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19 Illustrator Artist . ❤️ Muslim... ❤️ act as if you wr home and enjoooooy ;D❤ Instagram : alia_albosh
Time lapse - drawing a BD cup cake: instagram= @alia_albosh
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كذبوا عِندما قالوا .. ✽  "جِنَـتِل..!#"
جاييين عالطريق البسو, تاثر وقسم xD
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Ask me babe❤️?  Tem.
Im not a bebe
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ala0o0y_0 سنآب شآت آلي مآ يعرف عربي snapchat  علي آلسديري
I dont use it ;)
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Again, I just read something that said 'You are the only one that truly understands you' And now I'm wondering; do you understand yourself? xoxo  Merna.
Nope actually sometimes i dont understand my self xD
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9aba7 al ward♥♥  safwan alraqqad♥
قال داعش بدها تشيل كبسة like و تحط بدالها #ما_شاء_الله HAHAHAHHA  safwan alraqqad♥
Hola :D
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What color are your eyes?
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One of your answers says that you are Syrian. Do you still live there, or did you move somewhere else?  Simon Davies
Naaah , I was born and live my whole life in ksA but I go into vacations so syria every year , and I still do ;) even of whats happening
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you wanna knkw how to draw a cat welllll watch this amigos ♥♥  The Act Of Mimosa Pudica
How to draw a cat _ speed up drawing:
Subscribe if you like it and enjoy your day all ♥♡
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What is your MOST used App  LUCKEIEST
Instagram for sure
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Is the distance enough to soften the blow?  Toxic
Maybe , or
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If not now, then when?
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شو تغديت/ي اليوم ...................؟  safwan alraqqad♥
ما تغديت اليوم بس تعشيت بيتزا =p
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I'm trying to avoid someone in reality. once I woke up this morning at 5, I suddenly missed him. I slept back at 7 and dream of him. In that dream, he's there. As I kept avoiding him he kept coming to my side. What does it mean?
Its even u got used to that person that u cant let him go , or you like him ;)
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FolloweD Men ZMan WlaHY ..Na Bs Ba Aked 3liko <3 Likes we Hrdhom Wrbna♥  MìDòMaShakel ^^XD (أبو غمازه)
Thanks for the follow then ;)
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What keeps you motivated?  Gem
Adventures , life adventure and what Allah is hiding for me =D
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You are so good at answers..pls tell me why do we have problems in our lives..I would have google it and get the answer but I want it from you :)  Usama is Best "dare :'("
Hehe thank you a lot =D hehe well my philosophy will start now coughing ** I think there is two reasons its even the world is revolving which some name it Karma , or bad stuff sometimes happen cuz behind this issue might be something great for you , with our ends our beginnings =p shortly and this , optimistic people can find it, oh and there is a 3rd thing its a bit stupid from my view for example some people have family and coherent family and then they say uggh im a loner no body loves me I quite name those ppl "DARAMA QUEEEEEENS " =P I hope I satisfy you with my answer xp
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Happy Friendship Daaay <3 Pleaase Accept My Virtuaal Hugs & chocolate <3 !  Bring Me The Sadness.
Yeeey chocolate its absolutely acceepteeeered hun ❤️❤️❤️
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what would you do if that new classmate of yours suddenly unfollowed you on instagram for example. How would your reaction be? But before that you do realize that when you saw the person in school, you smiled but the person smiled away and walk away quickly. What would you do? Help
Hehehehehe im sorry xD that really cracked me seriously !? Oo !? Hehehe you should not care hun
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Are you trendy or a classic?  Toxic
I am unique ! :p
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twitter ??
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آيهمآ آصعب آن تحبسس ,# دمعتگ , # ضيقتگ , # آلم صدرگ .. ؟!  safwan alraqqad♥
والله ضحكتك اصعب شي xD امزح دمعه اظن :p
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