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lil @liltoofamous
 it's a lifestyle
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You the only one in bsh who don't rap, is it because your ass at everything
I got a couple songs coming out #HA!
Is ya girl sending some
Yea why
U ever go out with amanda?
Amanda who
We snatchin ... It's the gang nigga
You got the loud?
Top 4 prettiest black girls in your grade at your school?
There might not be for black girls in my grade lol
Oh i wss told otherwise nvm
Do u talk to someone
Yes She acting goofy right why wassup
As Salaam Alaikum
Who inspires you?
My mom and my pop
quese and ron moment for life hot?
Wait on it
quese and ron moment for life hot?
I heard you got the loud?
I want you or ant
Lol we taken quese Ron or Brandon up for grabs
When y'all get the wheel y'all going cone scoop me & my birches ?
Lol we never passed up no chicks
Who you the closest with in BSH?
They all my brothers It ain't no way around that
Wat about her
Idk I just know I saw you and everyone else that you were with had on air force 1
My bro and my youngins yea who this
your gang all had forces on last week
Wat gang
She cool
You fuck wit darkskin ducks
Why ya bro cuff a foreign ?
Cuz she won't speak to u lol
Can I come see you this weekend ?
If it ain't my chick then Nizzaw
Who wifey tweet , I thought I was ?
Lol Nizzaw
Besohumble cuffed now ?