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-  Rida Farooqi
Last Easter, church was skipped.
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How does it feel like to lose krcky?
I am pleading you to stop overfilling my inbox with this question. There must be a mix up, I did not lose him. And neither did he lose me, in fact there was nothing for him to lose. I am just an ordinary, and I do wish him, a better woman. There is no part of him, that I would want to disrespect as there is nothing for me to talk badly of him. I enjoyed the time I had with him, and I thank him for not pressuring my decisions to be involved in a relation. That must have drew us mad, but I am glad that we kept a connection instead of fast speed sailing ship. Now recently I have been thinking to myself, that whatever we choose to get ourselves into there will always be a parting of at least one broken heart or mind. It is only natural, friendships, marriage, souls, or siblings; there will always be a time when states need to be mended. Guaranteed. Now I am not sure what you are asking of me, because there is no way will I reveal all feelings I have about the aftermath. But to say something, I have been crying. I have been, for the last couple of nights before sleep. And the equivalent of crying before bed, is having a nightmare, and to compare a nightmare is a full night without sleep. I admit to crying. He posted a picture yesterday, and I have to confirm he is handsome. Without a doubt, it makes me smile for him to let light grab all of his face. But my feelings shouldn't concern you anymore, because I would not say I am an x , but more of a past intimate y without the touch. He would never look at me the same way, if he even ever chooses to look. So it is enough, there is no reason why we or even I should mull over "what could have happened if, ?"
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I would like to drill the back of my head to suck out a melted brain. Love.
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It would be lush to puke out my own heart.
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Lol. What did u even do to him? What is he like? (krcky)
What did I even do to him in order what? For him to leave me, ? Maybe it didn't happen like that. What did I do to him in order for what, ? To leave him this way, ? Maybe it didn't happen like that. You are giving me a chance to speak out. My story, my side. But you know what you are also manipulative and laughing at something. My side will never be written out because I promised not to speak out, because when a story is published it is always biased. And anyway you are here to make a fool out of either me or him. I do not appreciate it. What is he like? He is taller than me.
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He likes you still, Juli. I am telling you don't wait too long, you will regret it. You will.
I am asking you to not type my name without the letter E, you are fully aware of my name yet you are acting with such air of mystery that I have no interest but just a sadness. You would never ask me how it feels to lose him if he still likes me. Because if he does, then would he not be right here? But I am not blaming him for not being here. He doesn't , so please forget it.
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Last night the craters caught barrels of salt. No action except one, could have forced halt on the straddling rain dance. A kiss on the fore ; imaginary distress.
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Give me a reason to cry? Well why we were born to die?! Huh?! Why..? Please Julie tell me why?! Haha! I really thought of you all of a sudden little sister, it's been a long time since i didn't send you a message and happy i could find you here. Please take care of yourself always. Peace.~
Sarey , do not cringe at this name. You showed up nine days ago and I have answered your message a couple of times. I do not know when you will appear again. However I do know that I miss you as well as other people. Is there anyway you can leave me a contact information, I found a song and I thought of you. ‎@magicheart : you should visit your zombie sister, (like back in the past) she asked me yesterday if I have contacts with you. It would make me happier if you came and touch her with your presence,
Never forget to stay special and leaving your signature everywhere, and remember to keep dancing,
(with the occasional once a year pink cigarette)
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What for,
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