lily mcguire @lilymcguire
come at me anons ♕
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Wut do you like in the world today??? orange?
are you on crack lmk
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truth is???
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hahah the truth is was me
Ur tongue in ur pro pic lol wtff
truth is I hate u
Hb you stop being mean to my friend... thenkyaaaa  Lexi Berke
dey r feggets
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Who is it
why do you care sm
Who is ur very first hu??
who is this
How do you see yourself spending your time in your old age?
traveling da worldd
Best feature:smile  Alexadelman
thanks smm :)
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What is your high score in Flappy Bird?
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What lol  Pat
ur a creeper
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Tbh your cute and seem nice and we should talk  Pat
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Oh yeah i also rape kids  Pat
wouldn't doubt it
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10 minutes ago on ask  Pat
pret cool but that's about all ik u from so idrk of I should be givin ya my number
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I'm pat  Pat
nice to meet yah? how do ik u...
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lol stop these games  Pat
well quit playin and tell me who ya are
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What's your number  Pat
who are you and what's a number ¿
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thank uu❤️
t- truth is you're a poop licker but my best friend too and ilysm you're perfect omg❤️ w- we should hang out soon e- nah ily though❤️ r- BMS❤️ k-hug❤️❤️
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lets me be friends
silly child
swag what is up friend
we aren't friends
seriously what stores
what the heck i am misunderstanding this q