QOTD: How do you organize your SV projects? Do you name them by song? Ship/character/fandom? (Or are you like me, naming something "wtfff") Nab

usually by fandom or ship I vidding and lyrics of song

(1. Sorry I've been inactive lately! 2. If you're interested: http://youtu.be/XpiP86zpbjk?a) QOTD: What character or ship do you associate with 2-5 of your vidding friends? Nab

Let's see:
@iliriea - Audrey, Audrey/Nathan [haven]
@xLidiax - Elena, Sam/Elena [bitten], [spn/tvd]
@ladyxmacbeth - Curtis, Danno/Steve [snowpiecer], [h50]
@Guzik90ab - Alicia, Caitlin/Barry [fdwd], [the flash]
@BloodyLean - Lydia, Dean/Elena [tw], [spn/tvd]
@KmansChick_Nina - Emma, Emma/Hook [ouat]
skoobie79 - Dean, Dean/Elena [spn], [spn/tvd]
@nathiagrey - Stiles, Felicity/Oliver [tw], [arrow]

they just like them or remind me of them.

about collab sorry but i don't take part in them lately.

Can you sing and dance? If not, do you wish you did?

Ofc I can! Am I good in that HELL NO! xD

Have you ever been in a contest/competition to see who could go longest without using the bathroom? AwkwardSituations


KRQ: Is there any scene that you just love re-watching and you have seen it about billion times? (e.g. it's the most beautiful scene of your OTP or it just so funny and it always make you laugh...) if it's on ytb can you share it with us and tell us why do you love it so much? Kate's Random Questions

There is so many things like that. Fav couple moments, characters, funny or sad moments just plenty of them but lately...hmmmone of 'Friends' moment: Joey noticed a girl in the window in a building opposite the Monica's apartment and she noticed him too so they were making this eye contact or whatever and Monica came next to him to see what he is looking:

Monica: (joining him) Wow! She is pretty, huh?
Joey: Tell me about it, huh? (Realizes that she can see Monica.) Oh no-no-no, I’m not with her, that’s just Monica! (He pantomimes that out.) Blahhh! (He put hand on her head, pushes Monica away and makes a disgusted face.).

I swear I saw it millions time, every time laughing like idiot.

Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?

I love both but....

Burgers with pickles or onions or both?


Guys watch this amazing collab Kinga-kindon18

Whats your most annoying habit?

I guess being stubborn xD

Mayté's QOTD 😊 - A lot of people focus on the "turn off's" of their (and from others) videos.. but I'm going to ask the opposite. What are your "turn ON's" in videos? Which elements can make a video really great in your opinion? :-) Mayté's QOTD

for me very important is a song and fanom. that the first aspect then editing style, following beats, lyrics. I want video to make sense not to be crapy place when u see as many effects as possible. Creativity is also important and coloring, the more beautiful coloring the more " turn on" I am....yeah I am obsessed about colorings which is a known fact. It not like there a specific things it just all need to flow well together

A foto of ur computer?? beautiful x darkness™

WYRQs:Would you rather vid only tv shows from your country but with a song you like(international,a song from other country)or being able to vid every tv show you want but only with a song from your country? WouldYouRatherQuestions

The 2 choice ofc!

Which celebrity would you like to meet? Lore

I don't think i have wish like that. I am more into fictional characters then actors bc no matter what media will show us we don't really know those people. In media they can be nice, inspiring, wonderful human being but in real life a shithead so I don't need to meet any celebrity I prefer idealize them in my head and dream about: Steve McGarrett, Alec Lightwood, Jake Riley, Kai Parker, Scott McCall, Bass Monroe etc. :D
Let me be crazy!

Would you be happy without money?

OFC not.

KRQ: What is the worst haircut you have ever had? (you don't have to put a pic just describe it) and c'mon don't say you never had bad haircut, we all have moments when we cut hair by yourself or made pink stripes in it...I know I'm not the only one who did that XD Kate's Random Questions

I had twice bad haircuts once for woman who screw my hairs so badly I needed to go to other to fix it AND ONCE i LET MY SISTER-IN-LAW CUT MY HAIR AND WELL SHE IS REALLY BAD IN IT SO NEVER AGAIN xD

stupid caps...am too lazy to fiz it xD

Where do you usually edit your videos? (not like "in SV" but location like - in your bed (like me lol), in school, in your room etc... :)) Emily K

Always in my room. I have desktop computer so I work on my desk here. I hate using laptops etc.

Name one thing you dream about at night!

hey, would you like to see a marvel video i made? i think you'd like it. its like a music video of the mcu leading up to infinity war mj

I'm too pissed on Marvel so not thank you. another time

do you jave any siblings? MagicBrowmie

Yes 3. 2 here and 1 in better place

Does your name have a meaning? What is it?


Polish and Hungarian diminutive of KUNIGUNDE. >
>Derived from the Germanic element kuni "clan, family" combined with gund "war".

or Japanese menaing
This name combines 金 (kin, kon, gon, kana-, kane, -gane) meaning "gold" with 峨 (ga, kewa.shii) meaning "high mountain" or 鵞 (ga) meaning "goose."


Kinga or Kinka is originally Teutonic name which has been used by Hungarians. The meaning is connected to words like "leader" or "ruler" in femine aspects. Also this name, written with Elder Futhark Runes, contains the rune 'ing' (ingwaz) and it must be written with 3 runes only (kenaz, ingwaz, ansuz).

so U pick :D

Pick any 3-5 books out of the list of books you've already read and describe them in 3 words (it can be your feelings, the story, anything that comes to your mind first) + If you were to recommend me one of them which one would you choose? Lilly's BQ

"City of Ashes" - Simon!, blood, Malec
"Forever" - frustration, love, future
"Wait for You" - love, trust, Cam♥

I recommend all of them but guess I like the most "Wait for you" by J.Lynn
Wonderful book with great characters and lovely story

📚 BookQuestion: Do you usually read paperbacks or ebooks? If you read both ways, which do you enjoy more? If you read ebooks - do you have a kindle or a normal ebook reader? Jazzi's BookQuestions.

Aww good question bc I love paper book and hates e-book. i am now reading City of Glass on phone or tablet bc couldn't get book in library so it takes me few weeks and I guess am not even in the middle of book. Ugh I need paper book!

Sweatpants or jeans? Mr. Rancispol : D

no pants?

QOTD: Would you ever have kids and tell them about your vidding past? How do you think that conversation would go? Nab