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i have to dryy my hair and get pretty so my stalkers can atleast stalk something hot  Sofija
Alright you do that
but it be sof  Sofija
Fuck, whatever still the same
you spelt my name wrong? your gonna be with me
No I call you soph
im gonna cry if he does & take photos and videos to prove it
Okay you have fun doing that soph
i wonder if he will again tomorrow
Probs will
you fkn think  Sofija
Oooooooooh nah course not
i didnt know he looked at my tits and ass but he stalked me from the oval to the science block then up the stairs and to the science block  Sofija
Dayum gurl, stalker to the max
and he fkn stalked me to maths when he had sose i mean come on and he looked at mi tittes and ass
Haha I know I was there I saw him
they feel like there about to explode  Sofija
Haha ya nasty
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his voice is cute man
my chest hurts again and i feel like dying
Cough* tits cough*
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but i love javy the most ;)))
I don't even understand how, I dot think he's that attractive
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i made $150 by going to a wedding  Sofija
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i dont even like him anymore its just daniel so scrap it
Oh nice, nice
have you guessed who the guy was yet? :')  Sofija
No, you should just tell me tomorrow
no fkn javy & bracey yum  Sofija
Bish please, Austin Mahone
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its not funny
Mmmm yes it is
austin mahonee  Sofija
i have javy mash potatoes bracey dm & bb cream and javys friend kh  Sofija
you have like one shut up  Sofija
It's not my fault I'm ugly, gosh
you're not the only one
I always thought I was, Well I guess I'm not
what about the other person? i have like 5 stalkers tbh  Sofija
Don't even get me started
fkn school tomorrow im not prepared to get stalked again  Sofija
Only because you beautiful ;)
"born black raised white living wog" HAHAHAH  Sofija
Gurl you know it xx
Your so sweet, beautiful ! And your like the funniest person ever! Even though we're not that close I still love you ! Should talk more xx  Kiara.stachow
Aww thanks xx