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anon ako kunwari

hahah mukang maganda tong anon ko na to

hi i rly like u but i think u know that already

hello :)

initials of ur crush!

well i have too many crushes :( haha but A

hi pewle love u 😍


hi leshe i love u more 💕😘

hello 😁 how's your day going?

hi my day was okay. haahaha boring

@GingerWesson asks, “Are you a cat person or a dog person?"


HI BRO guess who wahaha

hi ains hehehehd

Pancakes or waffles?

waffles with chicken ((from ihop))

hi pao i crush u

mmmmwhatcha saaay


ok then message me personally

bakit nga

u really expecting me to answer this huhu

bakit kayo nag break


wala lang I'll message you na labg in fbc if that's okay? huhu sorry I'm shy when it comes to these kind of things :((

alright :) wahah

i feel so fc tho huhu

why?? haha

hi im the one who said you were my idol for a long time haha and sorry im a bit shy to huhu

aww thank you! reveal yourself hehe

How about u check ur phone first and reply ;)

how bout u be the one to fix ur wifi u dont reply to me you tweeted happy bday pa and not even reply sbshshsjowhdha

machu pichu

where you been i can show u incredible things

ur my idol and I've been looking up to you for like 2-3 years ur so awesome hehe okay bye haha sfc

really??? who are you? thank you so much! 😫😃😃😃

you probably wont remember me rin so it's okay hahaha basta keep it up man!! u rock!!

i remember each and everyone of my busmate HAHA i swear kahit busmate pa kita sa first bus ko or nung grade 4 pa ako lol

ehh im shy ahahah

why you shy :(((((

yep!! really. pag patuloy mo yan ha :) - former spcp busmate

hmm sino?? omg

naks paola umaasenso na ah wow aww so proud of u!!

talaga?? wahahah thank you thank you!!!!

How old are you?

Turning 18 in a few months

So when will you wear a dress again? Kaninong debut ba next mong pupuntahan?

kay kyle wahaha pero di kelangan magdress eh soo yay!


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finally a rockstar!