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Heyyyyy it Monica ;)
Whats more important, pullin bitches or gettin mugga ?
Money over these fucking THOTS
In the tuck got that nigga trey pound
Who better at ball city or Steve?
Who faster Nasir or Marquese runnin from a fight?
what's up with them bsh hoodies
Different thing coming soon
I am one of the highest paid music producers on the east coast, can I have the number for your friend whose sound cloud youve been playing?
People on wiss field hockey gettin D1 scholorships while u sellin shirts
That's great for them I could careless about them
Poodie would fry you, youre ass
Poodie ass
But everybody in wiss be riding his dick weirdos
Wiss field hockey starting lineup?
They all ass to me lol
noah dante and don don?
They my youngins
Brendan steve jared, fuck one kill one love one, go!
Y'all niggas gay
Steve or jared?
Wiss Ball startin 5 next year?
People gone be mad as shit they not gone be on my starting 5 so I ain't gone do it
Reek was soft buhl
Bike lyfe or vamp lyfe?
Ambler sweet wit bitch niggas
are you bank brother
Naw but they FAM
Free quese?
Free reek?
R.I.P reek
Who wins in a fight ant or quese?
Won't happen
Free carl or naw?
Who Carl
Free Boosie or naw?
Fuck noisier R.I.P Trayvon
Give your seed to lirv or leah?