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what's up buttercup?
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do u think elmo has another gf atm? eh diba diffrnt school kayo
YES. DOTA! Haha jk!
Nahh, I trust him enough and I dont have any reason to doubt him nmn. Yes different schools, but we're doing fine 😊
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hey i cant find you on tumblr :(((((((
try again buttercup
hello kquila i saw ur blog on tumblr and woah u're also from ph :) i hope we can meet-up sometime..i'm a 15 y.o. girl btw don't be scared :)
this is 2 months ago i am so sorry for responding late! ahh yes of course, and thank you hehe ^.^
What movie can you watch over and over again?
what is your own definition/concept of physical education
Education about physical fitness of a person 😂
Do you pick and choose your friends?
I dont think so?
happy birthday, ate kquila.
Thank you!!
Ate gano katagal na po kayo ni Elmo?
15 months po 😊
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kyot ng bf mo
i know, thanks!
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shet pwede na ko mamatay nasagot na lahat ng tanong ko sa buhay salamat po
hahaha baliw you're welcome tho!!
AWWW HAHAHHA!!! well, may problem sa big toe ko dun sa foot so ayun. may sugat siya probably because of the ingrone thingy. masakit din kapag naka close shoes, so ayun :-) hello!!
Halatang halata kung sino yung anon HAHA. Hint: kamukha niya si pooh bear pero babae HAHAHA  Joshua Castro
ooooooohhhhhh (but tbh i have no idea who is it tho haha)
Wag mo dalin kaskwateran mo dito anon.  Joshua Castro
di na nga nagreply sakin eh 😂🙌 HAHAHA!
Uhm Do u ask yourself on ask? It's quite obv kasi on some q's eh.. :)))
nahhh im too fab to do that 😂💁 hahaha but seriously, no
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HYPOCRITE. Ilang beses ka na bng ng judge ng tao by looks quila?? Yng mata mong ansarap dukutin. I admit bitch ako, so wla akong problema dun. E ikaw hangang kaylan ka mgppanggap to be someone whos not u? F na f mo lng kc na my friends ka. Pareho kayo. LOSER LNG NMAN YAN SA SJA BEFORE E.
pls spell my name correctly, kitang kita na po sa ask.fm name oh!! HAHAHAHHA! bakit ano ba alam mo sa pagkatao ko? hmm you know me personally 'no? you know its okay, its human nature to judge. of course everyone HAS/HAD judged a person before kahit ako, but not to the extent na i will judge his/her personality na and maybe i do sometimes but I STOP myself, you dont know that. no one does. no one reads mind. maybe you know bella personally, but i dont think you know me personally (if you do then WOAH MAN YOU GOT SOME NERVES) like REALLY deeply personally like how my friends know me. you got some nerves to judge WHO I AM. f na f? hypocrite? sarap dukutin ng mata ko? SOME BIG WORDS TO SOMEONE WHO JUDGES TOO MUCH MAS MASARAP DUKUTIN YANG MATA MO but whatever. maybe i'll just not stoop down to your level. OMG AND YES PAREHO TLGA KAMI. loser BEFORE. so maybe thats why you hate her. jealousy? envious? why not instead of hating and holding a grudge to someone, you just take that time to ENHANCE yourself. thanks for admitting you're a bitch, i appreciate it a lot. I AM A BITCH TOO. I AM BITCH TO SOMEONE WHOSE A BITCH TO ME AND MY FRIENDS.
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Mka react ka ah. Papnsin! Shut up iba lng kc yung Nkikita nyong side ng belabitch na yan kya pnagttanggol nyo! Pare pareho kayong panget
well i'd rather be ugly with a good heart and not easily judging people rather than be beautiful with an ugly heart and mind :-) bella is a good person, you just focus too much on the bad side of her and HATE her thats why the only thing YOU see is the BAD side of her. but she's a funny beautiful girl in our eyes, and even tho she has flaws we dont look at it like YOU do coz everyone has flaws and we embrace it just like how she embrace ours. we might not know her too much, but she is a great person. probably greater than you as of what you're doing now. oh and im not afraid to be ugly, also my friends. its not our job to be beautiful physically in the eyes of others anyways ♥️ plus, before you call us "panget" and call her maarte and bitch why not ask yourself if you're not doing the same thing by judging her and talking to us anonymously just to send her HATE. so much pity for you. bye, anon!! god bless!! 😘
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plans for tom?
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What is the one thing everyone is looking for?
friends ????? :((((((
I was just joking, anon! Hahaha!
We're great as ever!
What was the last song you heard?
Forevermore <3
kmusta kau ni kuya elmo?? kayo padin ba?
Really good friends :-)
d k nagseselos?
Why should I be?
kita ko post ni kuya elmo kagabi sa twitter lumabas sila nla kyle nnn ksama si axel....
I know, haha!
What would be the best job ever for you?
To be able to inspire and help other people