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I read you answer to my question but I don't know why I can't click "like it" Show us your 5 favourites vids that anyone dedicated for you.  Lady SiL
You killing me Sil. No matter how I will answer it won't be fair. I love every single dedication video for me. I really can't choose few especially only 5. I just can't. I may like few more, few less but true is I am grateful for every video. All of them have something special for me, something beautiful and something unique.
What is the most important video for you, of your videos? =)  Lady SiL
Damn It's not easy question cuz in every video is something what I like, I know I won't be able to make video exactly like I'd wanted to look like but I think for now I love most:
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What time did you wake up this morning?
I was waking up many times this night but get up at 5:30am
What is you love the most?  Nathi Grey
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Your fave OTP in the world?  Mrs.Jovoreedus♥
This is not fair. How can I choose only one. Damn it. It's so hard.hmm...okay I think right now I love mostly Oliver/Felicity(Arrow) xD
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Which's the series you want to see and have not seen yet? xoxo ♡♡  Mrs.Jovoreedus♥
I have two series on my watch list later:
-Chasing Life
Just for now no time for it.
Thank you for quetsion sweety :*
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10 facts about you.  Nathi Grey
1. I'm VERY sensitive maybe even too much
2. I'm lazy
3. I'm obsessed about Outlander atm xD
4. I bite one's nails
5. I'm impulsive
6. I feel and acting like kid...often maybe because I never wanted be adult
7. I can't imagine my life without vidding or music
8. I'm not talkative, I usually listening people then talk
9. I'm very scared of lossing close family member (parents, siblings)
10. I adore my friend Nathi but will kick her ass tomm cuz she giving me such a tough questions xD
What are your hobbies apart of make videos?  Lidia
Photography. I love taking photos mostly nature.
What are your hobbies apart of make videos?
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What color are your eyes?
What color are your eyes?
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Hey its ShiningP3. I know the deadline for the collab is today, but sadly I'm at my grandmas w/o my computer. Im not sure when I'll exactly come back, whether its on Monday or Wednesday. So I was wondering if I could have a tiny little extension?Thanks :)  Ailina T.
Yes I can do it cuz I waiting for 2 other people also have some problem witm my back so can spend too much time with my PC that why will do my parts a little later too
Are you joining vidders4acause this year? :) if you are; what's the link to your profile? Mine is;  Cynthia
No I don't, I'd love to but just can't for some reason
Which is your song of the week?
London Grammar - Strong
On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
I will go with 9 xD
What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?
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muahahahahahaha... you're 5 most loved olicity vids! And why! :D :D  Nathi Grey
Okay so I guess I should finally answer for this question but it's like you would ask mother which baby she love the most and anyway I don't think I am able to pick only 5(some fav but not in order) xD
1.Oliver & Felicity | Something Beautiful {1x22}
2. Oliver & Felicity | Stay {2x06}
3. All by Mrseclipse555-srsly I can't choose one fav
4. Oliver&Felicity | Salvation
5. {arrow} oliver + felicity; I lost who I am [2x22]
6.Oliver & Felicity - I'll bury my LOVE [2x21]
7. Oliver + Felicity | "I love YOU" [2x23]
8.Oliver & Felicity | Fix You !
9.oliver&felicity | "i love you" (2x23)
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New vidlet  Kinga
Post a picture of your pet!
My boys!
Post a picture of your pet!
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MultiCouple┃Tearing me up inside  Kinga
Bellamy&Clarke ┃Good Enough  Kinga
MultiFandom ┃Everybody Hurts  Kinga
Do you like short or long hair on someone of the opposite sex?
Depends but I have a thing to these kind of:
Do you like short or long hair on someone of the opposite sex?
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What makes you wake up each morning?
Not what but who. usually first my cat at 3am or something and then my nephew
Who will be the next person you will kiss?
Who will be the next person you will kiss?
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New coloring tutorial:  Kinga
Hi Kinga! Just saw that you like to check the videos with your coloring. I didn't know. Well, this is my last video in which I used one of your recent colorings (I loved it):  Arianne
aww u did? that's nice thank U so much for letting me know, gald U like it and def will watch your video tomorrow :)
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