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Ma Wild imagination ❤
19 Illustrator Artist . ❤️ Muslim... ❤️ act as if you wr home and enjoooooy ;D❤ Instagram : alia_albosh
Im still alive , Ask me ;3
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كم عدد متابعينك؟
My followers are getting less and less each day I dont blame them cuz im quite busy ...
كم عدد متابعينك؟
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Hh u dont know me but i saw ur profile and loved ur drawings so i followed u :)  Bushbush
Thank you ♥ oh u should've told me you did cuz I'd do the follow back for sure ♥ ;)
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Btw u've been followed long time ago :)
Uha really , thanks btw whos this
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Nice pic :)
Thank you ^^
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ممكن لايكات  Mahmoud Essam hemeed
لا ...
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قالَ رسُول اللَّه ,.صلَّى اللَّه عَليهِ وَسلم : " ‘خَيرُ يومٍ طلعتْ فيهِ الشمسُ يَوم الجمُعةِ ~|‘••
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What is something you're proud of about yourself? Maybe something you've worked to achieve and now you have it, if so, was it hard and was it worth it? If no, what is it? xoxo  8.
Dtawing I said that before but im really proud of my self to achieve what I am now , at first I didnt know how to draq a flower to do portraits for ppl but with dediction and giving from 2 to 6 hours sometimes just drawing and at first it was really hard cuz I didnt know what im doing is right ir wrong from sketching I was just sketching and practicing till now .. ♥ but I got what I want ♥
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In your opinion, does wisdom really come with age?  Kholood
No it come with experience but since old people had their time to explore and stuff they have wisdom but if we took the time and multiply our time like them we will end then at the same result = same wisdom
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Hiiii!  Abir Zorqane(✔)
Hello abir :)
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Whats up?  paupau☆♥
Hehe !? Nothing wbu
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Hello  paupau☆♥
Hola =D
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What sort of things can contribute to someone feeling suicidal?  Toxic
Society , surroundings , bulliers a lot to be honest !!! School xD
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If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?  Alien
Memorising stuff , names , numbrrs . Im rrqlly bad with names xD
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كلمة دايم على لسانكم ..  المتشردة ^_^
جوعانه xD
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فولويد ♥♥♥ الصورة الى انت حاطتها جامدة <333 ♥♥♥  أندومى ❤.
مييرسي ♥ هيدا رسمي p=
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What one thing annoys you most at a restaurant?  Ayman A. Jibril .. ايمن
Waiting for the food and sometimes when the food arrive people stare at you OO
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What outdoor activities do you most enjoy?  Ayman A. Jibril .. ايمن
In my country I like to discover stuff new places new ppl explore =D here hmm shopping I suppose
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هل جربت ان تشعر بالم .. ثم ترتكب حماقات كثيره .. كثيره ..لتنسى؟  HF.q8
ههه نعم D=
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صوره قد تحكي ما بداخلك  HF.q8
صوره قد تحكي ما بداخلك
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What's considered a perfect day for you?  Balkis Azman
Whenn I wake up smiling what ever happens im in a good mood all day
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What things have you done that you are most proud of?  Alien
Drawing and being called an Artist and putting my artworks in art galleries =D I feel proud cuz u have no idea how much hard it was to be here right now and im still at the beginning though ;)
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<◥ _ ◤>  Alien
XD ^__^
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اتنمى ان يرجع الزمن لـ ........ ♥ ؛  Mahmouudd™©
لاول السنه هي . كنت غيرت اشياء ما كان لازم تصير
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أشكر خيالي على ...؟  علي آل سديري '
خياله ;)
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When did you know?  ѕєиραι
Not too late , cuz i new before ;)
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