Latest answers I will bring myself cuz its the best thing I can bring to you :D.


U can bring one more "thing" 😜 I'd say, lets just stay home. The rest sounds perfect ;D I'll bring cookies and butter popcorn!


yes even better. I'll bring roasted sunflower :D

Describe a perfect night out!

let's see...hmm... me, @BloodyLean @Guzik90ab @iliriea @KmansChick_Nina grabbing out computers, going out (wow already sound like horror story)sitting in the circle with junk food and with a lot of % which we wouldn't even drink and vidding collab together. Yeah that would be perfect nigh out :D

What's one thing that always makes you happy? PAP!

pistachios 😁

Are you a city or a nature person?

Nature for sure.

your last video amazing, could you say, where you download cilek kokusu?))

awwwwwwwww thank you. From youtube. i wish there would be HD version of it :/

Who is the person you speak most with on skype and what was the last thing you said to them?

lately? that would be @BloodyLean we talk a LOT haha I think she has enough of me but there are others great people who i talk to a lot as well and love talking with them just these they are just more busy with uni etc. so that would be @Guzik90ab & @MissAtlantis and I can't wait when my @iliriea be back!

last thing I said was to Lean and Aga that someone love me on bc I just got this question :P

Question Day #2: What is your favourite thing about your OTP/s?

Editing Fun Zone

All of them are very different in many ways but i noticed I have weakness for some particular stuffs:
-they hate/don't like each other before became friends then couple
-friendship, trust and understanding each other
-similar life problems brings them together
-one of them in in dark place so the other one lights up them
-complicated and painful relationship

so not very unusual stuffs but the thing is that just need to "click" between them and in me. I may hate or love couple so true is they may not follow any of pastern I mentioned but it just need to work

Is quality of the video you watch affects your opinion about it?

Black Heart

Well there were a time when it didn't but now somehow it does matter. I know not everyone are able to get great quality fandoms bc of small space on hard drives but if someone get horrible stuffs just bc is lazy to spend sometime on finding them etc well that's his choice which affect my opinion about that person videos. I am trying to judge vidders who don't good quality clips but I really prefer videos which are nice for my eyes and not just with quality of clips itself but also coloring they are using. With coloring we can either make vids look better or ruin them. I pay a lot of attention to colorings.

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Kate's Random Questions

she seems like a good vidder but vid stuffs I don't care about plus ship opposite couples then I do so no sub from me :) You should bake me a cake for that xD


Hammer cake? Will do :D

Do you like Turkish Series? From where did you learnt for them?

Well i saw one whole serie, half of another one and watching one which is still on airs so i am familiar with 3 series and i do like them. Turkish series are on TV in my country but i don't watch them there. i watched these 3 bc my friend @BloodyLean forced me to do it and I am not sure if I should blame her or thank her :D

Where one can find the truth?

on yt in subscribers section. U gonna find out some interesting things there especially who is with you and you gave up on you.

post a selfie of you

I know, I know I'm beautiful.

What kind of videos do you like(crossovers, epic, aesthetic etc) and would you like to discover vidders vidding your fav genre? [Promotion is done -> check out my profile] // [I'm still hosting a contest so join if you have time and inspiration ->]

I LOVE crossovers that's not news for people who know me even a bit. I am fan of crossovers from years. i discovered crossovers at very beginning when I started vidding. I'd love to know more channels, I know a lot of them but hmm not many pll actually vid things I ship or do it very good so yeah I am dying to know channels who vid crossovers and AUs.


Kate's Random Questions

i am gonna skip this one bc no idea for "fun" vid

What's the best way to apologize?

there is no best way but important is to be honest "sorry" bc what the point to say I'm sorry if you don't even meant it

If u were character in Tv show do u think that u as u'd be popular character?


nope. they would kill me in pilot bc that how boring i am :D or hmm i would play a dead body or something like that so they wouldn't even had to waste time to show the way i died

[No promoting today, sorry] If you could back in the past(when you just started doing videos) what would you say to yourself?

-Be more patient don't rush anything,
-Don't use weird flashes to match beats
-Don't go the easy way
-Work harder!!!

Who are you in a parallel universe?

Since now I'm a bitch I must be angel there

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Kate's Random Questions

Thanks. Know this vidders :)

Challenge Day #1: Create a video of any length with the last song you listened to. no cheating pls. have fun ^^

Editing Fun Zone


PAP your favorite view!

Finished rendering 💜

and I know why but I meant you would make out with @BloodyLean - boys are for me :P

Game Day #1! Instructions here: have fun ^^

Editing Fun Zone

Well let see... since I am hanging out the most with @BloodyLean and @Guzik90ab guess characters who I would be friend with would be Steve, Thor and Bucky and because none of us is party kind of person we would stay home and make out