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Logan-Phillip Henderson @loganhendersonBTR
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Logan can you accept me on skype please? My name is debiiinhah and I live in Brazil...
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Hey Logan!How are you?  ❤️Snezha Sazonova♥
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Logan you love zayn malik? ZAYN MALIK OR LOGAN HENDERSON???
heeeyyy yaaa <3  Lαürα Gütiérrez
I Love You =D x  Larissa I̲̅D̲̅
And I love you
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heey i love you very much  #Liih Carvalho*
Hello and I love you)
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Hello Logan!)How are you?))What are you doing?*  ❤️Snezha Sazonova♥
Hi) Good) Nothing))
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Love me love me  ❤️Snezha Sazonova♥
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What is your favorite food?:)
Italian pizza
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You real Logan?
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please write me your login in Skype  Валерия Биндяк
you are in Skype?  Валерия Биндяк
Hello logan....I love youu and BTR..very, to ask the James Maslow please?? Xoxo  Doritos®
and I love you
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Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday
Thank Love
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Hi Logan! How are you? What are you doing???
Hello good music listening
you love your fans
How are you?
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please write and add me in vk  Валерия Биндяк
Give your link and add!
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I am a real Logan
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