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I wonder why people think you can't fight
Shit me too.
Lmao would you...doubt it. I just can't wait till one day when you get that ass handed to you.
Lmao I highly doubt that'll ever happen. Nobody dislikes me enough to want to fight me. I don't do anything to anyone, I keep to myself unless I'm fucked with.
Why do act like you can fight when you probably can't?
Why you worried about me and my capabilities? I'd probably flex yo dumb ass lmao but nah, I know how to defend myself and if I came down to it, I'm not going down without a fight. Even if I lose, I'll make sure you bleed.
Fucked yo boi
Don't feed Into that Emma shit. I'm sitting right next to this nigga. He lyin. Just tryna piss you off
Lol don't worry I won't. That situation doesn't even phase me anymore.
Emma tho
What about her?
She told me she was gonna fuck him that night
She would've been dead and six feet under I'll tell ya that.
Make a vid on ig of why u won't take a pic of ur top lip goin up
I was there than night at the party with Justin and Emma
Congratulations. Fuck off
Take a pic of u makin one side of ur top lip go up
Can u lip snarl
You are fucking weird. Ya gotta go
I had a dream just last night that u let me sit on ur shoes and u was wigglin ur toes on me in the shoes
Nothin pleasee can u do it :)
Can I lay on ur feet and u wiggle ur toes on my back while u wear shoes
Lmfaooo wtf is wrong with you
Leahhhhhhhhhh pleasee
nope nope, I will not. Sowwy
Can u wiggle ur toes on my hand while u wear shoes
Why ......
Cause that's weird, stop asking
I had a dream last night that I was sittin on ur shoes and u were wigglin ur toes on my butt cheek it felt really good
Pleaseee take a pic of u makin one side of ur top lip go up
Nah, I'm good
Lame ass bitch
I very well may be. Who knows?
When you go drop bird n get wit a real nigga that can give u everything
You a cornball, FOH
You ever gone beat Emma ass
Not unless I wanna go to jail. But that's besides the point, she know better than to fuck with me, therefore she's not my concern anymore.
What's something that you would never wear?
Please just take a pic of you raising one side of ur top lip :)
Lol who is this?