Kquila Perez @kqlprz
Kquila Perez @kqlprz
in the process of appreciating life as it is // rafael
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What's your currently favorite show on TV?
Air Crash Investigation on NatGeo
What is your favourite thing to have in a bagel?
Cinnamon raisin bagel and a cup of latte or iced caramel macchiato is the bomb my fave
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Would you use a self-driving car or drive yourself?
I prefer to drive the car myself :-)
How do you prefer to travel?
Airplanes makes me anxious but I like traveling by planes rather than cars/boats
wag kau magbebreak ni kuya elmo plsss otp
We'll do our best :~)
Hi please help me. I need a venue for my debut good for 150-170 pax. Can you suggest any? Except ysabel's garden, bali garden, villa susana thanks so much
I really dont know? But maybe try sofitel or marco polo hotel? (PS. I really prefer hotels I guess?)
Do you wear any jewelry?
What do you look forward to most this year?
College and new friends and new adventures + good vibes!
malaki o mahaba?
spit or swallow?
where do you usually buy your clothes?
Aeropostale, forever 21, cotton on, candies and uniqlo.. yeah mostly dyan pero soon i might always buy nadin sa h&m coz i love it!
Hiiiii okay naman, ikaw? Miss you!! Sana magkita padin tayo kahit college na. Sorry clingy.
Im fine nmn! Hm sana nga pero may reunion nmn yan soon dont worry :-) haha! Miss you too!!
Haha it's me!!! ~Micha :))
Irish mehehe, kamusta?
Hello, anon ☺️
pati gad's kasama? hahahaha yas naman
Yehesss, sarap kasi ng lugaw nila eh ;-)
pap of recent selfie
pap of recent selfie
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what is your favorite restaurant/s
Shabuyaki, sambokojin, buffet 101, max's restaurant, hap chan, sizzling plate (food court), mr. kimbob, pepper lunch, gad's / don galos / tapsi plus :-)
what is your favorite food
Pastas (penne) especially pesto / burgers πŸ”
Thank you din for the info you've given me :)
No problemo! I'm glad to help! 😊
I always order yung hot hahaha so ayun! Ay gusto ko bitter :)) Btw...just a suggestion... try iced tea with add on ng mint! It tastes so good din! :)
I actually havent tried the hot one! Really? I will try that soon, thank you sa suggestion!!
ano lasa ng iced caramel macchiato? mas nangingibabaw ba yung coffee?
You havent tried it pa ba? You should! Haha, but hindi nmn masyado basta wag like hahaluin or kakalugin kasi kapag ginanun mo ng sobra mangingibabaw yung coffee (which tastes bitter) β˜•οΈ
before mo pa ba inoorder yung iced caramel macchiato or recently lang?
Recently lang but I always wanted to try it before pa, but everytime na sinasabi ko caramel macchiato they say na hot lang daw meron bla bla eh kelangan pala sabihin na iced caramel macchiato hahaha stupid me. So ayun, and I liked it (wag lang hahaluin ng sobra)
what are your top 3 picks sa starbucks
Caramel Frappe / Iced Caramel Macchiato / Cafe Latte (if you're referring sa drinks ah) but as a whole Caramel frappe, Banoffee pie, Glazed donut nila like yummy! πŸ˜‹
si nikki na classmate mo
Yes she is kind, why? :~)
mabait ba si nikki
Maraming Nikki sa mundo, who are you referring to?