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No kik.
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do you consider yourself fat or thin?
Fat :-(
Have you ever got braces? :-)
yah i got it removed last year (???)
Hey! what camera do you use? Your photos are really noiceeee
iphone :-)
mahal mo parin mo po ba si Prince?
hindi na.
Do u love / like elmo?
do you workout?
Aristotle will not win
i know hahahaha chos
go aristotle!! gudluck sa inyo
thank you!
Where do you like to read?
awww bagay kayo ni elmo parehong pango
aww thank you!! <3
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di ka nga niya mahal
pls shut up
elmo do not love u
Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?
little spicy
pok pok madami k pla lalake eh
fyi, tatlo lang ang lalaki sa buhay ko.
wanna know who?
1. God
2. My dad
3. Rafael Elmo A. Santiago
so stfu :-)
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How many bf did you have?
um.. 4
ur icon is prettaiii <3
thank you, anon :-)
I walked by a thousand girls everyday but you're the only one I notice why is that? Oh fck I think I love you- love me back?  REASES
I love you!!
forever and always ∞
Do you play an instrument? Which?
Nope but I want to learn guitar/piano
Masaya ka ba ngayon?
Yeah I guess so haha why?
You and Elmo look so cute!!
I know, thank you ;)
Post a picture of your favorite movie!
Clueless 5evuuuuur <333
Post a picture of your favorite movie!
Of course!!
Bakit nga ba mahal kita kahit hindi pinapansin ang damdamin ko
di mo man ako mahal heto parin ako nagmamahal ng tapat sayo