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I heard you got the loud?
I want you or ant
Lol we taken quese Ron or Brandon up for grabs
When y'all get the wheel y'all going cone scoop me & my birches ?
Lol we never passed up no chicks
Who you the closest with in BSH?
They all my brothers It ain't no way around that
Wat about her
Idk I just know I saw you and everyone else that you were with had on air force 1
My bro and my youngins yea who this
your gang all had forces on last week
Wat gang
She cool
You fuck wit darkskin ducks
Why ya bro cuff a foreign ?
Cuz she won't speak to u lol
Can I come see you this weekend ?
If it ain't my chick then Nizzaw
Who wifey tweet , I thought I was ?
Lol Nizzaw
Besohumble cuffed now ?
Why Yah Bro So Annoying ? "Ant"
How he annoying weirdo
China ? That's wifey ?
Who is wifey ?
I don't kiss and tell
Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
I don't kiss and tell
Who ya girl ?
4/19/14 that's all u get
Why sheila flee you
Lol had plenty ....... Nvm
Keep it a beam...if da pussy stank but dat jawn wet, hit or nah?
Lol naw that bitch dirty
If you could have one person right now who would it be ?
My girl lol
Starters for wiss ball nxt year
Up for grabs right now it's gone be tough
Are you interested in anyone right now ?
What do you think about more than anything else?
That money baby money baby
Heyyyyy it Monica ;)