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ang cute ko po  Marsha Pedujan
nag-guitar lessons ka ba
no ( lol now lang inanswer)
i actually think ur a great person haha even if u dont know me i think ur a cool punk rocker plus i love your voice srsly!!! u just look kinda unapprochable and scary minsan but maybe its just bcos i dont know you lel
thank you so much for answering my question and thank you for that wonderful answer :) i am approachable cmon! sorry for being scary yknow i've been sleeping late since the school started and i kinda look like a zombie already! but if you want to approach me, feel free to do so. i wont bite <3
ang cute niyo ni nina di ko kinakaya puta best couple ever stay strong no joke u guys inspire me (jk) pero oo alagaan niyo isa't isa (wala lang)
awww thank you :-(
pano nawoworkout yung g2g hs-college relationship
well if the college course of the other half wont involve that much boys... then everything's gonna be fine. jk hmm i say just be crazy together and laugh so hard together
What angers you the most?
ilang months na kayo ni nina
Who are you?
i am paola maine and i am a future rockstar
Post a pic of nina
Post a pic of nina
tibo ka ba? Lawlaw dede mo
oo bakit ba gamit lang ng sports bra solve na!
pacool mo
cool ako e bat ba
mas sexy ka pa kay nina
I KNOW tnxtnx
be my gf plisss
i cant be a gf lol im not a girl NOT YET A WOMAaan
asim at tamis. sarap mo
sweet n sour baby
i want to leck youu
leck me feel my heart beat
pow, pa lick nmn please
but i aint a popsicle damn it
What was the first thing you learned to cook?
muka kang piña, yung matamis hehehe (licky licky)
what why tho
drugs ka ata eh, na aadik ako sayo gago
drugs ka pa lalo
bakit ba ang lakas ng appeal mo?!?!
my banana peal? :-)
Strawberries or blueberries?
Sila na daw eh? As in sila na... Haha pakisabi congrats
talaga? edi masaya ehehehe
Nagcool off sila? Wala break na yan
hindi kase. umalis si lago eh kaya sila nagkahiwalay. pero di pa sila hiwalay mehhhh
Buhay pa ba ang Rigo?
oo naman buhay pa. pero nagkahiwalay sila ng sandali huhu