Justin Kulchycki
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I was at dat mocha yesterday, AND YO BITCH WAS THERE

lmao you're crazy buddy

Shteen loves you

Aye whuddup baby

Why are you so heartless?

What did I do?!

Do you like blondes or Brunettes

I don't have a preference quite honestly! Theyre both fine with me!

Oh yeah? And who was at the party...?

I believe that goes without saying!

Aye whaddup baby

I'm just at the party......

Why did the relationships end?

I really don't know about either of them! I guess some people just lose feelings after a while!

Do you miss anyone


Are you shy?

in certain situations, yes

How many relationships have you been in?

Only 2 that I would consider legitimate.

Do you ever see a future in music for yourself?

I would love that! Music is one of the things I'm most passionate about! However, I don't see much a career out of it for me. Even though I'd love to play big stages and what not, just writing simple songs and playing music for small groups of people is fine with me! But it sure would be great to be famous one day

What was your favorite homecoming???

Gotta give it to junior year!

Who are special people in your life?

There's to many to list off! But obviously my family, that goes without saying. As for friends, its everybody who I've ever had some kind of funny memory, or inside joke with! I love all my friends and everybody who I'm in contact with!

Most memorable high school experience?

Damn that's tricky, but I'd say spring break down in good ol' Panama! Hands down funnest and greatest week of my life!

That's a lie, you could have any girl you wanted! Please answer my question :)

Aha idk I'd rather not get my hopes up!

What's been your funnest summer moment so far

oh damn that's a hard one, this has been the funnest summer of my life! But i gotta give it to two Saturdays ago at my buddy Devyn's house! That was an all around fantastic night!

What's your bigger regret?

I don't necessarily consider any of my experiences regrets, however if I had to pick something, it would be not going away to college. I've always thought that it would be a super cool experience and I would've loved to try it!

If you could have any girl who would it be?

It doesn't matter, it wouldn't happen anyway!

Im lame somtimes too

you're acting like I'm being lame!

Whats the 1st initial of the first name of the best kisser youve kissed??

This is awkward....I've never kissed anyone :(


Hey now, that's not cool!!!

Your the 1 with the Ask.Fm!!!!!

Yeah but screw the rules!

Name the Top 10 best lookin girls u Graduated with

Lol you first!

Why dont u talk to me anymore

I don't know who this is, so I'm afraid I can't tell ya!

do you prefer tomatos or potatos?