hot coffeg or ice coffe? MagicBrowmie

I usually hot one but I love ice one too especially at summer

Dear vidder, I'll be happy to help you find scenes, tell you how to do this and that, just ask me a question and I'll answer it right away! (yeahhhh it's self promotion, gotta start somewhere huh xD) Vidding Tips

Sound nice but would be better if wouldn't be anonymous

what kind of movies you usually watch? what's your fav? maria;

many kind of but I am typical romantic time co romantic comedies and dramas are my fav ones. i saw so MANY of them but I also like super-hero movies and bunch of other kinds.

some of best titles are here:!movies-and-ships/c1md7

Lau'QOTD: there are any vidders who inspired you to make your YouTube videos ? (And: LostBanshee

and few others and there is vidder who lock my motivation with her epicness :P

Take your pants out for a walk! PAP

damn it! they walk too fast, I can't catch up to them to make this photo :O

Summer vacation is perfect for what?

did you ever cried with the death of a character? don't matter if it was a book, a film... maria;

So many times I would be able to count it. For Exmaple Lincoln(aos), beth (twd), mitch (dc), julia (poldark), simon (quantico) and plenty more from show sand movies and for example from book SPOILERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Tris (Divergent series)

aria from pll or alison from tw? MagicBrowmie

I would say I cared about a bit Aria but now I don't give a damn :)
I never hated Allison or anything but never was fan of her either I just never cared

Lau'QOTD: if one day, you could met one or two of your favorites actor/actress, who will It be ? And if you have the opirtunity to talk with him/her about your videos, what would you say ? LostBanshee

To be honest I never dream of meeting actors. I don't know this pll and yes they may be my inspiration or something but I don't think I have this wish to meet them and talk to them xD

What new tv shows are you waiting so excited? Or what new seasons of tv shows that you watch? Have a nice day :) (Btw, I'm so excited for American Gods, HTGAWM S03 and FDTD S03) piercexforbes

OFC! I will be focused on this year to not go with too long list:
Poldark s2
From dusk till dawn s3
Lucifer s2

Lau'QOTD: what was the last book or movie that you have read or watch, and inspired you to make a new video (link of that video) LostBanshee

hmm I have this feeling very often but lately I made vid after a game: The last of Us:

It's official: season 6 is the last season of teen wolf! Which couples should become canon in this last season? just ignore if you don't watch the show :) dean's pie

I am so tired of talking about tw. like everyone woke up now...for real just let me breath. sorry I am just tired of that all I can say Scott deserved better and and and Scalia/Scolia forever :D

which is the video that you have more affection? maria;

One of mine you say...hmmm.... I don't know it's really hard question. I guess there is few vids which gonna stay in my heart for some reasons.

this is old and crappy but have some kind of special place in my heart

no one will understand it

I guess those are special for me no matter how they were made

Is there a book that captured your heart? The book you thought no other book can ever top it to be your favorite? What book is it and why is it at the top of your favorites? Lilly's BQ

I have no luck with books or i don't know, may be too picky but no book stole my heart completely. i mean i will always love "Public Secret" by Nora Roberts but it's not like it can't imagine better book than that

Lau'QOTD: when you make your videos, you use a headset, headphones or speakers? (For example, me, when i don't use my headphones I use the speaker that is connected to a stereo for better sound x') ) LostBanshee

headphones or just speakers. depends

What was your first mobile phone?

Red Nokia 3510

Who do you think should be the next president?

Tofik aka @BloodyLean

When was the last time you hugged someone?


If you could be a character of a show, which one would you choose? maria;

Magnus Bane in Shadowhunters. he have cool magic skills but most important reason -Matt Daddario who play Alec there :D I don't think I need to say more

Do you think that Katharine McNamara is a good acterss? MagicBrowmie

In Shadowhunters she is horrible. her acting is so damn bad that made many pll gave up on the show bc she ruined their beloved Clary which is sad bc Dom is such a fantastic actor and he can do Clace on his own. Kat seems like a sweet person but as actress well she is not good as other cast from show.

Lau'QOTD: As you can see on ytb, there are so many good collab between 2 vidders, and it often happen that some of them became friends or like to make collabs together, so they make many collab.. does it make sense? Anyway, do you think that you could tell me some pairs (at least 5) that you like? LostBanshee

I need to first say i like working with @Guzik90ab - we did 3 collabs together already multifandom, multicouple and multicrossover and now with @BloodyLean we are working on the 4th one this time multimale which i hope we are gonna finish this year :P

hmmm I don't know if I have another fav vidder teams. I can say I like when @foxyamanda11 and @twowordstwelveletters work togeter, they are parallels masters and I can't wait when @BloodyLean & @Guzik90ab will make multicrossover together bc let's me be honest - those two and their vid would be the end of me and they just would like to see it

pizza or fries? MagicBrowmie

always pizza

Do you ever think about the money you don't have?

do you?