♡ your girlfriend ♡ @laurenmartinxox
♡ your girlfriend ♡ @laurenmartinxox
belieber since 2009 // you'll probably get a sarcastic answer off me // ‎@CameronBbz // ‎@meganrawson bff & perfect gal x
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you're beautiful post another picture?:)
this website is dead but here you go
you're beautiful post another picture?:)
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10 you're perfect tbh lol idk we don't talk alot but you're like really lovely and yeah hi we should talk at some stage whenever you want eheh x  Queen Cameron Ennis
awww you're so cute thank you so much& yes just pop up anytime hehe x
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Your phone case, help I need it. Don't even have that phone but I need it.  Telescopic
isn't it perfect omg,praise justin
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omfg you are fucking beautiful
aw thank you so much:*
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you're perfect wow omg fuck  liam
I'm defo not omg
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You're perfect xxxxxx  「。JORD4N 。」
far from it! but aw thank you boo xxxxxx
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I had a notification and it said "your girlfriend is having a birthday today" and I was like "OH SHIT SHES GONNA KILL ME, I FORGOT MY GIRLFRIENDS BIRTHDAY. OMGG"
Ahahahaha aw bless you , thanks for following me aswell :*
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oh my god :O you're perfect <3 xxx
far from it but thank you so much!x
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Best looking boy in 6 form
robert,munir or joe bbz
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you are perfect! to fine a girl witch is older than 13 that has not had sex is like finding gold!
aw that's cute
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Baby squirrel, you’s a sexy motherfucker.
thanks babes
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post a pic of you in your bra?
someone make me feel better:(
post a pic of you in your bra?
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ur pretty
aww thank you hehe
You dont remember losing your virginity to me?
im an angel tho
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Yes x  Tristan Simon
cheeky one you r ooo x
Srsly u cant be tho:( i want to take it if u r tho x  Tristan Simon
ahahaha oh really now;)x
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But ur perf;( and maybe x  Tristan Simon
thats you bby & omg what ,no thats a lie ok x
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Can you help your BF wash his Undies?
this question is not working bcoz i don't have a boyfriend awks
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skype username?
Dats no possible x  Tristan Simon
possible it is , are you?x
U r not a virgin.x  Tristan Simon
i rlly am x
Last time you had sex?
hmm let me think
last week?
this morning?
oh i remember
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i wh i was you. xx
you really dont omg xx
anyone i follow got snapchat? add me ‎@MarcYoungXD x  MarcYoung..
added you boo x
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