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أشكر خيالي على ...؟  علي آلسديري
خياله ;)
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When did you know?  GEM ツ️
Not too late , cuz i new before ;)
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When a male is elected president and his wife is called the First Lady. What would a lady's husband be called if she were elected president?  I put the Chill in Chil(l)i
Lol xD
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What’s one of your favorite habits you have?  Ayman A. Jibril .. ايمن
When i wake up i like to lay in my bed listen to stuff before i wake up hmm lets see i like observing ppl their figures and faces :D idn actually xD
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How do you make friends?  GEM ツ️
Hmm idn without planning
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How do you react to life's challenges? Do you shut down or face them head on?  Toxic
Im Facing them right now ;)
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Are you able to ignore and/or delete questions that are: harassing, trolling, goading, argumentative, creepy/overly sexual, or otherwise pointless? If so, why do you think so many people on here can't help but answer them. If not, what about these kinds of "questions" compels you to answer them?  The Bufferkiller
I do i delete a lot i find them hmmm non appropriate or shouldnt be answered , and theres things in life that you shouldnt reveal thats my opinion , but some people like to answer them its their choice
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Mn anty?
Your mom
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Why when there's argument between younger (let's say 18) and older person (let's say 22) the younger one tend to put the blame on the older one? Saying immature & negative remarks etc. don't the 22 allowed to stand up for own rights? but to keep on remain quiet? How? What would u do??
Will it all depends of who started the whole thing , maybe cuz the 22 didnt understand the 18 or what she is tryin to say or maybe the contrary or maybe cuz the 18 is relying on the 22 and she thinks the 22 is bigger know everything so she tries to proof her self she know too , theres many reasons
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When was the last time you enjoyed doing something you knew you'd fail at? What was it?  The Bufferkiller
Drawing ppls figure xD
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What is your favorite thing to spend money on ?  LUCKEIEST
I spent maybe half of my money on mollate caramel the most xD seriously or food in general xD but the most i feel satisfy spending money at is accessories or art tools :D
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To You : What's the truth?  Toxic
The truth is when everyone try to hide it or scare from the consequences
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شب حب يقهر فتاة حكالها : افففففففففف كل هدوول حواجب ؟!!! ردت : اعطيك شوي تعمل شوارب بلكي صرت ززلمة يا الله بصوت واحد بالطووول بالعررض ام كشه تهز الأرض. .... هههههههههههههه ( للمزح فقط )
Heheheh xD
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كل عام وانتم بخير ❤️  Migo✨
وانت بخييير D:
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Isn't it scary/weird that the word "therapist" is the same as the words "the" and "rapist" put together?  I put the Chill in Chil(l)i
Oooh weird
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Thank you lovely ❤️❤️ eid mubarak to you too
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How can you unlove someone?
I have no idea .. :( but i guess time will let you forget about them and stop remembering them if you can you should cuz that would only bring pain back to you just forget and busy your self with stuff ;) gd luck
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عيد موباريك لجميع يعود بل خير وسلامه  hshom
علينا وعليك شكراا ^^
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Imagine you're driving. The weather that day was raining heavily. Suddenly you saw a twister (tornado), would you go a little closer to look at it or drive away? Why?  GEM ツ️
I would take selfies xD by the time i'd think go in the tornado or not i think the tornado will decide xD
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Do you think you're a bossy control freak person? if not, are you annoyed by those who are bossy?  1435 1436
Im in the middle i guess , i dont like to have orders from people or trying to control me whatever they say i do the contrary xD
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Have you ever wanted to give up on yourself? Do you still feel that way?  Toxic
I felt before but i'll never do it , cuz at the end is just me and my self that left for each other ;)
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ههاي مساء الخخير *قائمتي * كل ععام وانتم بخخير يارب ههاتو لايكات $$'  Remonda ♣♣
وانت بخيير ❤️❤️
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كل عام وعيدك اجمل وكل عام وانتم بخير ✋  S0Ly
شكراا انت بخيير وصحه وسلامه ^^
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What do you love most about moving into a new home, and what to you hate most about moving into a new home?  The Bufferkiller
First what i hate is that i was used to my old house so kinda i feel like the new one isnt mine xD
But what i love is a lot my whole personality change , changing routine , new thing u know when a new thing happen in ur life it always feels good i guess :D
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What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?  I put the Chill in Chil(l)i
Travel alone ;)
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