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you got kik gorgeous xxxx
not for you either
Post a selfie?
na your okay
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have you got bbm beautiful xxxx
not for you doll
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What is your favorite online shopping site?
your really pretty xxxx
aw xx
What's one thing you refuse to pay for?
the big issue
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we dont know each other though :/ xx
fact of the day
so gorgeous xxx
aw babe
such a nice girl soo funny good banter;) best figure so beaut need to do something soon ly x  Sian Roles
love you loads sian, all the same for you bub xx
What's the last thing you bought?
bus ticket
What is in your fridge?
not food
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used to be close, haven't talked in ages !! can tell him anything, beaut and so lovely need to see him soon xx
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Who are you main best friends at TH?
get this all the time fuck off
Kik is a messenger app in your phone
if I don't know what it is I obviously won't have it
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Do you have a lot of respect for vegetarians?
missin out on bacon
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You got kik
what even is kik ??
Where do you feel most safe?
in bed
Stunner xxx
What invention has had the greatest impact on society? ofc omg
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apart from your main bestfriends do u actually like any one from th?
no ahahhaha
you are beaut x
thank u x x x
9 x  joe burrell
thank u x
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Do you like being alone?
yes !!
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have you ever seen a friend wank?
shit q
do you have pubes?
do u have a life ??