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Who's your bf?
it was a joke OMGG
Are you kidding?
omfg yes
you're not a virgin?
heck no im not!
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have you seen a dick before or touched one or sucked one
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What's your favorite period?
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Favorite song right now and favorite song from your favorite band?
Favorite song rn is probably carmen by lana
and my favorite song from the 1975 is settle down
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Do you talk to yourself?
when im upset or frustrated yeah
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Are you excited to go back tomorrow?
Not really
How was the first day?
The teachers called my parents and said I was absent to more than one class
I wasn't on the roster for third period and Norman got me in trouble twice in fourth period omfg
my bio teacher is sooo shitty
and I feel like art is boring and kinda pointless
but overall it wasn't that bad:)))
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You can text them where to meet up!:)
my phone hasn't been working for like a week haha
Why are you nervous for school?
bc high schoolers are intimidating HAHAH
and I'm gonna have trouble finding my classes and my friends during break
If you do, who are they?
deja is in my first period and janae is in my third
Do you know who are in your classes?
like 2
Why what
Are you nervous for school tomorrow?
What time do you start school tomorrow?
9 something
rate:9.5 ❤️  Ally Sanchez
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tbh you're pretty and nice! your hair is rlly nice wow! we never really talked but have fun at EV!  Anna Thi Pham
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pic of your hair? front and back
pic of your hair? front and back
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Are you and Oscar still together?
y u need to know wuss all up in ma pussy boi
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Compliment: I really like your hair :)  Amy Nguyen
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First day of school outfit ideas?
I haven't even thought about that haha
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But I will always love you and your black self  Jasmin maciel
stop sending me hate please
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Your profile pic is so cute! Aw
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What is your favorite potato chip flavor?
uhm potato?
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