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does ur fanny sweat in this weather.,coz ma bawz r soakin
That's lovely! And yes all da time:/ jk nooo
I know someone who's into you
Ooo do you. Mail me
so I can avoid you when you're on it
Aww your cute
pedo etc....
Hahaha! I don't think that at all:/ don't worry
when do you start your period????
Everyone's different why?
whend you start your periods?X
Here that's a weird question, why even want to know that :/
cute?.... well that's a totally new view on that
Hahaha! What do people usually say lol
You are pretty perfect, love you laura <3
Far from perfect! But thank you! Ly X
do you think its wrong that im almost 15 and I shagged a girl that's almost 12 in all her holes?
I think it's cute
whats it like being on a period? you can tell im a guy x
Aww its feels like heaven obviously, kidding but why would you even want to know this man eewww
get this bitch a new tampon then  Linsey dick
I'm not on my periods but yeah we will go with that
wow, jeezoo mannnn, sup with yoooo  Linsey dick
It's the hormones
Are you into anyone
ho on yer bestpal linsey, cas ye lavv her, yolo init bruvv
She's a cow and needs to leave me alone
Im to scared to mail you do you think you know who it is
Don't have a clue, just mail me
Ho on warren, ca"lum r and brad
Warren - don't speak anymore but he's a nice guy and hilarious
Callum - good looking, nice guy, good to talk to
Brad - hilarious, good looking, cute with rachel
I like you and we are kindaa close but I don't wont to tell u because I know you don't feel the same and it might finish our friendship
Hmm, mail me x
Roses are white violets are black woof I'm a dog x
And I'm a cat :)
Who are your enemies?
Bees :/
seggggggers howz u
I'm okkkk, you?
Ho Ryan Keirnan x
He's nice
Ino man
bestfriends? girls
now, where abouts do you live?
On the moon
Laura your gay :/
Aww your so cute :/