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Are you with lee
Are you with lee
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Are you dating lee?
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I do want to grab your booty
Lee only
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Why the fuck are you single
Im not
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guy who lifts or guy who surfs?
Lifts 💪
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Lees scrawny as
Yeah so scrawny
Lees scrawny as
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welcome xx
your hot xxxx
Haha thanks anon xx
Happy B-DAY !!! xxx  xoxoxo
Haha thankyouu!!!
Happy birthday darl
Haha thanks anon xo
Pretty gal xx
Holy shit you and Jade looked soooo good at goodlife love love the photo of you both you posted
Aww thankyouuuu xx
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lillian your heaps nice & funny, good to talk to and be around, we used to be really close in the primary school days but i havent seen you for ages and your really attractive! :)!  bailey
Thanks Baileyy :)
Do you accept everyone that requests to follow you on Instagram?
How jealous are you, on a scale of 0 (not) to 10 (extremely)?
We should talk but I'm too scared to
Why would you be scared?
Do you no who you will kiss next
Ive been talking to this girl lately but I think I'm annoying her
If she starts conversations, keeps them going and doesn't take heaps long to reply all the time, your not annoying her haha
look at her ask than
Yeah I no what it says and I don't care because I no it wasn't me and she does to
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Why don't you like Clare? She didn't do anything to you..
Wtf I never said I didn't like Clair?
I don't even no her so how can I hate someone I don't no?
She seems like a lovely girl
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Do you have a job?
What year are you in and what school do you go to?
10 and pius
Just do it please
Woo so interesting
Just do it please
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Why not