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Lilly Mamic @lillymamic
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Screenshot lock screen and home screen pic?
Screenshot lock screen and home screen pic?
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Tbh lil you're one of the nicest girls I know, so so genuine and lovely, so pretty and I love making you laugh, just all round a great person and I love you  Grace Ella
Aw thanks Grace, love you xx
Your really attractive
Thanks x
name all the guys youve kissed?
Your such a beautiful girl
Aw thankyou!
Who do you miss the most
I miss a lot of people
Do you like Matt?
As a friend:)
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tbh seem like a lovely chick, quite attractive aswell!!! :)  jack graczyk
Haha thanks Jack
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Your amazing
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Tbh~ Lilly you are one of the nicest girls I have ever met your so good to talk to, we get along really well, I can trust you with anything and always know you would be there for me, your always happy never sad, you have an amazing personality which is very good and your so hot and have a good bod x  Matt Glanville
Aww thanks heaps Matt xo
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tbh- Ahh lilly miss you so so so much!! absolutely gorgeous and the sweetest girl ever! love when we get to see each other at eisteddfods and miss spending so much time with you and chloe, love you xxx  Michaella Mead
Aw thanks Micki!
Love and miss you heaps xoxo
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I miss you so much lil! your such a great girl, so bloody funny and such a beauty, must catch up soon xxx  Charlotte Cox
Miss you Char xox
You are amazing :))))
Naww xx
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Thoughts ✌️  Matt Glanville
Your a really nice guy! Good to talk to, we've become closer lately and your attractive:)
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Who are u with
Chloe, jade and Gabi <3
Are you on with anyone
So pretty!
Aw thankyou!
1000000/10 ;p  Solomon Wellings
Aha thanks Solyy
Tbh your heaps nice and so hot good chick and heaps nice  Selby
Thanks Selby!
Seem like a really nice chick, would like to know you more and hottie  Pat Flinter
Who did you kiss at the dance
Everyone but you
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Body pic
Do you have a bf
Do you have a bf
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This is for both u and jade Tbh: mad chicks, heaps nice, not as close anymore but yeah good snapchat seshs, and yeah cute :)  Solomon Wellings
Cheers solly
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