Lexi Owen @lexiowen13
Lexi Owen @lexiowen13
Where heaven lies. It's Iowa.
I'm pretty chill. Just don't give me a reason to be hot, it's not pretty. ;) Probably the coolest down right bitch you'll ever meet
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Hey. I'm here to answer your questions. Legggo
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Who is the happiest person on the world?
Regina ;)
If you could witness any historical moment, which one would it be?
Theres so many
tbh id day youre one of the nicest sophmores here and youre extremely pretty!  ellie hawkins
Awh thanks girl you too :)
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If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
Either when I was 12 or 8
Do you wear a watch?
What is the meaning of the life in one word?
A blessing
On a scale of 1-10 how honest are you?
Big ass 10 and everyone knows it too lol
Have you ever got into trouble with the police?
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What makes someone attractive?
Smile eyes humor height demeanor attitude personality..oh and their cologne ;)
Can you snap me?  Dalen Liddell
Uh no my snap, snapped in half
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It's me ok? Sorry! Jeez  Dalen Liddell
lolol ok
If I come off anon you won't respond
Lol then why are you bitching about me not responding when you won't come off anon. Lol
You said you would snap me later but then you never did): and you ignored me after I would send you one..): I'm just worthless
Who is this..?
You perfect! I wish you would snapchat me...
Hahah thanks
Hot tea or ice tea?
Sweet tea baby
What is your Song of the week?
Burning it down
Which is the most beautiful place you've ever seen?

Which is the most beautiful place you've ever seen?
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who's the cutest person you've met on chatous lol
chatous....? what the heeeell
How would you describe your style?
The "idgaf"
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What is the most money you have ever held in your hand?
686 lol
What time did you wake up this morning?
What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
10:)  Clay McCoy
Thanks clay you too dude
Do you believe in love?
Is my birthday on Christmas?