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Who asked you to homecoming? And did you say yes?

No one asked me to homecoming are you kidding

Well could I hold your ass while we cuddle

No. Bye

Sorry for being a perve

You're not you're okay

you don't like me but I'd love to be with you

Oh okay

Because I know stuff

Oh... Well you know stuff but not my opinion. Makes sense...

I'm not going to tell you because you don't like me but any day with you would be the best day in the world

How do you know I don't like you

I'd cuddle with you all night a little Netflix would be the perfect night with you

If you'd like me that much you'd try to get to me... & tell me who you are lol but thank you

we are not close don't worry about it but I'd do absolutely anything with your beautifulness

Do I know you though.. thank you you're very sweet

are you kidding me if I was close with you I'd try to make you mine a long time ago

Seriously... Who is this?

Shut up Kayle your gorgeous and fucking perfect. Love you❤️(:


Awwww thanks ash I love you sooo much ❤

why are you so beautiful

I'm not lol

Hey beautiful


please flunt it I'm here for the show(; Do it more often the guys dig it and maybe some girls (; no perve are you a good twerker and you know me but you won't find out (;

You're a girl?? Now I have to know who you are... How do you know how I twerk?? Wth lol...

and you got plenty of them (; you just see a beautiful women and any guy would be the luckiest guy in the world if they had you(: but show off those curves more often in your stories (;

Jeez thank you that's so sweet! Who are you mystery man? & if you got it flaunt it haha

Hey your beautiful in anything and I'm not just saying that because you have an ass you can bounce a quarter off it that you and your personality is beautiful

Well I appreciate it. That was very sweet of you thank you & there's nothing wrong with showin off your curves lol

that dress you had on in your snapshot story (:

I felt beautiful in it. That's all that matters

post a picture of you like on the side so I could see the money maker




luhh youuu

My heart is gone because you are hear babe, we have so much to fucking talk about girl you have no idea. Damn it's been a week that we haven't hung out</3 I'll ask my mom if you can atleast come and sleep over❤️ and just you (:


Yes. I love you so much always will! Partner in crime for life babes ❤❤ love you foreverrrrrrrr

you don't even know who I am


I love you sooooo much(: haha I got my phone fucking confiscated for a month): just 3 more weeks! Actually 2 because my phone said she won't ground me the week of my birthday haha(:


IM HAVING WITHDRAWLS OF YOU RN. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ miss you so much ash.

that's not what you told me but whatevs

You are irrelevant to me ✋

oh I remember you hated him

Were best friend.. I love him we have our ups and downs but we've known each other since we were little





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