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Do you play an instrument? Which?
Nope but I want to learn guitar/piano
Masaya ka ba ngayon?
Yeah I guess so haha why?
You and Elmo look so cute!!
I know, thank you ;)
Post a picture of your favorite movie!
Clueless 5evuuuuur <333
Post a picture of your favorite movie!
Of course!!
Bakit nga ba mahal kita kahit hindi pinapansin ang damdamin ko
di mo man ako mahal heto parin ako nagmamahal ng tapat sayo
Omg? You love me? Sumbong kita kay Elmooo lagoooot ka! Joooke! Oy kquila there is a nobody. Easily resolved why? Dont you take your problemZ seriously?
Omg shhhh hahah! Ay meron ba? Surri puuu hahaha! We take it seriously, pero pinagusapan kasi namin kagad. Sinabi niya side niya, sinabi ko side ko. Then the sorrys na. So ayun!! The away is not a super big deal naman.
ksali bf mo dun sa math chuchu db?
Yes, he is :-)
Whats ilyy? Parang you know me? Hindi kaya! I'm just a nobody!! Who stalks. You okay with him na? Nagaway ba kayo? Inaway ka nanaman ni Elmo? Arrrrgggh
I love you you omg hahaha! Ohhh maybe im wrong hihi~
Oy anon, no one is a nobody!! :-)
Yes okay na kami, like the other day pa. Nagaway, yes. Inaway, di nmn. He just overthinked that's all. Then ayun but it was resolved easily ^.^
Kquila, I ship you and Elmo so hard so please stay strong. Thank you. <3
Aw really? Thank you! Dont worry, we'll stay strong! :-) *harthart*
Don't mind them haters. You are not pokpok. Everybody knows that. Smile always, laugh. It's not your job to deal with everybody's problems in life. You have your own problem, your silly boyfriend. He should be the one you are worrying about.
Hahaha, ilyy!
Omg I have a feeling na kilala kita! ^.^
We're okay na, nothing to worry about him OuO
Peter or Prince or yung boyfriend mo ngayon oh yung sunod mo na magiging boyfriend? Dpt may sagot wag kang tanga. Kapokpokhan yan
Rafael Elmo A Santiago
Which fairytale you’d like to live in?
you dont deserve elmo
Oh, shut up.
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ang ganda mo noong linggo ng wika ate
Actually, no.
But thank you haha!
Can I have Elmo?
Um, no.
How would you describe your style?
layuan mo si elmo
Layuan mo nanay mo.
Pure Pilipino.
indian ?
sinong pinaka boyfriend material sa class nyo?
Actually wala. Ay chos haha! :-)
Who is your hero?
What do you think people should do more often?
Read good books.
do you love my elmo
Correction, its my Elmo not yours.
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Haha actually, you were already chubby before I fed you a lot of food now, you are chubbier. HAHA! -this is seriously not elmo  REASES
See, such a bully </3
Stop it. Huhu :-(
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