The Act Of Mimosa Pudica @lia64
Ma Wild imagination ❤
19 Illustrator Artist . ❤️ Muslim... ❤️ act as if you wr home and enjoooooy ;D❤
Time lapse - drawing a BD cup cake: instagram= @alia_albosh
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3njad !! haha i'm syrian too :3  ~Lama ~
Haha 3anjad :P small world mn wen mn el sham
لايك على اول 15 انسر هنا ‎@Mohamedelm2sry وفولو و هختار 5 من الى هيعملوا ابعتلهم جيفت
Ya shee5 !!
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btw you're from where?  ~Lama ~
Syrian u
wonderful drawings ...your profile (instagram) is really amazing ..and i love your answers <3  ~Lama ~
Thaaanks a lot ❤️❤️ im glad =D fld ❤️
do you follow back ?
Depends on your answer ;)
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متى أطلع من غرفتي ‹☺› اذا سمعت صوت اكياس ☺*beer*  toto
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What do I find in you?
A whole another world
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Do you ignore your dreams/nightmares? or are you always looking for its hidden meanings and messages?  Kholood
To be honest im mostly afraid of my nightmares most of them till now became true and i have never said any of them before thats why i try to forget and let it be a life surprise rather to know
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How many followers do you have?(Take a picture)  Thxli
I used to have more xP around 20 of my followers left me ;p but thats better
How many followers do you have?(Take a picture)
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:( alia i have a acids burning stomack what should i do
Im not pretty sure if i really understand what you are talking about but hmm drink milk or eat cucumber i think both really helped me out before hmmm if you are fasting try to move hmmm if i remembered anything i'll add i hope but im not late xD
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What is YOUR way of thinking?  Toxic
I absorb , i take notes and i notice stuff like clues u can say depending not just on what i see cuz sometimes i might see sth and it happen to be sth else it rely on absorbing and my conclusions and some clues thats it i guess
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يمكن لو :  + Atheera
يمكن لو انقطع النت الى الابد المياه ترجع الى مجاريها
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my followers نصيحه: لا تَرفع رأسك مِن سجودك وفي قَلبك شيء لم تقله لله ؛ وكُن على يَقين بأن ماطلبت سيكون لكَ قريباً بإذن الله  D.r safwan❤️ ادعولي
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Describe your day today:  Thxli
Hmmm well my hyperism xP is not stopping not in any range so im really tired i have not slept for idn im not sleeping well i feel reaaaally tired and hyper how in hell i have no idea :-/
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Is it possible to fall in love with someone you've never seen ?  Thxli
I think that what they call it love from the first sight ;) yup
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Your name attracted me ❤️
Hehe im glad
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Suggest a good movie to watch  Thxli
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What never fails to make you happy?  Thxli
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What do people do too much of today?  Ayman A. Jibril .. ايمن
Wasting time
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Have you ever been in a situation where you begged someone not to go out of your life ?  Thxli
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What Is the movie that you will never ever get bored of ?  LUCKEIEST
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If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?
Palestine and Israel cuz i know that already nobody will do anything about Gaza the only way is israel loving palestine
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Watching fifa worldcup ❤️❤️❤️ so excited
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How well do you take constructive criticism? Xoxo  Merna.
Depend on if it is a positive thing might change me for the better or nonsense and usually its not a big deal to me for nonsense
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مساحه ...... صوره  toto
مساحه ...... صوره
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