mat lakos
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What makes you feel like a boss?

when i pull a mad honga !

What type of people are you afraid of?

ooooo ahhhh dont hurt me

what joop do you use

the red one ahaha

thoughts on dion?

he draws shit penises

Thoughts on Shannon?

hes sexy


fuck that

Pop up lolzZzZ

Nicola Little

will do, crazy bitch ahahha

Tbh- I'm gonna be honest coz yolo I'm hypo hehe I used to fkn hate you hahahahaha ! No offence but you were a bit of a gronk but doesn't matter coz we are buds now and yeah let's catch up soon man miss ya, pop up brothers! You deserve the best and you'll meet someone who will give you that! Xxxx

Nicola Little

i admire your honesty! and yeah come see me soon! xx

The perf one was me, forgot about anon

knew it!

Your answers are the best ahhaha

kyle dingeldei

matt chu ahhhh? BLESS YOU

i thought you full knew me, my names one t :'(

you are the hottest guy ever!

thnx bb cum off anon

Go away anon mat is perf

mat who? mat chu ahhhhh

You need a fucking good kick in the head.

have a dig

Tried any drugs other than weed?

alcohol and panadol

who are some girls that can sing?

mon, desiree, rhiannon, abbey, caylene, carina, sabrina and plenty of others

What is missing in your life that would make you very happy?

a girlfriend

strongest people you know?

ive answered this so many times

Likers get a tbh?


Who was the last person you gave a gift to?

god gives me the gift of life everyday ❤️

Why would your sister sleep in your mums bed.... wtf

because my mum gets lonely without my dad

too shy is really appreciate if you named some girls and I'd consider you :)

why be shy!? and why would it be any different from me to them

do you know any girls that can sing? like list some I wanna duet with some.

why not make music with me?

Did you play oztag today??

yeah i did


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