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Why are you the most beautiful person on earth??
Thanks but i wouldnt say on the earth loool
If I dm you now, could I get your piƱ?x
Depends who u r lol
You should move to London
Nothing there for me lol
You actually beautiful but find it hard to talk to you
Talk to me lol
Can I get a follow back?
I dont know who u r ?? Lol
How could you be a role model for the next generation of brownins in sheffield
Wtf lol
you awake ?
Erm yh lol
Heard u and dat kloe from huddz had a fight ova zion lmaooo!! Tell er to get some chicken inna er, chaaaa skinny rat
Are you zions ex bird?
Errrrrr no
Hw old r u b?x
If a random guy asked you for your number what would you say?
Depends who it was lol
its me Okera again, jus wanna say i love ya b x verny remember i used to call u dat
Who ever keeps doin this needs 2 Get a life lol
but if u get married u get stuck with one shag for the rest of ur days!! the best thing abt sex is the excitement of someone new now n then.. dont get married ;)
Wtf lol
How are you on this beautiful night?
I'm alright thanks:)
Thanks for be so adorable, I love you :)
Thanks lol
You are easily one of the most beautiful black girls I've ever seen in my life no word of a lie. Do you find that guys get intimidated to approach you because of your looks?
Aww thanks, nope
looks or personality?
My mate's sister asked him to stay in bed with her cos she was pain from being on her reds, isnt this kinda odd to you? well freaked me out tbh
Wtf looool
do u live with ur dad?
how old are you?
do u liek white boys/mixedrace boys/black boys/asain boys?
Prefer black lol
wud u eva wanna get married?
where do yuh get ya hair done from..
Me :) lol
how many relationships have u been in?
i think ur reli pretty :)
Thanks :*