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current book?
current book that i am reading?? um paper towns by john green :-)
ka date mo si elmo HAHAHAH shweeet
of course hehehe :-)
have fun sa prom
thank you :-)
bkt kelangan mo ng good vibe ate?
i am seriously not in the mood kasi
may date k n ba sa prom?
Post a picture of somebody or something you find inspiring!
I cant take a picture of everything.
Happy Anniv sa inyo!!
thank you :-)
san ka na magaaral?
tytana ata or ceu i actually do not know pa hahaha
um my name is Neal
u very cutes look :)
uh thank you
mwah! :*
Happy Valentines Day! You're beautiful, strong, independent, smart, and awesome. Don't let anyone tell you different. <3
Happy Valentines!
The sweetest ask I got so far. Thank you! You are awesome too! :-)
Hey can we friends blease.....i nice guy
what is your favourite song at the moment??? #DubtrackFM
lay me down by sam smith!
Hey there do you mind if you can take a picture of yourself with my name on a piece of paper, it would be appreciated. It doesn't have to stay up for very long .
I dont even know your name.
So can you explain why are you doing things which is inappropriate?
you must be very lonely, wasting your time asking things asking for explanations that are related to my life.. hay, why not mind your own life?
Why Elmo? He's ugly and boastful
ahh you see anon, i dont need to explain you "why". i just do love him and there's no reason why and lets be clear, my love for him is greater than his flaws + you dont know him like i do :-)
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r u a good friend
im a good friend to those who are also good to me :-)
ang ideal na bestfriend ni janica binalewala mo
Unfortunately, you dont know anything.. but everyone has their own preferences.
d k b nagsisisi tgnan mo ngayon d k na nla sinasama or whatever
I dont regret anything. Its okay, alam ko nmn dito rin tutungo 'to since 3rd year.
hindi mo pinagpalit friends mo, sumama ka sa kung kanino ka komportable
Somehow like that
look at nikki's ask!! mas comfortable na cla na wla ka?
It would seem so.. Oh well, its better that way na rin siguro. As I said, I have reasons and I dont need to explain it.
bket d k na sumasama kela nikki? wala na TANK?
I still believe TANK is alive, I have reasons and I dont need to explain it to you.
so pinagpalit mo pala pwends mo
What are you terrible at?