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musta kyo ni elmo?
great :-----)
ok lng??
haha :-)
Do you prefer to talk or to listen?
how's your relationship with Elmo ?
its ok
Pilipino ??
ur the coolest lil human bagel
You're way prettier than I am, hoping to see you real soon! :)  Kelsey
I cant wait to see you soon! :-)
tell me if Elmo is being a bad boy at home! hahaha~
you're so pretty naman  Kelsey
hello kelsey :-)
you're actually prettier!! but thank you!
How do you get in the pool?
Fav book and fav movie? <3
fave book is still fifty shades and fave movie is clueless <3
ur the bagel queen
yes i am! :-)
ilu ur the coolest
aw ily2
you are awesome!
hello c;
What age are you scared of?
18 because adult na :(
anu b meron si elmo na wla aku?
happy new year
happy new year!!
what book r u currently readng?
The Beginning of Everything :-)
sa tingin mo po ba na maganda ka? inside and out? (we know u arent bragging or anything)
Honestly? No I dont think I'm beautiful.
But sometimes yeah.
Would you want to have a skin that is white or tan or black or brown?
I want a white skin.
But im contented with my skin now.
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No kik.
Snapchat: kqlprz
do you consider yourself fat or thin?
Fat :-(
Have you ever got braces? :-)
yah i got it removed last year (???)
Hey! what camera do you use? Your photos are really noiceeee
iphone :-)
mahal mo parin mo po ba si Prince?
hindi na.