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did we do a test in sose  Sofija
Do you whistle in public?
i actually whistle all the time
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Have you had sex?
Oh hey mum
Your tities look like eggplants
at least i have "tities"
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Are you ready?
For what
Video response: what would you do if you saw me get tipped over in a portapotty by some guys and I couldn't get out?  Sean
my video wouldn't load properly so this is what I said, "the first thing I would do is go up to those guys and say they are dogs because that a really dog thing to do, then I would go call someone to help get you out of there because that mustn't have been a great site... if anyone was laughing i would also tell them to shut the fuck up because im pretty sure they wouldn't be laughing if they were in that situation" you must have some pretty bad luck aye sean ?x
Did you ever fall asleep in school?
yes, best sleep ive ever had, and the teacher didn't ever care!
cutest best friends?
jks um sofija, laura, tiani
Who is your most attractive friend?
me, duh
your background <3 <3
don't even get me started
the tradies at your school tho, fwaa!!
yep, I know...
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Do you wear socks in bed?
I honestly don't understand why you are single, can some guy open their eyes and actually realise how relationship worthy you are, like fuck xxx
I wish...
eyebrows on fleek!!
eyebrows on fleek!!
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why are you so freaking beautiful ?x
ask my mum
First period story?
I was playing plays station with my brother on the holidays, then I could feel something come out so i went to the toilet and BOOM!!!
thoughts on laura and sofija
Love them to bits, they make my day so fun and interesting, and the shit they say is sooooo hilarious
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Have you seen someone get thrown in a garbage can?
Today at school I accidentally fell head first in a big garbage can and everyone was laughing at me, what would you do if you saw that?  Sean
I'd probably laugh then go see if you were okay xx
What size is your school tshirt ? Coz it looks like it fits you perfect and isnt fukn long like mine
tbh my shirt feels like a dress on me some days
Where are your school shorts from? Btw honey, ur f-ing gorgeous ❤️
idek where me school shorts are from haha, thankyou xx
Have you gotten your first period yet?
had that bitch for ages
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Girl your perfect and fvck what everyone says
Where do you shop for clothes? ❤️ Love you
Ur hella pretty
thanks boo xx