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Lilly's Book Questions

What or who brought you to reading?
I did. I am not even sure why i decided I want to be active reader it just happened

What made you read as much as you do now?
Well I was reading book only once for few months or even less but then I started work in library and I started to read more often at least one book per week sometimes more. Now I don't work there anymore and read less but I hope I will back to be more active in reading.

How long do you actively read?
I think I started when i was 16 or something so that would be 10 years or so.

Have you found your favorite kind of books? (kind not genre)
I mostly read Fantasy that's for sure my fav genre but i also enjoy of some romance or young adult books. I find fantasy the most interesting kind of genre for me. The stories are often unusual, unpredictable, supernatural. I always liked different, magical stuffs.

If so when did you decide THIS specifically is your favorite kind?
I knew I will like this genre just for years never actually tried it. I was reading romances and dramas in time I found I need something more surprising and less typical so I grab something from fantasy and I can't stop.
How often do you read?
Not often enough

Is there a kind of book you know will never touch? Why?
I guess biographies and typical history books.

This is completely random but I'm just curious and im asking everyone If Youtube was going to shut down completely, what 5 videos would you use within the vidding community to prove why it should stay. So, not just your favourite videos but ones that show what we can do, if you know what I mean?


I'll go with these two videos to show that "we" - vidders can do GOOD

No Hollad like that country but Holland from TW. Some fan attacked her or what.


I figured 😊 It is not okay to attack pll. I really don't like Holland and I would with pleasure kick her ass in my mind at least but it's not okay to harm someone. still don't give a f* there are plenty more important stuffs than that. people attack and hurt other everyday not only their bodies but their souls why we won't talk about it! why making a big deal only about celebrities like their harm is bigger deal then others. everyone is important, everyone deserved for kindness.

Thank u for question ☺

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGbClPXus4s Very cool :)! Song, please*-*

Thanks. I pitched that song

What re u saying at that attack at Holland?


What attack? I haven't hear anything

📚 BookQuestion: What do you prefer or usually happen to do - read one book after the other (finish one before starting another) or read multiple books at the same time?

Jazzi's BookQuestions.

I only once or twice started 2 book at same time. I mean probably I started read one but wasn't very interesting so I needed break and there was this other brook I really wanted start so yeah it could happen. Still I usually read and try to finish one book before I will start another one. For me is better way to stay focus on one story and characters then just mix them and get lost in progress.

What is your favorite TV show?


omg just one? The fav i guess REVOLUTION but if want to check some other I know, like etc there all are here:

Hey it's lolatiko from YouTube. I would like to know it you want join my multi males collab? :)


Thanks for invitation but I avoid collabs as much as I can right now.

What makes you feel really uncomfortable?


Holy. Shit! I'll definitely use this new coloring in a video ! THIS COLORING IS LIFE !!


awww I am so happy to hear U like it. If u will use it send me link please 😊

PAP your most popular pic on social networks!


Hi! You're a great vidder!! Love your edits. My question is: do you know a place(s) where I can find HD footage from movies and TV-shows so I can edit it? May be a stupid question but I have trouble finding a good program/solution for this :)

p e a c h y k e e n

Hey. aww thank you. that's really nice of you. well there is a lot of possibilities like torrents or direct links when you can download fandoms. If u don't know how use torrents u can check some tutorials on YouTube ☺

If you were to make a playlist of songs for one of your favorite books which songs would you use?

Lilly's Book Questions

So hard but I will go with "Trust in me " by Lynn, J.

What would you name a newly discovered planet?

Guess depends what kind of planet it would be

http://ask.fm/kindon18/answers/139213719486 I can assure you that it looks pretty good from here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I wish you all the luck! I hope you can finish it soon and that you won't hate it at the end :)


Trust me pic look okay but video is boring and I am not following beats right. It suck 😅 U will see

on what project are you working now right now? what kind of vidro it is/will be? can you add screenshots of some video moments?

soғıa тsoy

The lame-ish video world ever saw. I working on it and literally crying that how much I hate it(srsly) but I promised myself I will finish it no matter what so ughhh trying...

What you miss the most from your childhood?

my brother.

KRQ:First I'm just curious if you watch Stranger things and if yes what do you think about it? if no, tell me about something else that you fangirl about recently ( it can be really anything)... I know I have sended this already but there is always something new to fangirl about so I'm asking again.

Kate's Random Questions

I watched 'Stranger things' and I loved it. The series was made fantastic and wonderful. The atmosphere there was also great. And well one of my fav character for sure was police chief Jim :D He is too underestimated!

I don't know if I fangirl about anything lately maybe that Lucifer s2 is coming back for 4 days xD

Don't worry your secret is safe with me! 😏 I won't tell a soul 🙌🏻 http://ask.fm/AllieInwonderlandx/answer/138070190906 Partners in crime 😂 The real crime is marketing SVP for $800


hahaha that's good 😆
yeah srsly insane

Tell me about a book, character or couple of any of the books you liked that you recently fangirled about or squealed about? Why did you love it/them so much? Do you carry something from a book that you still keep in mind? Something you can't forget that somehow stayed with you?

Lilly's Book Questions

That would be "Trust in Me" by J. Lynn
2 years ago or so i read "Wait for you" and it was written from Avery's(girl) perspective and I love that book, love story in it and characters there and lately i read "Trust in me" which is same story just from Cam's(boy) perspective and it was MUCH BETTER. I laugh so hard on it bc Cam has great sense of humor so even if I was reading same story I didn't really felt bored or anything i truly adore it. I love how Cam fight for Avery and her love, he was always carrying and patient so I for sure recommend you that but I think best is start read "Wait for you" then Cam's perspective

How to raise your self-confidence?

I don't know but I noticed many people "if we can call them like that" throwing shit on others to feel better which is srsly lame.