Kaylee Lebron♡ @kitkatqueen5
Kaylee Lebron♡ @kitkatqueen5
Chicago ♥
City girl♥ 《basketball lover》singlee. Hakuna Matata♡
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please flunt it I'm here for the show(; Do it more often the guys dig it and maybe some girls (; no perve are you a good twerker and you know me but you won't find out (;
You're a girl?? Now I have to know who you are... How do you know how I twerk?? Wth lol...
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and you got plenty of them (; you just see a beautiful women and any guy would be the luckiest guy in the world if they had you(: but show off those curves more often in your stories (;
Jeez thank you that's so sweet! Who are you mystery man? & if you got it flaunt it haha
Hey your beautiful in anything and I'm not just saying that because you have an ass you can bounce a quarter off it that you and your personality is beautiful
Well I appreciate it. That was very sweet of you thank you & there's nothing wrong with showin off your curves lol
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that dress you had on in your snapshot story (:
I felt beautiful in it. That's all that matters
why not
post a picture of you like on the side so I could see the money maker
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HAHAHAH LITERALLY PARTNER IN CRIME!!!!! Fucking crazzzyyyy(;  Ashley Mosquera
luhh youuu
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My heart is gone because you are hear babe, we have so much to fucking talk about girl you have no idea. Damn it's been a week that we haven't hung out</3 I'll ask my mom if you can atleast come and sleep over❤️ and just you (:  Ashley Mosquera
Yes. I love you so much always will! Partner in crime for life babes ❤❤ love you foreverrrrrrrr
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you don't even know who I am
I love you sooooo much(: haha I got my phone fucking confiscated for a month): just 3 more weeks! Actually 2 because my phone said she won't ground me the week of my birthday haha(:  Ashley Mosquera
IM HAVING WITHDRAWLS OF YOU RN. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ miss you so much ash.
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that's not what you told me but whatevs
You are irrelevant to me ✋
oh I remember you hated him
Were best friend.. I love him we have our ups and downs but we've known each other since we were little
oh I remember you hated him
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KAYLEEEEE(:  Ashley Mosquera
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Your dating Nick?
No it was a joke lol
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Thoughts on hannah h?
What about Chris and Carisa? *clap *clap  Jacob Harris
all of you are out!! *clap clap*
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Noooo);  Jacob Harris
and you are kicked out of my class for being absent so long. ✋
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Oak tree  Jacob Harris
trust circle is broken. *clap clap*
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Twin towers  Jacob Harris
man child
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that was very sweet thank you. (:
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how's Austin (;
We're just friends..
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Come on Kaylee, everyone already knows that "certain someone" is me haha ;)  Mohammed
hahaha sure you keep thinking that (;
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