even watch my videos. I guess not

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favorite female vidder(s)?

I am not sure if I have fav vidders at all.

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If you can have the talent of a vidder for one day, who would it be and why? Or maybe certain things from different vidders?

What's the point to have someone talents for one day? None bc making video is the thing I love to do, the thing that makes me happy and if I won't be myself if I won't do it with skills I have, using things I learned in past few years the video would be made with my hands but it wouldn't be mine...not really. I rather stay with what I can do and be myself bc that the whole meaning of vidding for me not copy someone, not using other's ideas, their work but learn from it and be better, not be them 😊

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Have you ever smashed something out of anger?

a bottle of beer 😜

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Have you ever had a friendship that ended for of a stupid reason? What was that reason?

Yes few but I guess if friendship end bc something stupid it wasn't a good friendship at first place and not worth wasting my time.

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Hey! Can you tell me one site that is good to download tv shows? I stopped editing and now I decide to edit again but can't find a good site


direct links:
-some twitter accounts

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what couple do you associate your friends with?

I will stay with couples I have positive feelings about

@Guzik90ab - Quentin/Eliot [the magicians] she change ships every 5min :P
@BloodyLean - Clarl/Lois [smallville] and lately aslo Snowbarry
@iliriea - Nathan/Audrey [haven]
@MissAtlantis - Demelza/Ross [poldark]
@twowordstwelveletters - Steroline and Delena [tvd]
@KmansChick_Nina - Barry/Red [the flash/ouat]
@BlackHeart598 - Rose/Dimitri [va]
skoobie79 - Dean/Elena [spn/tvd]
@nathiagrey - none she's not couples typie but back in time it was olicity
@xLidiax - sam/elena [spn/tvd]

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I'm talking about the video I sent you

then nope i didn't leave like or dislike at all

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Is that why you hit the dislike button?

who are U? and what are u asking me about anon?

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Game Day #7: (Suggested) Assign a vidder to each description! More here: have fun! ^^

Editing Fun Zone

1. Your closest friend - I can't pick one
2. Most beautiful one - they all are
3. Most funny - @Guzik90ab and @BloodyLean
4. Most creative one - @iliriea @BloodyLean @ChristinaMercury
5. With the craziest ideas - @BloodyLean @iliriea
6. With unusual ships - @iliriea @QueenOfDevils
7. Most annoying one - @Guzik90ab dah...
8. Creepy one - me
9. With dirty mind - xChloedaprincessx ;)
10. Inspiring one - @twowordstwelveletters @jemwhisper
11. Motivate you a lot - @iliriea @BloodyLean
12. Making best colorings - I use in 99% mine so don't know
13. Asshole - @Guzik90ab but my asshole ♥
14. With good music taste @Guzik90ab
15. Is like family to you - skoobie79
16. Is the laziest one - me
17. Support your vidding no matter what @iliriea
18. Helping you with vidding issues @BloodyLean @Guzik90ab @iliriea

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If someone want my opinion I am open for that but if someone send so many pll vid and just push to the throat that I am out...I don't like when people do that.

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Longboard or hoverboard?


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may I ask you where did you download OTH episodes HD&logoless? :D

torrents but it was a while ago don't remember which one so try on russian ones

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