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4 fav book cover? ;)  Lidia
It's hard but I think:
4 fav book cover? ;)
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What's your favorite video by others; of your top otp?<3  kayl✌
I don't know if I can answer for it. i mean there is so many vids with my OTPs which I love but okay I will put some:
Stefan&Caroline(they are not my OTP but i ship them and love this vid)
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this one http://oi58.tinypic com/n69fl3.jpg  R.Vikingh
I still have old one
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Did you get the new youtube player? What you think about this piece of snap?  R.Vikingh
what new yt player? there is new one?
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Which is your biggest favourite video from yourself and from other vidders? :D  Fruzsi
I can't pick only few vids from other vidders. If you want to see vids which i adore U have to visit my channel and check bunch of playlists xD
my own fav? I would say new collab with Guzik:
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New collab with Guzik.  Kinga-kindon18
QOTD: Do your parents know about this vidder side of yours? What they think about it if they know? :)  Seni.
My mom know, she think it's waste of time. She totally don't get anything about vidding and I don't think she see how happy that make me, she wouldn't understand it but for me vidding is everything for my family it's just stupid thing what rip me from real world.
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Which cast is your favorite out of all the TV shows you watch? Could you maybe share an awesome video about them? (Obviously you don't have to if you haven't seen a fanvideo about that cast yet.)  Zsani
I can't pick just one cuz srsly there are so many great cast but i adore mostly:
hawaii five 0(especially alex o'lauhin and scott caan)
teen wolf
the 100:
agents of shield:
if someone know good video about those cast please send me them xD
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Show me a video about a couple you don't really ship but you still love that one video about them very much! If you have one at all... :)  Zsani
I think it happens once for while to all of us that sometimes we don't ship couple but someone making so super video that U srsly admire that person work and way how she show that couple. Hmm...there are some for sure which i remember:
Klaus&Cassie(it's just cute video):
Dean&Caroline(I am HUGE fun of Dean&Elena and I prefer Caroline with Sam so...)
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How many videos do you have in your "Watch Later" playlist on YouTube at the moment? And what fandom / couple / character are those videos mostly about? You can even make a screenshot if you want; just a little sneak peek. :)  Zsani
I'm trying to catch up usally with vids. Now there are 14 videos in that list some of old stuff which i watched but may need to later but also: one spn video, one trif&four one, the best of stephen amell part 6, and one bellamy/clarke vid which i saw but need to leave long cmm and am too lazy to do it from few weeks
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Game of thrones + Coldplay= GameOfThronesTheMusical  Kinga-kindon18
What's your favorite board game?
I guess eurobusiness(monopoly). It's always fun but I hate playing with my nephew, everyone do actually. he have like 8 years old and always wins xD
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soon(I hope)  Kinga-kindon18
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The next one will be Matt/Daredevil but I def count on making more Karedevil vids too, those two are so precious ♥  Sarah
aww matt's video it's also a pleasure to watch. yes they are!
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Aww thank you so much for subscribing to my channel ! (just got a notification ^^) ♥  Sarah
aww all my pleasure. hope u will vid matt/karen more often :)
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I used your coloring in my video, because it amazing! I really love this coloring :)  Странная *-*
thank u so much for link :*
new #coloring tutorial:  Kinga-kindon18
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What is the one thing everyone is looking for?
What is the one thing everyone is looking for?
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don't miss my #bellarke video  Kinga-kindon18

don't miss my #bellarke video
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screenshot of #collab which i am working on with Gusik  Kinga-kindon18
screenshot of #collab which i am working on with Gusik
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okay babe no problem <3  Catty
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still one of my fav #crossover collab  Kinga-kindon18
babe would you like to join in a collab channel about teen wolf? would means a lot to have you in this channel ! don't answer this question please ahah ! send me an ask if u want or no please <3  Catty
aww sorry hun no time also I don't vid much TW cuz I don't remember most of scenes and vo.
Watch this phenomenal video made by my friend!  Kinga-kindon18
Which website or app do you use first in the morning?
Which website or app do you use first in the morning?